Top 10 Worst DELIVERY FAILS Caught On Camera! Bad Mailmen & Funny Mistakes

Hey guys and welcome to listed in today’s
video I will be looking at the top 10 worst delivery company’s fails
I’m sure everyone has a bad story about a delivery firm
these 10 clips shows the worst of the lot. And just for fun comment below what your worst
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fails the first video on the top 10 worst delivery
company’s fails and we have a lazy post woman just dumping
the mail in a rubbish bin might
be bad but sure makes the job a lot easier I think. I have to admit this-this way of packing the
van should would save a lot of time. to be honest, I’m surprised that
this woman gets out of her van so she should have taken a leaf from the other guy’s book
and thrown it out. What a waste of energy you
have one job to deliver the mail simple let’s throw it in the bin. this guy has a unique way of delivering the package
to the customer, plus as an added bonus he takes a pee on the side of this blokes house. he might not be the best driver in the world
but I wonder if he can deliver packages on time. well, at least the customer gets the package
that he has ordered. the first rule is to make sure that you don’t
lose any packages. Well this guy has failed that one. the last clip on the top 10 worst delivery
company’s fails I’m not even sure what’s happening here but
it did. Thanks for watching top 10 worst delivery
company’s fails And comment below what your favorite clip
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Norman Bunn


  1. Once one of my post men walked on to the patio then my dog started barking and he yeated the package at our door at least it was only a phone charger (it was fine)

  2. I want to thank the people who stopped the FedEx truck with the back door open.

  3. I send my boyfriend in utah a necklace 4 memory and when it finally got there it was da machine jacked up da envelope and it feel out and went missing

  4. Listed: you have one job deliver the mail simple nah just throw it in the bin


  5. DAT GUY JUST TRYNNA PRACTICE THE 2ND AMENDMENT BOI dont pee on his stuffs lol…

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