U.S. Black Friday shoppers spend over US $7.4 bil in just on-line sales

now this year’s Black Friday shaped up
to be one of the biggest on record with Americans spending a whopping seven
point four billion u.s. dollars online and I’m gonna 4.2 billion on
Thanksgiving Day sales are expected to shoot up even more on Cyber Monday Kimo
Sutton reports Black Friday shoppers flashed out close to seven and a half
billion u.s. dollars in just a total sales setting Adobe Analytics CNBC said
this year’s Black Friday was the second largest internet shopping day ever with
the average order value per consumer standing at nearly 170 dollars up 6% ear
on ear I’ve been looking online mostly a we’re just here to speak there were no
displays but online shopping is the way to go you can do it from home and you’d
have to like worry about the crowd it also added that consumers already spent
over four billion dollars on Thanksgiving a 14.5 percent jump from
the holiday a year ago although this year shopping season is a shortage since
2013 because Thanksgiving falls on the last Thursday in November the US
National Retail Federation forecasts the holiday sales to rise between three
point eight and four point two percent up from last year’s two percent growth
it cites the better conditions in the job market as the main driver many
enthusiastic shoppers were excited about some good deals I got some shoes like
half price and I got some shirts all set for about half price during the 24 hours
of Cyber Monday Adobe analytics expects spending to hit over nine billion
dollars a whopping 19% increase from a year ago
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