We Are World Courier: What Do You Tell People About World Courier?

I think the phrase ‘the most trusted specialty
logistics company in the world’ is a very good starting point. That’s how I start explaining to the business
to the people I am coming across. We’re a partner to clinical trials, to science,
hospitals, research facilities. We make sure that when they hand their shipment
over the courier company is not the weakest link. The courier company then continues that chain
of custody to its destination and gets it there time critical in the right temperature
range and provides those temperature results to that client as soon as they need it. People ask me, “Logistics. What is that? Who are you like? Freight Forwarder? Are you like a DHL or a FedEx?” Most people have a bit of knowledge, and I
say, “Yes, that’s a good start, but we are something beyond that. Something unique.” Courier is in our name but we’re far from
just a courier company. I tried to explain the business more specific,
that we work with everything related with health, and most of my friend knows that I
can’t go home every day at 5pm as everybody else. We have to stay here. We need to find the solutions for each problem
we have. I think that’s the difference. As I told you, we take it personally. We really make the effort to make it work.

Norman Bunn

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