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Buying you guitar this day and age can be quite daunting everyone the interested has their own opinion if you want a young Jimmy Page or young Nita Strauss and get your son a dog or a guitar for Christmas You want to get a guitar for yourself, or if used to play back in the day? But you’re terrified of coming into a music store look at all the little Daft categories of guitars you can get to stick at home and play the drums I Get asked questions. I guess on a daily basis here in store So I’m here today to talked about all the different sizes and kinds of guitars There are it can also be quite mind-boggling as well all the little accessories you can get with guitars what you’ll need what you won’t Need we’ll get to that in a second But for now, let’s check classical guitars classical or Spanish or flamenco guitars are extremely popular What comes to you beginners out there for a number of reasons number one? The entry-level ones are lovely and cheap So if you’re not really digging playing guitar after a few weeks leave in the cornea living room a nice little ornament number two the very lightweight The lovely easy things to pick up and play nice and resident and very very loud You know I’ve been talking to big and cumbersome strumming over all the time and number three for the most defining factor Is that they have nylon strings as opposed to the normal steel strings, so it’s nice and easy on your fingers Just playing it’s all can heard after a little while until you get your fingers all calloused off Nylon string classical guitar as well. Do have a slightly more dollar sound To a standard acoustic guitar or guitars you might be known to which is why they’re so popular in Spanish music With that though the all nice and easy on your fingers But the neck the neck width is slightly wider than your standard acoustic or electric guitar Which can be quite good when it comes to learning chords? You don’t fumble over your fingers But some people can’t find it little bit – why it’s the immediately go for the normal acoustic guitar more perks are this though Is that the coming a number of sizes? so if you want your little ones to start We do 3/4 ones and half sized ones and even This is great Quarter sized guitars So it’s almost a size of ukulele and for 35 quid get it for your son and daughter and see if they enjoy it Acoustic guitars are slightly similar to this sexy Spanish cousins with a few little differences like I mentioned they’re steel strong So the strings themselves are actually metal which makes it a lot brighter and Louder the neck width as well is a little bit slimmer so the strings a little bit closer together. They’ll be easier to work around The slightly heavier as well due to the rubbish robust build quality. It takes to keep the strings nice and tight for you Shapes and sizes as well as a few different options. This is a dreadnought There was popular acoustic guitar ever made and the first acoustic guitar ever made lovely rich full-bodied sound ticks all the boxes here on everything from Bob Dylan to Taylor Swift But options are though Jumbo guitars think Johnny Cash big warm strum away awesome guitars Smaller ones too like These lot like Yamahas great little things for traveling with great for starting off If you’re only small aka a kid, but not just for kids think ed sheeran who plays guitar sir sighs And he’s doing quite well at the moment isn’t he? And option as well is parlor guitars pauling guitars are the same as dreadnaughts kinda a little bit sooner Around the waist area which makes them a little bit brighter, but still super easy to play I Realize I’m saying all these words like jumbo parlor and dreadnought what that actually means is the shape of the body of the guitar there’s Many other different options as well like concerts in Grand Orchestras if it all gets a bit too daunting for you to remember dreadnought ticks all the boxes Check that out or command a PMT and speak to one of us here besides that another word which Terrifies people is the word cut away all the cut away is is some guitars have a little bit of wood cut away here Which allows you to get to the higher frets? In a nutshell electro acoustic guitars or acoustic guitars with electrics in him literally They’re exactly the same you play them like a normal acoustic or plug them into the lumber fire That is the benefit of have an electronics in them There’s a little pickup situated under the bridge Which picks up the vibrations all these little microphone inside Or the benefits are besides plugging into a lot amplify and tweaking the sounds making it a bit louder is you can record of it? Focus training computer and record your lovely ideas or lupus like mr. Ed Sheeran those who I mentioned before he plugs his guitar and to pedal calls on it and then plays over it Thinking up ideas and his next big million-dollar Hit it’s also great for practicing. I have a loop pedals as well, so you’ve got nephews to guitar and loop pedal You’ll be absolutely flying there’s normally two different options when it comes to metrics as well with all Controls inside the sound hole hidden away one volume or one tone volume obviously makes it louder tone makes it dollar and brighter or this Option which is a little pick up on this side? There’s normally a volume a 3-band eq or an EQ against make a dollar or brighter Have a little fiddle with it in it when you’re in the shop and a tuner which is one of the main benefits Of having electrics in your guitar you can tune it by pressing a button And you haven’t got by any add-ons or accessories speaking of electro acoustics Let’s move on to full-on electrics probably the loudest part of every PMT store But don’t walk in and pick up electric guitar and strimmer like an acoustic I think it gonna be as loud as Angus. Yeah, there were these guys work Or with a cable and a guitar amplifier the solid bits of wood With pickups in them pickups are magnets pickups pickups Transfer the vibrations of the strings through the cable into the amplifier and give her that kind of classic Someone every clean or distort. There’s a number of different versions as well Single coil pickups, which are like kind of Jimi Hendrix Yvonne 20 kind of dire straits thing There’s humbuckers these guys which are nice and thick sounding Jimmy Page Angus Young Eddie Van Halen and There’s also hollow bodies, which may look like acoustics And they are little bit louder when you strobe them strum them not plugged in But it kind of just affects the sound waters plugged in it’s a slightly warmer sound Bitanga quite xx sound like rockabilly that kind of that kind of cool stuff size wise as well Usually they’re about the same size judging different besides different scale lengths Which just mean an inch or two here and there, but PNC are kind enough to? Offer some smaller guitars for the youngsters out there boy or girl. There’s no specific guitar Whether you’re a man or a lady besides some darker colors But I’m I’m partial of a sparkly pink guitar every now And then the smaller guitars are exactly the same solid wood Three pickups or two pickups the small hollow bodies as well all you need is cable and an amplifier And you’ll be absolutely rockin so that was a little overview of the electric guitars But if you’re serious about starting with electric guitars check out my electric guitar buying guide video on the p.m. TV UK YouTube channel, what’s all what every different feature and style of a number of different electric guitars I personally thought I would have two guitar And I wish I start out with acoustic I would be a lot better now There’s nothing wrong with grab an electric fist and just wailing away on it It’ll make it fun fear if all you want to play is Metallica and black and black black and black back in black and make sure you have an acoustic guitar neck see so you can send chill and Practice those chords when it comes to guitar accessories and bric-a-brac there’s lots of cool things You can get unless guitarists love cool flashy things, but if you don’t buy it individually Which we’ll talk about in a second get yourself one of these I start a pack Loads of companies out there these days have packs waking just walking up a store grab a guitar and it comes with everything could possibly need a tuner a guitar strap some plectrums and online lessons when it comes to these lovely fender ones did you acoustic guitars like I said comes with everything you possibly need and Electric guitars like I says you need an amplifier and a cable All in one handy box from Squire you offender if you didn’t know that already. There’s a couple different versions There’s a three single car one like I mentioned before and there’s guitars the humbuckers in if I’m that kind of thick raw sound as Opposed to that bluesy Jimi Hendrix Stevie Ray Vaughan sound which is great all the options are as well one of the coolest things Epiphone have a slash guitar. Yes a slash guitar for not a lot of money at all. It comes the lovely slash bag And yet the front slash guitar which is exactly the same color is his I don’t know What is no twelve and a half grand Custom Shop Gibson that he plays so for two hundred quid I believe You can rock out like slash walk into a shop buy a box in beer and be good to go if you want to totally Personalize your first guitar experience and not just walk in and buy a box you’re more than welcome Find a guitar that you really enjoy and find a little cool accessories to go with it. That’s part of fun little tuners for example the clip onto the headstock nice and Street nice and discreet behind there these Cole ones a great bridge between Ten and twenty pound one on a watch battery in last few years and years and years get a nice strap, which suits of personality multicolored ones thought about five to ten pound moving up to somebody fender and levees ones either Paisley or cool kind of sixties vibes or Don’t want to lay these bombs on It’s pretty great. Also though. If you are the singer-songwriter Up-and-comer you can get a little things like Capo’s capo is changed at the keys of this song So if you know a song, which is three chords e a and D. Super simple chords for open Tunings well standard tunings open chords and put one of these on you can change the key so puts on the second fret It’s exactly the same chord shapes But just two frets up, so this was good for you at a lower view of some of the cool guitars We have the different variations if you start out yourself Behind the little ones a guitar or want to get back into it after a little bit of time away And everything is changed because over the past twenty years Everything has changed I nearly get as giddy as some of people buying their first guitar because I remember how fun it was back then Buying all the little things and learning chords and getting horror frustrated and want to pull my hair out But it’s all part of the fun everyone has done it. I’ve done it Eddie Van Halen’s Brian Mays. Done it We’ve all been there It’s part of the fun And I hope what I’ve said this kind of swayed you in the right direction or at least helped you give us a call We’ll definitely happy out in the storm in fact this video Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to PM TV UK on YouTube for lots more cool guitar and music related content If you want any more information on anything Qatar as I spoke about check them out at a PMT online, Dakota UK or call in to one of our four ever-expanding PMT’s stores each one of our stores has its own Twitter Instagram and Facebook page you should like your local one for more info or Them all if you feel in that nice I’ve been diggin plaid playing guitar. I’ll see you next time

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  3. shit. my dad got me this big ass acoustic for my birthday. i have a feeling that he doesnt know about all the different types and know im stuck with. its fucking huge, i suck at playing, and i just end up playing my electric most of the time

  4. I already got a guitar to my birthday a couple weeks ago, but i still cant stop watching this guy here. Hes so good at what he does, id be afraid, walking in his store with my wallet

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  7. Hey I wanna start out but my hands are really small. But I don't want to get a smaller guitar, do any of you have any tips?

  8. Strangely, the first dreadnought acoustics didn’t bear the Martin logo, but were made for the Oliver Ditson Company with production beginning in 1916, marketing being centred upon New York and Boston.

    These models had 12-fret-to-the-body necks, slotted pegheads, no pickguards and with unique inlays and soundhole rosettes. However, in terms of construction, they featured mahogany backs and sides and spruce tops; since becoming pretty much standard with makers of dreadnought-style guitars worldwide.

  9. What is that Fender you were using to explain the benefits of an electroacoustic guitar?

  10. This is a lovely little overview! I appreciate the encouraging, positive tone and the real-world examples of “this sounds kinda like this style, or this artist” and that there wasn’t machismo about playing smaller or inexpensive guitars.

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  13. Question: i really love the yamaha apxt2 acoustic/electric guitar. Im very tiny with very small hands. Is the neck regular width or is it small? I have a hard time reaching on big neck guitars.

  14. Greetings from Vacaville,California (U.S.A). Really liked the video. Was fun to watch. Just bought a Yamaha FD01S solid top last night (my 1st name brand guitar).

  15. This is GREAT seriously i have recently started and this guy made me know what type of guitar to get so cheers 🎸🎸

  16. My mom bought my first electric guitar or guitar period from my old preacher. It was a Michael Kelly that looks like a Starcaster. We bought it for $300 but it's retail is $1,100

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  22. Is there an acoustic guitar in the size/shape identical or almost similar to an electric guitar? My acoustic guitar now feels bulky since I started practicing more and more on my electric. Thanks!

  23. I'm happy this video is out there. I can't tell you how many smaller-framed totally new beginner students are sold gigantic dreadnoughts which they then struggle with and quit. Then they try a little 000 style or gretsch jim dandy, and you can literally see their eyes light up and they go ""Ohhhhh! I had no idea a guitar could be this easy to play!"

  24. I'm 16 and I was thinking of buying a guitar 3/4 because it's cheaper. Just until I can learn to play it, then I'd buy a nicer, aucustic one. But would a 3/4 guitar be too small for me?

  25. is that a real parlour guitar, check where the neck joins the body, it should be at the 12 fret for a real parlour guitar….

  26. The background music is very annoying and unprofessional, it distracts you from listening. The proof is you are Not getting too many thumb ups.

  27. why dont they put fret markers on classical guitars? my memory is shot, i need them.

  28. So, the Dreadnought was the "FIRST" acoustic guitar? Wha? The dreadnought came out in 1931, guitars had been around for a few hundred years before that, and they were like the nylon string guitars that he didn't seem to realise are also acoustics(!)

    I'm sorry folks but if you are looking for your first guitar, or a guitar on which to learn to play – don''t consider a dreadnought which is a popular size for playing in a combo, but is a LARGE bodied guitar. (BTW "parlour, Jumbo, dreadnought" and such terms AREN'T about shapes – they are about SIZES! and when you are learning you really want something that is comfortable to learn to play on? so look for a smaller guitar which doesn't force your "picking/strumming" side shoulder up, and with a neck that you feel comfortable fretting.

    Your first guitar will not be your last (unless you give up) – as we learn we progress.

    So you DON'T need a large guitar body, you don't need a cutaway and you CERTAINLY don't need electronics stuffed inside – that meant that if you are playing m say £200 for a beginners guitar you are paying maybe £100-150 for the electrics and the remainder for a really cheaply made instrument – better to pay the same amount for a fully acoustic instrument.

    This gent is obviously an electric guitarist who really doesn't have any empathy for acoustics or real beginners.

  29. The Dreadnought guitar was not the first acoustic guitar parlor guitars came before them

  30. I play accoustic bass guitar in an amateur bluegrass band, but I've played standard guitars much longer (70 years). Started on standup bass 5/8ths size.
    When I got a chance I played our banjo player Martin D35. Shunned buying a Martin as a result. But in the last year I've bought several Martins trading up.
    When my pal bought his D35 it was a 68 model he bought in 69. $550.00. Now D35 prices have skyrocketed. Next on my radar is an upgrade to a Martin
    accoustic bass guitar.

  31. Not a single member of our Bg group has less than 35 years experience on their chosen instruments. Our banjo player is 67 y o. Plays a Gibson RB250
    Mastertone. He aklso plays his D35, a Kentucky fiddle, a Steiner fiddle, and a Dopera Bros resophonic "Dobro" guitar. I'd like to name our band "Old and
    outta tune"!!!!

  32. 7:28. I couldn't agree with you more! I just bought my Yamaha Dreadnought last week, i was finding that even though i'm not particularly good on the electric yet, i found that if i picked up an acoustic, i couldn't play it at all. Also when a group of us would go out, there would always be someone with an acoustic guitar and it made it an awesome chill sesh!

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