True Surf – Stall the surfer inside barrels Hi everyone, Andrew here. Today I am going to try to explain how to stall the surfer inside of the barrel Let’s go…. We’re at Margaret River Australia. with 20+ feet waves pay attention at my left thumb thumb always in contact with screen pushing surfer inside of the barrel so you can stay inside barrel longer and make more points let’s see it again, stay in contact with screen using your left thumb if you want to get out, just drag your finger pulling surfer out (forward) you will get surfer more speed also, make sure you can adjust your camera zoom close by surfer so you can see surfer if he/she is too deep behind inside barrel check out this late drop I moved my left thumb forward so I don’t stay too behind barrel and I can control surfer at barrel’s exit so, now you have an idea of my technique just practice and you will perfect that to all barrels thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and like our video too leave comments and subscriptions below aloha and let’s go true surf!

Norman Bunn


  1. E você tem utiliza já essa técnica? Ou aplica macete diferente do nosso?

    Are you using this same technique to stall inside barrels? Do you use any other different tricks?

  2. Vlw mano fiz aqui e deu certo com um pouco de prática faço melhor consegui 320 no tubo

  3. Cara minha onda e muito baixa como faço para ela ficar maior: edit tem que ter um level alto eu tô no 5? Me ajuda porfavor

  4. Cara não consigo , ou eu fico muito para trás ou eu fico muito pra frente. Nunca consigo ficar mais de 10 segundos no tubo.

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