You Can Soon Spend #XRP at Amazon and Major Retailers With New #BitPay Integration

hello folks you have reached the cryptocurrency portal and today we’re going to go over the little information about X R P and ripple but X are speed the digital asset specifically because this informations been out there for the last day day and a half and it’s causing some reverberations in the crypto space in a good way because you can see this headline it says you can soon spend x RP at Amazon and major retailers with new bitpay integration so let’s go through this together it says the crypto payments service bitpay is launching new support for XRP the bitpay co-founder tony gallup e confirms that users will be able to buy gift cards with XRP starting next week gala P retweeted the news which was first uncovered by a group of XRP enthusiasts so you can see Tiffany Hayden here who’s a great person to gather information from in the crypto space and XRP specifically but follow her on twitter at hayden TIFF h ayd en TI f f2 FS so thank you Tiffany for this information so starting next week gift cards can be purchased with XRP even for Amazon download the app get comfy hit up your favorite retailers to accept start accepting XRP thank you Tony gala piece oh here you go here’s bit pay you can see the app here you can download so let’s continue the gift cards give crypto holders an easy way to spend their digital assets at a long list of major retailers and restaurants including Amazon Burger King door – Domino’s GameSpot and Home Depot bit pays main service is designed to offer our companies and individuals an easy way to accept cryptocurrency payments as well as store their crypto assets the company added support for XR P payments back in October after partnering with ripple bitpay Director of Product Shawn Rowland says the speed and scalability of XR P set it apart from most crypto assets in the market his quote is bitpay customers are leveraging the promise of blockchain payment technology with XRP can offer a payment option as fast cost-effective and scalable the addition of XRP is the next blockchain asset supported by bitpay expands blockchain choices across the payment space although it’s gift card services target the United States bitpay says it processes crypto payments in more than 200 companies around the world that’s just kind of a little update about that so so let’s continue to the next article since we’re talking about XRP it just says thin Nexus is building tokenized asset platform on the XRP ledger that says fin Nexus is a thin tech company this is developing an open-source financial protocol says it plans to build a tokenized asset platform on the XRP ledger billed as a one-stop-shop protocol based on three pillars of the d5 movement diversity value and convenience the company is working to create marketplaces that offer digital tokens representing real-world assets such as stocks and exchange-traded funds in its 2020 roadmap the company says it will use the XRP ledger to issue tokenized assets although the backbone of the Nexus is built on the public blockchain platform LAN chain the company says it plans to work with as many open protocols as possible to expand its reach and the quote is cooperation and partnership are crucial to the success of our business in 2020 our focus will be to partner with other public chains in addition to when chain when to connect not only in protocols but also in business and communities partners with quality assets either on chain or off chain and partners capable of underwriting these assets will be the key users that thin Nexus protocol clusters the Nexus is looking to launch a test net of this decentralized platform by the fourth quarter of this year so a lot of things are being announced now as you can see you’ve probably seen the headlines we’ve done a few videos on and they’re going to be slowly rolled out this so this is next twenty twenty is beginning to be an exciting year already about what has been announced and what is gonna be happening and was gonna be happening throughout the year so the last thing we want to go over here and thanks again to xrp arcade who has an amazing website to analyze things in the crypto space and specifically ripple and XRP you can see this headline says 38 of the world’s largest 100 banks have tested integrated or invested in ripples remittance technology that says the report and it says at least 38 of the world’s 100 biggest banks have reportedly tested integrator investment ripples cross-border payments technology an overview of the top 100 banks by total assets compiled by XRP arcade breaks down how many are linked to ripple the largest ripple banking customer Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group is the fifth largest bank in the world with reportedly more than 2.8 trillion dollars in total assets of the 38 bank’s linked to ripple 18 are actively using ripples technology all of them are using the startup payments messaging platform which is designed to rival Swift to date none of them are using ripples liquidity product which uses XRP for cross-border payments and that’s the OTL the on-demand liquidity product which used to be called ex rapid before they rebranded it they originally rolled out ex rapid at their swell conference in 2018 and they rebranded it back in 2019 so it’s called the liquidity product or odl so continuing here are the partners with ripple and XRP it says B & B pair boss Japan posted bank Banco Santander Royal Bank of Canada HSBC through the Saudi British bank UBS UniCredit Standard Chartered Westpac Bank of Montreal DZ Bank through Ruiz Bank Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Nomura Holdings incorporated at AU unabomber PNC Financial Services Banco broad s Co sa and then Scandinavian one here I won’t even attempt to was at Scandinavia visca so overall ripple says more than 300 financial institutions in 40 plus countries uses technology including American Express MoneyGram sant ender and SBI agreement so more and more use cases more more momentum for ripple in general so and then since we are talking about XRP arcade and be sure to jump on that website follow them you can see here XRP arcade you can help them out there patreon page so I would suggest to support them here is their latest news they have a little piece on their website you can just check out the latest news you can even see some of the headlines here this just came out recently Bank Florida Bank a triple customer since 2019 there you go after partnering with a leap a triangle o is now targeting ripple net that just came out unannounced Brazilian bank running a ripple page this one is getting a little momentum in the crypto space as well just as bad banco topaz EO a financial institution operating since 2005 belongs to the economic group Correa de Silva formed by national companies such as se peg a good car to inner city and get net so you can just see all they organized all the latest news on this page you can see the XRP exchanges XRP markets XRP fiat pairs x RP the base OD el exchanges on-demand liquidity there’s the XR p ecosystem here a gripple ecosystem so obviously you can see there’s a plethora of information on this website so I really highly suggest that if you want to kind of do a deep dive leverage this website support this website and you know check backoff and this is one of my go-to pages that I go to to one learn and to share information with you so again it’s XRP arcade comm so let’s look a little more here infographics page okay so those are the infographics they’ve created demographic here’s their ripple feed here’s some you tubers on here they suggest to follow maybe I’ll reach out to him say hey can you suggest they follow this page as well the cryptocurrency portal so let’s actually go back to that one it was just loading because it’s thinking it’s thinking and it’s thinking anyway but I just wanted to bring to your attention the first one they show here is digital asset investor and he is a great YouTube we were and I listened to him every day as a couple videos that come out every single day and I listened to him religiously these are great wealth of information so follow the digital asset investor thinking crypto is good as well Alex Cobb young kid amazing he has a plethora of information as well he’s another go-to person so anyway just good if you want to learn more about who he suggests and youtubers he suggests go to again go to this page XRP arcade so thanks again for tuning in to the cryptocurrency portal I deeply appreciate it you know this is good a little overview about how you can spin XRP at Amazon and major retailers with the new bitpay integration starting next week and the thin thin news we had building tokenized platform for the XRP ledger and then of course the 38 world’s largest 100 banks having tested or integrated or invested in ripples technology so more and more momentum in the space more and more use cases out there more excitement in the crypto space so thanks for tuning in if you have a comment about this video please put it in the comment sections below or anything in the crypto space I’ll be happy to respond to it it’s great to get a discussion going on the crypto space if you like this video please smash the thumbs up button I really appreciate it it helps out the channel and if you’re already subscribed to the channel thank you thank you thank you and if not hopefully I’ve earned your trust and support and I’d be honored with your subscription to the channel so thanks again for tuning in to the crypto currency portal [Music] you

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