WoW Classic | Night Elf Hunter | Server: Blaumeux (PvP) | Level 50 | Starting Paladin (AR) – Lv 1-4

hello everyone and welcome back to the
channel my name is Brent and today we’re gonna be continuing our adventure on our
level 50 hunter we’re gonna go ahead and make our way over to and mage who’s
currently questing them there where we need to go I am planning on buying a
port to Ironforge or Stormwind you know Stormwind
iron-forged both are within the area that i kind of want to go I do want to
quest today over and try and get into these searing gorge the 43 through 50
zone I’m level 50 right now so I really want to use this zone in order to get as
many of these quests knocked out looking just looking at the quests that are
available there’s one three there’s another four right there so that’s eight
and then there’s a few more down there as well so you know nine ten and then I
can go ahead and hopefully get to about level 51 52 within this zone but it
really just depends on how it all sort of plays out so I am going to go ahead and make my
way towards mage okay no one’s actually here to kill me
that’s nice I’ve been really thinking it over
whether I want to transfer servers or not and I keep asking general chat how’s
Dorian point I really just want to make a character over on the other server and
just play for a little bit over on arcanite reaper arcanite reaper check
how the looking for group and world chats are kind of how lively are they
like right now it is 246 p.m. and you know there’s quite a bit of chat going
on right now and you know during the workday there’s people looking for looking for more scarlet monastery arms
or cathedrals are looking for heels are looking for more wailing caverns there’s
a tank looking for group strat looking for one more dire Maul North full run
can summon looking for group strat and skull Oh looking for group for the
hinterlands thing for the ZF mallet that’s one thing I need to do there’s
get do the the mallet quest but we’ll see how this kind of plays out the
reason I have my hearth over here is that generally when I log on to this
place I can go ahead and get a her teleport a port from a mage over here
for you know 50 Silver’s what this guy’s charged me this guy’s charged me 50
silver to get a port to another area that’s basically the cost of the flight
path and this is going to save me quite a bit of time and if I do have issues
later on where I just can’t level in the searing gorge then I’ll just hearth back
and I do want to do this quest up here eventually there’s what I was kind of
getting at maybe some time today but let’s go ahead and trade this guy 50
silver and they’re gonna go ahead and court me
and they already got the argent dawn commission so that was 40 went to play
Glen’s port in the storm line sweet and we’re
gonna go ahead and make our way up towards the searing gorge I think we
need to go to red Ridge that’s gonna give us the best possible way to get
into there I’ll be able to pick up a flight path over in searing Gorge in the
burning steps oh wow since I’ve been to the mage
quarter okay here we go I do have a number of items within my bags I can
also kind of Bank and get rid of we are level 50 so since we’re here in town we
can also the heck where am I going Wow okay I got lost since we are also in
someone we can also go ahead and train level 50
I don’t know offhand what abilities and skills that hunters get at level 50 but
I’m sure it’s pretty good decent looking for three more DPS and heels for strat
live so it’s just it’s so hard to decide whether I want to transfer off the
server or stay on the server because it just it’s so populated it’s nice and
populate it’s just really hard to level because while we do have a lot of
alliance I’m mounted I know okay so well that’s
kind of going on I’m gonna go ahead and ship this stuff over to me and that’s a
nice little headpiece I can probably sell I don’t think that old so for much
in the auction now so I think with that I will just bender it and I think that’s
pretty much it let’s take a look at the bags here so I do have some Naga Frogger
control tribal necklace that will probably sell in the auction house maybe
I don’t know but we’ll try it so these are all items I just need to vendor some
of this stuff so I’ll probably end up been during a lot of this bender this
these are good for always keeping on hand maybe I’ll sell one of these who
knows and sell this okay so so so so so and this goes into the bank when we’re
running that we have really good amount of slots that’s the air kind of quest we
have whoops I forgot it’s all that warrant he’ll hey hey what’s up boy
we’re running out of space 225 gold for my next bag slide man let’s see I think that’s okay for now go
ahead see you make one of these real quick hello and this is all Goro I’ll need to get I
am going to be heading to the Henschel answer into travels there’s one of the
marking I need a couple of them for quest cycle through this stuff back in
there for now I guess the booty Bay I’m quite always only booty buddies down
south okay so let’s go ahead and bender train run to the trainer which this
quest the plague lands and my hand to the plague lands until maybe 50 55 to 57
is more than I planned ahead to the Western Plaguelands and that’s just a
death done for the Alliance it really is the hunters charm I don’t think I have
access to that I believe that’s a a sunken temple quest okay and we’re not gonna play too long
I’m in shuttle lunch break so I’m actually just kind of prepping for later
tonight that’s my main thing is kind of prep for searing gorge I guess I didn’t
even know okay now all we can go in here we can talk to our pet trainer we can
get growling six once our pet levels fifties almost halfway there we’ll go
ahead and get um nothing let’s go hunter trainer we need that
should upgrade to rank seven automatically and nothing else is really
important I could do volley but it just it’s a minute cooldown it doesn’t do a
whole lot so really the only upgrade that we got there was surfing singing
growl once our pet level is 50 we’ll go ahead and train them what’s
growl rink the new ground here so it’s a growl rank sex you can’t be trained at
the moment because he is not level 50 and let’s see here what else we did get
the new serpent sting which is underneath the marksman tree so here we
have rank seven that’s 385 damage over fifteen seconds really nice much better
than arcane shot arcane shot takes a hundred and thirty five mana whereas
this one takes 190 so it’s about sixty more mana but this one only does a
hundred and fifteen damage it’s very minimal you’re gonna have to hit it you
have tacit two or three times and uh you know in a fight if you are trying to use
this one and it just doesn’t do the you know the damage you could cast this one
at the very beginning you just cast it on your character auto shot them down
and it’ll do more over the time those 15 seconds that it takes for the enemy to
kind of fall and die versus if you had I’m gonna go to bridge yeah
so here what we’re going to do is fly over to red Ridge I actually kind of
want to stay away from when goral Intel 52 so if I could go to searing Gorge
tonight and get the level 51 maybe get to level 52 get an ST group
kind of going on if I can join an ST or a what’s it called
hey Irene Oh run if I could do a few arena runs within this area you know it
might just make sense they just stay on the eastern kingdom from now on because
I’m gonna have to do a lot of quest within searing Gorge over to burning
staffs over inside Blackrock Mountain maybe make my way back into the
hinterland sometime tonight to kind of knock off the ancient egg quest get my
ZF mallet and then queue up for our sunken temple dungeon run where that’ll
complete a number of class I have about four quests down here you know three
right now but once I turn in the egg quest into tanara so I’m gonna have four
available quests there that’ll give me a reason to head down into the sunken the
swamp of Sorrows I’ll also be able to go into the Blasted Lands turn that quest
and maybe start some chain quests there to knock some of those quests on as well
and then once this area is kind of knocked out maybe I’ll go back do own
Goro again head up into the maybe at that time at 55 maybe then I’ll do in
the un’goro into the felwood and then kind of finish up into the winter spring
and then hood over into west lands and Eastern Plaguelands I just think these
zones right here are really tough anywhere below 55 actually even though
the zones say 51 through 58 I think they’re just really tough for a lot of
people to kind of just kill so we’ve arrived here we got everything here I’m
gonna bust out my pet and make our way up to the next so and I
got a text that or building is been cleared and we can actually enter it
again so you know so I kind of took lunch I
went home because we’ve been cleared out of our building for a fire alarm which
is never cold you know I’m never fun when it’s cold outside so I’m gonna go
ahead five-plus hoard military board full rogue at least one okay so there’s another kill group
running around of you know horde hmm hey my mouth feels so slow took a
look at that I didn’t see any humanoid I thought I had tracking humanoid but when
I just renamed it right now it seems so just kind of restocked and started
tracking some of the humanoids maybe maybe you know maybe I wasn’t tracking
humanoids but as I go into the burning steps here this is gonna be another
death stone but I have a flight path here these quests here aren’t really
designed for 52 skeleton here so what I want to do here enter here get the
flight path and head over into the searing gorge
I’m not going to head over into the searing gorge right now I am going to be
heading back into work here and as soon as I step into burning steps there’s an
invite to PvP group so or not to me but they’re asking for invites ooh I’m
getting chased by something here I don’t know so this is kinda you know I
don’t I haven’t ran across any word currently but I know I will shortly there’s always so many horn see right
there in the school and there’s bodies everywhere here bodies in the city and
you fought paths discovered there’s a debts oh geez and I’m dead so yeah that’s it so my just meshes this guy you’re dead
because I think
if always the camp from here oh man yeah so that is in this area as soon as
you land in to see if I live through opto-video don’t see them anywhere oh yeah this is the zone depends on how
my leveling process goes later tonight if I will be sticking around on the
server not if it becomes really toxic to the point where I can not level at all
I’m side burning inside searing gorge I will probably be transferring service
this afternoon but that is going to be it as far as this character grows I just
wanted to play some here even during off-peak hours as it is right now it’s 3
p.m. in the afternoon I’m still getting destroyed so the other server of
planning to go to is arcanite reaper I already have my character made there as
far as what my general name is going to be I do you want to roll warrior a
paladin I’m I like paladins in the future and the Burning Crusade I don’t
know how I want to play this one the bleached hair get some red eyes ok blue
eyes just make any character now ok so I’m gonna go ahead and make a character
here on the server cut ponytail some see we have a couple different shades and
piercings ok ear piercings look nice ok we’re gonna go ahead and so I like to
always need my characters specific names such as unchallenged or generally for my
other character I’ll go with worshipped so worshipped and then challenged those
are generally my two names that I play on as a paladin you know great name for
being worshipped okay so let’s go ahead drop the DPS charts over here this can
unlock and move down a little bit this can move down a little bit and scoot out kind of get this all kind of set up real
quick lock and move this a little bit move dot down scroll zoom out a little
bit there we go drop this down drop this
here just like that and then we’re gonna go ahead and join world trying looking
for crew showing lfg and I just wanted to check little quick I’m gonna spend
about ten minutes just hanging out here on the server and see readings like what
it’s like here so it’s actually having me go pick up another quest back here now let’s return the waypoint turn the
quest in is it inside or out take its outside but right here you need something
now it says tell some of these right off the bat when your macro start attack and I get hit it as much as I want to do
anything and we got some stuff going on so we got looking for two more strata
and deadening tank and he’ll Walt taking Hill is the hardest of them to fill
looking for healer looking for their lubbers DPS looking for group dire Maul
so people are looking oh I see what’s wrong here
interface Auto loot there we go I’m so used to just Auto looting so I
might make a capacity cleanse with my looking for more s TC that’s what I need
right there some sunken temple don’t need you I do need you oh joy it’s the
joys of looking for two more or just stick with these wolves yeah not too much else we can do right
now at this current time until we do
Louisville but that’s fine we can just go ahead and grind it down here
I like paladin paladin’s are a lot of fun
I like tanking of the paladin I like rap Allen’s like I don’t too much for
healing but I’ve always been a rep Palio my other one I think my rat palace was
actually called unchallenged get these kobolds level 1 guys I need some sort of
an AoE which I don’t get and I don’t get anything as fun here we get
concentration concentration that doesn’t look like it resets my my swing time
which is kind of cool seems like there’s somebody who were
just looking for groups and none really looking for more I prefer to see more
looking for fam got to these class we test go turn it in the good thing about
rep Isis they can heal they can bobble they can not have their spell casters in
a rough day so let’s go ahead and get boots we ding ding dong pants got back
got better ones got some better pants got some rest like with you for the Alliance handin concentratin letter dudududu what
the heck Oh need help thank you oh you’re a
paladin trainer – I’m a devotional service
do I not I see pick up this picked it up yeah that’s good you some bananas
bandana okay while we walk this way it’s on like this mover dance bar down here
move our pet over there and good there got the required items you don’t have
the reply okay I guess I should have sold here I was over there I guess these
guys don’t run Charlie I’m gonna see if it does clip it
I’m gonna go ahead and try and cast all my next one here I’m gonna go ahead see
us casting the seal clips I’m gonna hide
cast it but it didn’t clip it so this is their attack right here so if you wanted
you could zone oh you could run it when you get a time right now and you can’t
attack I’m back in when you can’t deny but it just doesn’t matter I guess in
the end because you’re pally you can heal in your mana is just sitting there
being used for nothing besides I think judging that see that that does hurt my mmm they mess
up my melee attack wish I can kill you so castle your steel doesn’t have any
sort of a global cooldown where I was the if I knew cast Holy Light it does
clip into my other abilities their head off a wing clip being the best player on the server same
man same really chat ooh Vittorio’s fools get rid of the fuck
copper pelt think whatever that was which I’m sure oh my god hey good luck
to you oh say looking for group doesn’t look for March
everyone just kind of arguing right now I’m looking for girl what interrupts me there’s looking for more wanted hoager
hunger I love what level nine row oh this quest is done let’s go ahead how are you to handle get a belt back
peace old weapon back these junkie junkie junkie so city cold I’m actually
gonna be logging out for the current time so far it’s kind of dead right now
I’m gonna try and play on this later tonight looking for three more st looks
like Musallam see if this guy was the one who’s looking for st earlier I just
have to give it some time maybe during peak hours so that is it for today’s
video thank you all for tuning in if you guys did enjoyed the content definitely
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