why you need to learn how to create courier and tracking website

– Hi, having a skill is very important to survive in this 21st century. You can’t just live by being ignorant and you don’t have a skill or something that you can offer to people to earn a living or to earn an income. One of the best way for
you to make money today is actually on web designing. Previously for you to learn web designing it’s very difficult because you have to use web code programming
language and all that. But right now we have a lot of facilities, a lot of tools that you can use. So for instance you can
learn how to build websites. So in this guide I will talk about how you build a
shipping or a career website using WordPress technology. WordPress is actually a what-you-see-is-what-you-get programming we use to build our called
a content management system. With this content management system, all you need to do is
just to put your email, your video, your text and all that, then your videos will be ready. You don’t need to know about
programming and all that, so you can learn this WordPress technology in an hour or two, so it’s very simple. All you need to do is to get
the domain name and the host and when you combine them together, you have what is called a control panel. Once you have this control panel, you just go there and install WordPress. When you go there and install WordPress, you just look for it’s theme, which actually means a template. What you do is that you just
edit and update and all that. Then in some few minutes,
your website is ready. All you need to do is just to customize this website and all that. So when you join our online class, all you need to do is to go
to turischool.net/career. When you go to that link, it will take you to our online school where
you register for free. You now learn practical demonstrations on how you create this website, how you edit it, how you get the script so that it becomes very easy and all that.

Norman Bunn


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