Windstar Cruises Star Pride Ship Tour

I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers.
Join me as we go on a tour of Windstar Star Pride, a beautiful yacht-style ship
which holds just over 212 guests, has 150 crew and we’re going to go and
explore this whole ship. It was originally launched,
and it’s hard to believe, almost 30 years ago as a Seabourn ship and in 2014 it
got bought by Windstar and turned into a Windstar product. So let’s go take a look
around the ship starting with the centre of the ship. So the real heart of the
ship is this circular staircase and on one level is where you have the
Reception area, you have the Shore Excursions Desk and then just leading
off that you have the Lounge. The Lounge is where you have your nightly port talks
and if there’s any form of entertainment, whether it’s the crew show or whether it’s one of the musical duo’s that are based on board the ship, they will perform in here.
So as we head up the ship, we head up onto the upper levels and get the
area which is the open decks. There’s no large sized swimming pool here but there is one of these small pools which you can basically swim against the tide, and there is also a hot tub. Up on the open decks you have the Star Bar which is very popular of
course for the Sail Aways when ship is setting off in sunny climates. This is a very popular for Sail Aways and hanging out. Also up here on the top is probably one
of my favorite rooms of all, which is the Yacht Club. It’s a beautiful space. It is
really nicely done. On three sides you have fantastic views across to the
bow of the ship and on to two sides. Now in here you have a small sort of coffee shop
area and it has various snacks during the day. You can have speciality coffees,
hot chocolate and also play games up here. It’s also where the photographs are
displayed and sold. So the on-board photographer has this computer here
where you can basically go on and all of the photographs that are taken of you
during the cruise are. There is also a space outside where you can go and stand outside watching yourself coming in and out of Port or just general sightseeing. As we
head back down into the ship one of the popular venues, particular before and after dinner, is the Compass Rose. Again another nice space towards the back of the ship. There is a bar where you can have drinks and you have one of the two duo’s that are
based on the ship who will perform here before dinner and after dinner – giving
you chance to dance. There is also the small casino here. So you have some
tables and some slot machines. Just a bit further along from the
Compass Rose is the library. Now in the library there are both books, reference books and port guides and also quite a large DVD library – because there are DVD
players in the cabin. It is also has some space here to sit and relax and
read or if just you want some quiet time. Now on this level is the shop. It’s
quite a small shop but has quite a nice big range of the usual stuff you’ll find
like watches and jewelry and a very big collection of Windstar Cruises branded
merchandise. So very nice little shop. Let’s talk about dining venues. Now the
most important dining venue of all is the AmphorA restaurant. The AmphorA
restaurant, if you are on a colder climate cruise, will be the main
restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast being buffet. Lunch
being buffet, although they are also a la carte options too, and then it’s open
seated dining in the evening. And it’s great because you can basically have tables for one if you wanted, two or more – whatever you want
basically! The restaurant can hold everybody so they can do whatever
combination you want. Very big menus. It’s a very beautiful venue. Now if
you are on a warmer climate cruise, the Veranda is actually where
breakfast and lunch are held. So although in these particular shots that I’ve got,
because I was on a slightly colder cruise, you don’t see it to its best
advantage, it it’s a nice big open space and then it has inside space too. At
night this becomes the Candles Restaurant. This is the speciality dining
restaurant. It’s a seafood and steak restaurant and it’s included in your fare,
and all you have to do is pre book. The other great feature of the ship is in
terms of spa and fitness. So there’s obviously a spa on board and it has a
fitness center a hairdressers and of course usual spa treatments.
The Star Pride has a space at the back of the ship which can be opened when in
warm cruises. It’s basically a watersports deck so
you have an RiB boat and they’ll put out stuff that you can go
and splash around about off the back of the ship. If you’re also looking for
some deck space right in front here is another whirlpool right down the bow of
the ship, and this is also a great place to be on a nice sunny day heading out
of Port. It’s great place to relax have a drink and spend some time in the
whirlpool. Another great feature of Windstar is the
open bridge policy. So pretty much at any time during the cruise you can go onto
the bridge, chat to the bridge crew and find out what’s going on. So as you can
see the ship it’s a nice size. It holds about 212 guests, has
about 150 crew and just over a hundred suites. The suites themselves are very large. If you just take look at the cabin that I was staying in, as you can see, it’s a
large space. A great size as it’s a luxury ship and was built as a very
luxurious ship. So these are big comfortable cabins. So there you have it,
that is a tour of Windstar Star Pride, a beautiful ship. If you enjoyed that
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Norman Bunn


  1. What do you think of the ship? One you would like to cruise on?

  2. Thanks for another great review/tour. My wife and I are counting down the days until our Venetian Passageways cruise from Athens to Venice next month. Your videos have been incredibly helpful and have only served to increase our anticipation. Best!

  3. These videos continue to build a desire to try this line. Very elegant and relaxing looking experience.

  4. Very cute cabin and breathtaking vistas of the seas! Also the word “Amphora”… – it is so appealing and meaningful in the cruising context!

  5. Great review….the outside of the ship is very dated for being thirty yrs. old…..they should spruce it up a bit.

  6. A very relaxing cruise but the scrimpy food looks awful. Like one of the yuppie restaurants I avoid on land. Buffets on mainstream cruise ships are the best, even though I don't like crowds.


  8. Have been on several cruises, 3 different lines. Windstar is absolutely, without qualification, the best. We have two back-to-back Viking cruises coming up in 4 weeks, and three back-to-back Windstar cruises in 2020. FYI, the third line is Uniworld and we appreciate that over Viking. Enjoyed your video.

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