The Hoop House Saga Ep 2 – Yay! Delivery Day !

There’s the truck that brought the hoop house. Inside were purlins and collar ties… hoop sides and hoop arches… wiggle wire and plastic skin and floor covering… the personnel door… braces and curtain guides… and end curtains and hardware. The pieces were all wrapped together with
cling wrap and the bundles were very heavy. So we backed the tractor up with a boom pole
and a chain and drug everything to the back door of the
trailer. So we hooked it to the boom pole hauled it out of the trailer and moved it into the barn. All of the bow sides, when shrink wrapped
together were so heavy that the boom pole wouldn’t
pick them up. So we had to separate them and haul them one
by one into the barn. When we laid it out on the floor and leaned it up against the wall, it pretty much filled up the entire barn. NOW we could start building! As always, thanks for watching the Itsy Farm
channel. If you’d like to watch more how-to’s, more
product reviews, and how to build a commercial grade hoop house, please subscribe! And don’t forget to thumbs up if you liked
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Norman Bunn


  1. Karl: Nice project and it will look great when you both get it finished. Bernard

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