What Your Favorite RWBY Ship Says About You

You want to get railed by Yang Xiao Long. Regardless of what anime you’re watching, your favorite character is always the tsundere. You think RWBY hasn’t been good since Volume 3. You think RWBY peaked at Volume 5. You’re just happy to be here. You’re just… really horny. You are absolutely fucking thrilled about this whole stepsister porn trend. You are heterosexual. You are extremely heterosexual. You just wanted good things for Pyrrha. And really, who wouldn’t? Renora is the Mr. Rogers of RWBY ships:
wholesome and uncontroversial. You just want everyone to be nice to each other and have a fun time. You think Sun is hot and funny and you had no tolerance for Yangst. You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of bromances. You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of bitter rivalries. You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of height differences. You are a firm believer in ignoring the main cast in favor of cool-looking side characters. You just wanted good things for Ilia. And really, who wouldn’t? You fully bought into the “Weiss is a useless lesbian” meme and then you were like “hey, you know what’s better than one useless lesbian: two useless lesbians!” You have a thing for buff girls. But like, even more so than the bumbleby shippers. You don’t actually want Ruby and Cinder to get together, you just want to hot evil lady in 6-inch heels to step on you. You don’t actually want Ruby and Neo to get together, you just have a thing for short girls. You don’t actually want Ruby and Oscar to get together. Or, at least I hope you don’t, ’cause I don’t want to deal with the age gap discourse if you do. You just wanted good things for Penny. OR, you took Ruby’s love of weapons to its natural extreme. You kin Adam Taurus.

Norman Bunn


  1. To quote another commenter…
    Summer/Tai: You happy stable families or you just really hate the Qrow being Ruby's dad theory.
    Summer/Qrow: You thrive on drama and angst.
    Qrow/Tai: You ship Raven/Summer and you DON'T hate Tai or you like dilfs.

  2. Anyone who ships Blake with Adam can f*** off, she can do far better and deserves better.

  3. Ruby/Oscar – "Or, at least I hope you don't, cause I don't want to deal w/ the age gap discourse if you do"

    Avatar: The Last Airbender has entered the chat *✲゚*。✧٩(・ิᴗ・ิ๑)۶*✲゚*。✧

  4. maaan you just full on went for my jugular with the penny-ruby one man. xD xD xD xD xD

  5. "you don't want Ruby and Oscar get togheter".
    I do, sir. I do and I have no shame on it leaves the sand cover her
    Also, I ship Renora and Blacksun. But Lancaster is good too 🤷🏻‍♀️

  6. Being a Rose Garden and Snowbird fan, I can say without a doubt that this man has read my mind

  7. you should do what does your favorite voltron legendary defender ship say about you.

  8. how is there a big age gap between oscar and ruby? Their only 2 years apart lol

  9. Ozqrow: you just want good things for both Qrow and Ozpin, and really, who could blame you???

  10. I ship TaiQrow because the thought of Taiyang banging his entire team to be both funny and heartbreaking.

  11. Bumblebee can also fall under the "You believe in being gay and sticking to canon" type and/or the "You loved Legends of Korra" type.

  12. can you do what your favorite fma/fmab ship says about you btw there are A LOT……so good luck

  13. I’m going to be honest, a few of those are me, snow bird, white rose, bumblebee, ladybug, and one other but I don’t remember it

  14. Yang and Winter is my thing, deadass
    Bonus points if they only know each other because whiterose happened, and they both got protective of their younger sister.

  15. Y’all do realize Oscar is only 2 years younger than Ruby, right? And literally Ruby is two years younger than the rest of her team and everyone in that year? So it’s literally the same age gap calm tf down

  16. Hey my favorite ship was milk and cereal(ruby/pyrrha) or ruby/velvet. What does that say about me? Ah the underused ships.

  17. “Your favourite character is always the tsundere” well they do tend to have the most character development by their very nature so, meh.

  18. Ruby and Oscar are actually the same age difference as Ruby and the rest of her team.

  19. This entire video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    0:22 Good one. Still watching part 5.

  20. Bumblebee could also have been “You’re annoying and scream at people who don’t agree with you”

  21. I ship the following: Lancaster, Renora, and Blacksun.

    One that I would ship if it weren't for certain aspects: Rosegarden (if it weren't for Ozpin.)

  22. The Crosshares description fits me so well. That’s my problem. I always get attached to the side characters not the main characters. Usually the ones I get attached to are doomed to die so I’m a bit worried for Coco and Velvet.

  23. I'm mean there's oscar and ruby are only like 3 or four years apart and If they were together in a relationship it won't be that weird because Ozma's Reincarnation's has let they're current Reincanate be in a relationship and not get in the way………So what if I ship Rose Garden?! RUBY IS THE ONLY PERSON WHO GIVES A DAMN ON HOW OSCAR FEELS……I mean so do the others but they look out for eacher more than anyone looks out than oscar…I mean other than qrow but that s an even bigger age gap so that doesn't count

  24. "Regardless of what anime you're watching, your favorite character is always the tsundere."

    Me : My personal space has been breached and raided like area 51 had been.

  25. Renora: Wholesome and uncontroversial
    I don't think that last one aged so well considering her new design if the FNDM is any indication

  26. Actually I think Sun’s wild attitude and not being depressed like Yang makes Blake have a fun time and it brings out a different side of her. I mean tell me you didn’t laugh when Sun was at Blake’s parents house.

  27. Yeah pretty much, I wanted good things for Penny. (Nuts and Dolts)
    Idk, I just found the interactions between Ruby and Penny so sweet, both in mainstream series and chibi ^^

  28. Rose Garden, lol my fav ship. Age doesn't even matter of Oder at this time since even in Oz past life, they have a family and wife, yet oz is bonded with them.

  29. I wanted yang/jaune what does that say about me……….WAIT NEIN I'M NOT A NAZ-

  30. ''You want to get railed by Yang Xiao Long''
    What’s your point?

  31. I m not a rose garden shipper but the age gap is just 2 years, like if someone was 40 and the other is 42, is that such a big deal???

  32. And what does it say about you if you don't care about any Ships in RWBY?

  33. 0:30 “You are heterosexual.”

    All people who ship this and aren’t heterosexual: umm, that is not correct. Because according to the encyclopedia of-

  34. There's no real age difference between Ruby and Oscar. They're about the same age.

    That said, I did want good things for Pyhrra! I do prefer Blake with Sun, but I love Yang!

  35. I don't get all the hate against Rosegarden it's literally two years??? Like there are couples that are goals and they have a four year difference??? I feel like y'all just trying to find issues with everything

  36. First thing I see and hear is my fave ship and "You want to get railed by Yang Xiao Long."… Let's be honest, who wouldn't? (Ok, I know there are Yang haters out there, but still, she'd be a good partner, in my opinion [Take volumes 1-3 Yang for example])

  37. No I just don't do a hole lesbian thing so yeah black sun all they way also I know this was made for satire

  38. (Slight spoilers) Cloqwork (Qrow x Ozpin): 3 different takes

    “You really wish Ozpin transferred his soul to an older body so you don’t get the FBI OPEN UP meme whenever the topic of their ship comes up”


    “You just wanted good things for Qrow, and really, who wouldn’t?”


    “You can pintpoint RWBY as the starting point to your crippling addiction to complicated men with good intentions”

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