UW Mail Delivery… by Bike!

Creative communications is our
department. Under that umbrella we have a multitude of services. We really wanted
to make the push towards e-bike delivery because it allows us to turn in some of
the vehicles that we use which cause a lot of co2 in the atmosphere and a lot
of noise pollution around campus and the idea of bike delivery has been more efficient. So yeah we delivered to 200 plus
departments on a daily basis and it all started with an idea card. One of the
employees were like ‘hey it would be more efficient if we could deliver small mail
packages via bike’. The e-bikes are funded via campus sustainability
fund. The grant was for eighty-three thousand dollars and that paid for five
electronic business bikes, all the gear, the cargo boxes that go on and it also
helps us pay for the community outreach that we do of creating graphics and
recording metrics and putting the metrics out of the graphics and you’ll
see them on the sides of the cargo boxes and it’s just like fun educational stuff
to inform the community. We hope that this spikes other people’s interests and
they create their own bike delivery programs.

Norman Bunn

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