We are World Courier: What sets World Courier apart from other logistic suppliers?

What makes World Courier a leader in this
industry is a multi part answer. Our dedication to be the best. I think we see a need. I think everyone actually takes ownership
of what we do. Definitely the people, the work ethic, and
the constant day to day challenge. I enjoy a challenge, and every day is a challenge. You never know what you’re going to get when
you pick up that phone. We take ownership of the life-saving drug. We take it personally. The customer service rep that is on the phone
wants to make sure that they get all the details correct. We are the market leader. We say that when they send us an inquiry or
an email on a shipment status or whether it’s a general inquiry, they know that it will
be done, it will be followed up, it will get a response. Only World Courier has this large, global
network for all offices giving you the same service and having the same experience for
the biopharmaceutical product. It’s not only the people, it’s the network. It’s the high pace environment as well as
the high rewards. They turn to World Courier, more of a specialty,
and we’re able to execute their shipment. We are talking the language of this industry,
and, at the moment, we are the only one who can really understand what the client needs. I don’t think that many people have the opportunity
to choose a profession where you find so many of your colleagues globally sharing the same
passion. For me, I believe that’s what makes us different
than most other companies.

Norman Bunn

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