The Benefits of Cloud-Based Logistics Management – Samsung Cello Cloud

IT technology that becomes the foundation
for strengthening the industrial competitiveness and creating added value in the era of unlimited
global competition! Logistics converging with the latest IT technology
is pushing its domain and limits Samsung SDS (Samsung) Cello Cloud is at the
forefront of the industry Cello is a single platform-based integrated
solution that supports the entire area of supply chain from SCM planning to logistics
execution with Samsung SDS’s (Samsung’s) knowhow of operating global logistics [SaaS] Unlike on-premise solutions, Cello Cloud enables
utilization of distributed resources within supply chain in a virtual system environment You can immediately use it by logging in anytime,
anywhere, enabling you to access the features you need easily and quickly depending on your
work scope Cello Cloud not only manages warehouses and
transport but also provides 3D and virtual warehouse
services and optimizes loading through machine learning and shipping routes, all customized
to your logistics needs [DaaS] Cello Cloud provides you with more visibility
over your entire logistics process with better data accumulated through global logistics BPO Real-time logistics transport information
is shared via securing tracking data through a wide range of channels such as major shipping
companies and airlines across the world Advanced cargo control feature detects immediate
transportation risks in advance and provides the best alternative routes [Analytics] Cello Cloud provides high-quality data analytics
and consulting based on past performance and inventory information Our logistics/SCM data specialists utilize
machine learning based analytics engine Cello Brightics, to forecast your demand with high
accuracy and analyze optimal inventory location and level within supply chain for minimizing
cost. [dPaaS] Lastly, Cello Cloud enables information connection
between institutions and companies and provides a platform for integrated services Cello Cloud significantly minimizes your upfront
IT investment through pay-per-use It is easy to maintain and operate because
of its flexibility in establishing more resources when expanding IT infrastructure in the future Also, specialized functions such as virtual
warehouses and loading optimization can also be purchased through a marketplace of global
cloud vendors Experience Cello Cloud now Cello Cloud offers new standards for future logistics!

Norman Bunn

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