Unboxing mystery parcel from America ~ Beverley Butterfly [CC]

hello my beautiful butterflies welcome
back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Beverley and it is lovely to see
you today in this video we’re gonna be opening a parcel from America [Vintage style music plays] so this was so kindly sent to me from
Amanda Ulrich I’ve mentioned her a few times on my channel she is such a lovely
treasured friend and she offered to send me some goodies some yummy treats from
America because here in the UK we don’t get much pumpkin flavoured Halloweeny
type things it’s I don’t know why it’s travesty it may…(dog barking) I don’t
know why we don’t get much in the way of pumpkiny treats but it’s a travesty
it really is and so she very kindly offered to send me some things and
getting this really cheered me up it made me feel so happy so thank you so
much Amanda I will leave a link to (clears throat) Ooh
em I will leave a link to her channel down below so you can just head on down there
and make sure to hit the subscribe button on her channel because she’s
amazing and she yeah just go do it make your life better so lets pop this beauty open
oh my goodness it is filled right to the top and I’m so excited (sings) paper paper
oh my goodness I’m just throwing stuff everywhere because oh I’m so excited so
the first thing we have is oh my gosh pumpkin spice tea now if you watch my
channel a lot you know I love a cup of tea I’m English of course I like a cup of
tea but this is pumpkin spice tea oh my goodness this is by a company called
Bigalow America’s classic oh my goodness I’m so excited if I just got this I
would be so happy oh my goodness and we’ve only just (sings) we’ve only just begun
what is next I’m so excited Amanda you’ve made my year this time of
year is amazing but I never have treats and things but this year I do what is next
pumpkin spice caramels so break the season with our luscious buttery caramel
with a soft touch of pumpkin spice in our slow melting milk chocolate I mean
excuse me excuse you but they look delicious and I think it would be wrong
of me not to give them a try wouldn’t it let me see if can get into them as
anybody with chronic illnesses knows packets not easy to get into gizmo love
the smell already he’s trying to get some so they’re pumpkin spice caramels in
these little packets they’re so yummy looking I know what I’m gonna be
drinking when I finish this I’m definitely gonna be having a cup of
pumpkin spice tea hello oh my god that’s beautiful sorry (giggles) Amanda when I
go up a dress size it’s all your fault and it’ll be totally worth it so thank
you what have we got next this is just the greatest thing ever
this makes me so happy so what have we got next Milano fall in love with flavour
they’re pumpkin spice cookies oh these look really nice
I wonder what I’ll be having when I have my cup of tea later I think it will be
these biscuits I do love biscuits, biscuiits are my big weakness in life we
always have some biscuits with our tea it’s why I can never be a size 10
basically these are gorgeous I made a mistake then I looked at the calories
who does that who does that not me I wish you could see my vid- my dogs
right now they’re both just glaring at me like give me a biscuit I don’t share
when it comes to pumpkin spice things forget it
my husband will be like ooh can I have one no sir no no no you’ve wrapped
everything so well Amanda what is this it’s a pumpkin spice orange chocolate
orange and I mean I do love chocolate oranges I don’t buy them because typically
they are gone in moments but I’m gonna have to open this up I’m gonna have to be a savage
Look at that rawr! Just like watching a film of Wonder Woman isn’t it
so so I’m gonna tap and break it off (bang) it’s never just a tap though you always
got to like pretty much smash it so it’s
pretty much like your classic milk chocolate that is so nice you can tell
you really taste like the pumpkin spice of it all but it’s got that oh it goes
so well with the chocolate it’s like warming it’s gorgeous and that
will not last long I’m telling you now that probably be gone by tonight because
I’m one of these people who puts things out of reach or I hide things away and
then every time I go in the kitchen I’m like hmm I just have one and then before
you know it they’re gone (sings) more wrapping more wrapping
(sings) what is this??? oh it’s hand wash sweet cinnamon
it smells gorgeous it’s from bath and Body Works I’ve heard of this place I
sometimes watch people who do you know the candles they’ll do a Bath & Body Works
candle haul and I get so excited to watch them if I ever get to go and visit
America I’ll definitely be visiting Bath and Body Works because it looks amazing
and this will be going probably in my kitchen so I can keep it you know use it
up keep it for special times that sounded really wrong I’m gonna move on
but oh I I love this I love everything I just want to eat that chocolate orange
oh I have to hold myself back (sings) what do we have next???
come on England catch-up fresh harvest pumpkin Febreze my whole house can smell like
pumpkins oh yes that is oh that is gorgeous all everything is being sprayed down
with this now Amanda my husband is gonna love you but um oh that smells so nice
it’s definitely got that little cinnamon kick to it oh my whole house is gonna smell
of cinnamon and pumpkins and (claps) I’m so happy
then it looks like we’ve got one more thing in here oh it’s heavy this is let’s break
into it [Upbeat style music plays] oh it’s a Yankee Candle sugared pumpkin swirl oh I’m sorry but
That smells so good I love me a candle I really do and I love Yankee
Candles I think I was just talking about Yankee Candles the other day
and saying they’re really expensive and I can’t afford to get one and you got me
one you are the kindest sweetest friend honestly honestly I feel like the
luckiest person in the world right now because you should see the devastation
in fact shall I show you the devastation beside me there is just chocolate and
paper and things everywhere but honestly this was so fun to open and I just feel
like the luckiest person in the whole world thank you so much Amanda for
sending me this parcel with all these lovely pumpkin treats it’s such an
incredible gift and I’m so thankful I I’m gonna eat my weight in chocolate now
drink some pumpkin spice tea and have the best time of my life honestly it
doesn’t get any better than this I only wish that you lived closer to me Amanda
that’s all I wish because I think we would just have so much fun together it
would be amazing but I’m so thankful thank you so much like I said a link to
Amanda’s channel will be down below she posts about chronic illness about art
about life being blind she is an incredible human being as you can tell
so kind so generous I can’t believe it just pop down there to the
description area and a linked her channel will be there go and follow on
all the Twitterverse and instagrams it’ll all be down there so you can all
follow her and while you’re down there why not hit that little subscribe button
on my channel if you have not yet done so I would love to see you join the
tribe so please come join and hit that little subscribe button ring that little
bell so you always know when I upload I’m usually here Mondays and Fridays my
health permitting I hope you have a really really wonderful weekend I hope
you’re having a lovely day today and I’ll see you next time bye
(crunching) what?

Norman Bunn


  1. I am so grateful to have this package to open and I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did opening it xx

  2. Oh my goodness I’m so happy you like everything! You just filled me with joy and I loved hearing you open it! You have to have pumpkin spice and everything nice this time of year! It’s a requirement lol! I wish we lived closer as well! Oh I’m just so happy you love everything! Thank you for doing this video and letting me hear you!💛🧡🎃

  3. Share the pumpkin spice goodness with your hubby. Go on you know you want too

  4. what a great parcel and some lovely things your friend sent you, never had pumpkin spice

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