The Romanian Vampire – HMHShip US Parcel Forwarding, Customer Review

You are probably thinking, what is this handsome 900 something doing socializing with this crowd of juveniles? The truth is, Vlad has been feeling very young again. I like to go out, dance, meet new characters and sing karaoke. I’ve been feeling like a young bat again Despite spending the last few centuries tucked away in my summer castle, I have become very savvy with the new technologies I said to myself, “why not spend a little cash to freshen things up?” Even though I cant go shopping in the daylight. I ordered a new cape from my favorite tailor in New York. I also got hair gel and toothpaste from my apothecary friend down in New Orleans. Oh, and my new iphone is on its way too. The best part? I had all of my new gear shipped to my HMHShip US address. HMHShip did the rest. They repacked all of my orders into 1 box and shipped it to me right here to my humble castle in Transylvania, Romania. Now, I can live for eternity in peace and still maintain my fresh new looks.

Norman Bunn

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