Top Shipping Hacks: Easy Ways To Reduce Costs

Welcome to today’s Maverick Minute Shipping Hacks for online orders… Are you feeling like there has got to be a better way to get your orders shipped out? A way to cut costs without sacrificing quality? We asked real merchants, just like YOU, to share their best shipping hacks. Stay tuned as we reveal the top answers! We have the top five answers on the board. So what did online merchants say are their top shipping hacks? Number five! Is there any reason not to love bubble mailers? Light, inexpensive and great for items like books and clothing that don’t need much padding! And what is the number 4 shipping hack? USPS is the cheapest way to ship products under 13 ounces. If you were afraid to use USPS because of their reputation to lose orders, you can breathe easier… Word on the street is this problem has reduced dramatically. Are you playing along at home? So what do you think is going to be shipping hack number 3? Survey says! While using multiple carriers gives you the option to tailor best service for each shipment, it also gives your customer the option to choose the shipping speed and the price THEY prefer. Out of the big three USPS – FedEx – UPS Which one do YOU prefer? Tell us in our poll Let’s find out the number 2 shipping hack… Who doesn’t appreciate free shipping supplies? It’s a quick win, especially for those of you who are just starting out! USPS offers free priority mail boxes and envelopes. If you ship via FedEx take advantage of the complimentary FedEx Express boxes and other shipping supplies. And if you’re really just getting started with online selling and shipping you can always try dumpster diving or cardboard! [Wink!] We won’t tell! Give also our playlist a look through, you’ll find tips on how to start and run a small business. Alright, this is! What is number ONE shipping hack? For many online sellers, juggling multiple shipping carriers is a necessary part of fulfillment. However, it can be a major pain. When it gets to be too much look into a software solution that specializes in shipping. This kind of software will import your orders from one or more selling channels, automatically calculate shipping rates for multiple carriers, and simplify purchasing postage and printing labels. Share your shipping hacks in the comments and come back next week for another episode of our Maverick Minute!

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  1. Congrats on almost hitting 1K! Love the "dumpster diving" lol Great quality content, thanks for sharing!

  2. Our article on Shipping Hacks: https://www.merchantmaverick.com/pack-ship-hacks/

  3. My son and his girlfriend just started doing ebay selling. These tips will come in handy!!

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