TRUE SURF SINGLE FIN 77 (EPISODE 16) hello TRUE SURF guys, I’am Andrew and today’s episode, I’m going to bring you some info bout this super board called: ‘SINGLE FIN 77’ SIZE: 7’6″ recommended for waves between 5-25 FT high this board was inspired by Simon’s rounded pin single fin used at the pipe masters guys, this board is AMAZING but not available for all player’s levels you have to be at level 12 so you can unlock this board I already passed by level 12 and when this board was available for me, I just purchased. I think this board is the fastest board available at the TRUE SURF store today here you go guys, I selected 5 different surf spots to do this test drive big waves, so I can show you guys how this board works let’s go! that’s all guys, I hope you liked this video about the SINGLE FIN 77 …and if you liked it, don’t forget to like our video and SUBSCRIBE for our channel so we can continue to create more videos for you ALOHA, and let’s go TRUE SURF!

Norman Bunn


  1. Have you UNLOCKED your SINGLE FIN 77, what do you think?

    E aí, já desbloquearam essa 'ganzeira', o que você achou?

  2. Muito real ,vc está de parabéns ,vai demorar um pouco p eu alcançar esse nível. Muito alucinante

  3. Não sei se gostei mais do vídeo do que do som… Perfeito… Valeu… Aloha!

  4. Ótimo video, pena que esqueceu de mencionar o absurdo que é o preço pra comprar essa prancha. Ou vc joga ate o nivel 15, 20 sla sem gastar nada (nem em viagens), ou voce é obrigado a gastar 180 reais. Um absurdo, dá pra comprar uma prancha usada

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