Volvo Cars And Amazon Launch In-Car Delivery In The US

In recent times,
Volvo Cars has made great strides in digital consumer services, with the simple goal
of making life easier for its customers. Now the company is expanding
its digital offering by partnering with Amazon to offer
in-car delivery in the United States. In-car delivery
in partnership with Amazon Key is rolled out nationwide
in dozens of cities around the country. We’ve been running in-car delivery
in Europe since 2015. We believe that receiving a package
should be as easy as ordering one. This offer will be available
to all Volvo On Call subscribers and Amazon Prime members. Receiving your Amazon delivery
in your Volvo is simple. Just shop on Amazon
and select in-car delivery at checkout to complete your order. On the day your packages will arrive, an authorised delivery driver
locates your Volvo and places the package inside. You will receive a notification
once the process is complete. Simplification of experience and putting control
directly in the hands of consumers are two things that are very central
to Volvo’s digital vision. We’ve very enthusiastic
about realising this vision, it’ll delight customers
and grow our business in the process.

Norman Bunn


  1. y tho? the only reason i go home to my family in the evening is because i know i have that packaging hype waiting for me there.

    yes, i need help.

  2. My new V 40 's paint is deformed when I was washing in accordance with the users manuel instructions. İt is a product fail

  3. Seriously how often are you
    going to use the delivery service, and you have to pay a few hundred bucks for the subscription alone already?

  4. بكل صراحه أفضل سياره في العالم ولن تتكرر فولفو مالها مثيل 👍🏼

  5. Why would I trust someone to deliver a package to my car? Who knows what kind of people are delivering packages to my home now. What's to stop them from taking something from my car? This is a terrible idea.

  6. No thank you for Amazon service! Make me not want to buy a car with this service!

  7. Buy volvo and help commie,
    The owner of volvo is Xi Jinping’s brother-in-law

  8. I love Volvo cars but I would never trust some random person with access to my car and contents inside it. That just crosses the privacy line for me. I know we have become all to comfortable sharing everything about our lives on social media but look what has happened with Facebook, the social engineering giant. This is the next level of engineering social behavior. You trade privacy and security for convenience. Massive companies making the masses submissive and lazy. It scares me.

  9. Totally not about this video. But it really sucks that Volvos are notoriously unreliable these days. Because I really want one

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