Vedantu Achieves 12% Uplift In Delivery Rates with Push Amplification +

Hi, I’m Shashank Shekhar I work at Vedantu, handle digital marketing Vedantu is India’s leading online tutoring platform which helps/enable students to learn live from India’s best curated teachers At Vedantu we belive in solving the academic related problems of students Starting from the everday live classes to processing relevant study contents. We want to make sure that all the topics get comprehended and covered on time Hence it’s important for us to remind the students about the schedule of classes and advice them to refer to appropriate study materials there upon. Currently there is a dominance of Chinese OEMs in the Indian market and these OEMs block notifications a lot unless and until the advertiser is white listed. We leveraged MoEngage’s Push Amplification power which helped us to reach 12% more student base with AI driven approach recommended by Sherpa and sending the communications in a personalised manner with multiple variations helped us to increase the adoption and engagement% by almost 6%. Flexibility and segmentation and advanced analytics features available on MoEngage platform helped us to understand the user behaviour in much better way. Based on the past behaviour of users we are now able to retain them on our platform. Features like Smart and Real-Time Triggers helped us to decrease the funnel drop off. Nudging the user on the right time i.e. while they intend to leave or have already left the platform helped us to bring the users back. Geo-fencing is another excellent way to target users on the grounds of physical location. The best part which I like most about MoEngage is it’s flexibility both in the tool as well as in the team. They understand the advertiser’s requests and priortise in much better way From the very beginning when we desired to customize the services to major technical changes they were always ready to work around and get the best solution for us.

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  1. I got a chance once to work with Shashank Shekhar and I must say he is a true genius. Congrats to Shashank and Vedantu team.

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