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your anxiety is a protection mechanism
it’s your brain trying to be your friend trying to help you but it’s making a
mess and most of the times it’s not helpful now how can we make a shift
we’ll talk about it in this video hi there everyone welcome to episode 105 of
the mastery of mind video series your source of inspiration for all things
meditation anxiety and personal growth my name is Giovanni Dienstmann I am the
author of practical meditation and the creator of liveanddare.com one of the top
5 most read meditation blogs on the planet and today we are talking about
the shield of anxiety and what to do about it there is a lot of insights that
I want to deliver with you today and so you will see me going back to my notes
again and again so that I share everything that I want to share on this
topic so basically there are two ways to about our life one way is relying on
anxiety and fear as a shield as a protection mechanism and the other way
is relying on your resilience your courage your confidence and the main
message for today is don’t protect yourself so often don’t live from fear
and anxiety because the more you listen to the voice of anxiety the more you try
to protect yourself against everything in life the strongest your anxiety
become and the stronger it becomes it’s it’s a self it’s a snowball then you
worry even more and then it becomes even stronger and it’s it’s hard to get out
of it and how does display in different areas
of your life in your health you may be worried about every small symptom that’s
showing up in your body you want to go to the doctor to check it out you think
that there’s something wrong with your health you’re using dr. Google to see
what it means in your career maybe you are constantly worried that people are
misjudging you thinking bad of you or that you may lose your job that you’re
not being good enough in relationships you read too much even into the smallest
of things out of a sense of insecurity and wanting to avoid pain so all of this
is your brain trying to protect you trongs ID and fear so the the best way
to understand this is looking at anxiety as a shield anxiety is a shield
it’s your brain trying to keep you alive and avoid pain but this shield is costly
there is a cost to using the shield of anxiety this shield is heavy and the
handle is full of forms so every time you pick it up whether the threat was
real or not whether the threat was small or big every time you pick up the shield
of anxiety you hurt yourself already you end up with bleeding hands so let’s do
the math here you pick up the shield of anxiety and you lose let’s say 1 point
in well-being you for certain for sure you lose one point in well-being here
and now for sure and you do that with the promise of maybe avoiding well-being
loss in the future but that’s speculation the pain right now in using
the shield of anxiety is real and most of the threats are not real
that’s the problem then you’re hurting yourself in the vein
so let’s run through a few scenarios here something triggers anxiety in your
life you pick up the anxiety shield you hurt yourself if the threat was only
imagined and every anxious person knows that it’s often the case if the threat
was only imagined you have hurt yourself in vain if the threat was real but small
you have just broken even because there’s a cost to him deciding if the
threat was big then in that case picking up the field is justified but if out of
every 20 times you pick up the field the shield only once the threat is real and
big and worth it then you’re still at a loss and sometimes the threat is so big
that your shield of anxiety is useless towards it anyway or maybe you are so
low energy so worn out your hands are bleeding out of using that shield so
many times that there’s nothing you can do about it so the conclusion is anxiety
is a shield that your brain uses to protect yourself against pain but in our
modern life this is a losing game your shield is causing you more pain then
it’s helping you now just allow that message to land tattoo that message in your brain allow
it to land and because this is transformational understanding this
deeply not only intellectually but deeply that is one of the keys
overcoming anxiety so what is the solution because sometimes the threat is
real and sometimes the threat is big should we just throw away our shield
altogether there is danger in the real world we cannot deny that it would be
foolish and naive to live as if there is no danger as if there’s no threat but
the reality is that the danger is much less than your anxiety trip convinces
you off and that is the problem so how do you deal with that I’m gonna use an
insight that I learned from my many years of training kung fu martial arts
and this insight this principle of this style of Kung Fu is the following that
when you’re facing an opponent the threat you defect the main blows you let
the soft one fall you don’t trouble the defending against the soft blows and you
attack fearlessly again you deflected the main blows you left the soft blows
fall you let us off both fall and you attack fearlessly and by following this
principle you can terminate the threat you can finish the opponent more easily
more quickly with less energy then if you try to defend against every blow it’s the same thing with our life yes
please be a cautious person take steps to prevent the heavy blows of life
whenever you can take care of your health
save money pay attention to your relationships etc whenever you see the
heavy blows of life coming take whatever step you need to defend yourself against
them but don’t spend your time looking for the heavy blows of life to defend
against because you always find them and sometimes they’re not there and don’t
trouble yourself trying to defend against every single blow of life that
is the trip of anxiety and it’s hurting you meditation teaches you to let go of
that and to instead live it from a place of resilience of calm of courage of
coffee so the conclusion is let go of your
shield your anxiety shield for a while live without it and then you will see
when you actually need it or not because every time you pick up the
anxiety shield this shield is heavy and the handle has thorns and you’re hurting
yourself every single time whether the threat is real or not whether the threat
is big or small you’re hurting yourself every time you pick up the shield of
anxiety so drop your shield stop causing suffering to yourself and let the soft
blows of life fall no big deal it’s okay every time that happens you will become
stronger you will become more resilient and the stronger and more resilient you
become the more the less you will need anxiety as a shield and so this is the
shift from living life from anxiety and fear to living life from resilience
courage confidence that’s my message for you today make
this shift live more fearlessly let the soft blows of life fall on you and be
greater than them because you are and you can be trust your own inner strength
because by trusting it it will become stronger you can rely on it shift from
trusting anxiety and fear as a protection mechanism to trusting your
resilience trust yourself not your fear you’re stronger than you think and if this message was helpful for you
if you can think of any friends or family members that need to hear this
then please share this video with them or tag them in in the comments and if
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