HOW TO COMPETE AT TRUE SURF what up True Surf? My name is Andrew, and today’s episode we’ll learn how to compete at True Surf, D-best surfing app called True Surf! shoutout to all subscribers that left messages requesting this video at the comment section, asking: How can I compete at True Surf? to compete in True Surf, you have to check first if there is an event happening because tournaments won’t happen all the time just click “community” it will show if there is an event happening and upcoming events by the way True Surf events are synchronized with WSL competition calendar which are the most important surfing calendar in the world second step…. you have to pick surfing division you want to compete just click here at dropdown menu and it will display all divisions available just like any other event you have to pay to compete using your clams but if you are running low on clams, no worries because True Surf offers a division FREE of charges, called “WSL TRIALS” and you can compete as many times as you want at WSL Trials for free never pay anything there guys, if you interested to compete at the other divisions you can get rewards there few divisions that pay really well worth to try, check out! so, let’s compete LIVE. I’ll sign up here at this division if I place good, I can win up to 9k clams let’s see what happens… I have 3 minutes to surf as many waves I want but only 2 best waves will count for the total of my heat let’s go! good luck to me… please watch video all way to see what happen… 25 seconds inside barrel for my first wave I got 9.80 excellent guys almost perfect let’s go, second wave watch another 25 seconds barrel I was trying to stay longer inside barrel but I felt that wave was going to close out just got the same score 9.80 guys with two 9.80 scores now total 19.60 points going to my third wave just 1 minute and 32 seconds left at my heat but enough time for more waves just watch this next 12 seconds barrel and counting… check out… 26, 27 seconds inside barrel finally got better barrel, let’s check my score oh no, there is no scores changes even tho better barrel nothing changes heat still same total points 19.60 True Surf guys…. another wave and by the time left looks like this wave will be my last one I’m just trying to get better wave than 9.80 let’s see what happens… here at Jeffreys Bay last wave it was another 27 seconds inside barrel fifteen seconds left and scores did not change heat about to end counting down… just trying some silly maneuvers heat just ended competition results uploaded as far as now I just got second place with total 19.59 points if today was the last day of the event, I would receive 8K clams as reward with my total score of 19.59 but tournament is not over yet let me check the other divisions and if waves get better I am definitely competing again at the other surfing divisions that’s all guys thanks for watching this video if you like all competition tips please don’t forget to LIKE our video and if you haven’t SUBSCRIBE yet please support and SUBSCRIBE to our channel so we can continue motivated and create more tutorial video for ALL show few more tricks sharing some True Surf hacks to surf well and compete here at the best surfing app called True Surf! see you all ALOHA! and let’s go TRUE SURF

Norman Bunn


  1. Valeu esse vídeo ou não? Espero que essas dicas tenham ajudado você navegar melhor dentro do aplicativo. Não se esqueçam de dar aquela força e CURTIR o vídeo! E se você ainda não é assinante, tá faltando o que?

    I hope this video was helpful to you. Can't wait to see you there competing side by side, please subscribe and leave comments here below. Like this video too, ALOHA!

  2. Fala Andrew! Tenho apenas a prancha vermelha e n consigo de jeito nenhum permanecer no tubo de Jefreys Bay. Alguma dica?

  3. E ai, Andrew! Bom vídeo! Tenho uma dúvida: quais as melhores pranchas para permanecer no tubo e obter nota alta?

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