Tesla News Update, UK Bans Gas Car, Go-Ahead For First Delivery Robots!

first we will take a look at Giga Shanghai and assess the impact of the coronavirus on Tesla’s production in
China then everyone is talking about a Twitter poll from Elon so soon a Giga Texas or what then regarding Tesla let’s also take a look at the current status
of full self-driving and their neural net and a patent for a touchscreen
integrated into the steering wheel and apparently soon there will be also a
major update on Neuralink now regarding other very interesting developments the
UK for example wants to ban diesel and gasoline cars by 2035 then the Electrify
america charger network is growing fast and we got the first regulatory approval
in the US for a self-driving delivery van quite some interesting topics this
time so stay tuned Oh God the Tesla stock is crashing
because of the coronavirus the gigafactory standing still and will be
standing still for the whole year the model 3 sales in China will go to zero
because of the virus because all people in China will transform into zombies
because of the evil virus that was released by the umbrella corporation and
we’re all gonna die soon anyway so let’s collectively panic or at least that is
the impression we would get by reading too many clickbait headlines these days
right now the corona virus outbreak certainly it also has had an impact on
the gigafactory shanghai but should we also believe our favorite FUDsters from
CNBC you know the leading FUD news network certainly not of course now
first of all it’s quite funny that a 17% correction after a rise of hundreds of %
is called to crater nowadays and also the last news we have from China is that
the factory has now reopened on Monday the 10th and has started ramping up
production of Models 3s back to the target of 3000 units per week so it seems that
all the doomsday end time fans will have to be disappointed again
poor doomsday people waiting for doomsday since over 6000 years now and it just
keeps getting postponed and postponed so no Tesla sales will not totally break in
in 2020 because of the corona virus in China and we actually go as far as to
say that the corona virus will probably not even leave a small dent in Tesla’s
China sales for 2020 in other news Elon last week made a poll on Twitter asking
people what they think of a GigaFactory in Texas and a large majority
thought that it would be an awesome idea 80 percent were in favor so what’s
behind this strategy why would Elon want to build a new Giga factory in the midst
of the Empire of oil it actually would be a brutally smart move
stabbing forth with sudden unexpected swiftness like a radiant white flame
into the heart of Big Oil drawing away a lot of talented engineers from the dying
oil companies creating a lot of new jobs in the
fast-growing industry sector namely electric cars and renewable energy
helping to accelerate the transition away from oil to sustainability and
don’t forget last but not least Cybertruck as we found out ourselves last year
when we were in Austin and Houston everyone there was driving a pickup
truck everyone like if you are not driving a pickup truck there you are
almost committing a crime like you need a special permit to drive a non pickup
truck there currently tesla is still not allowed to sell cars in Texas with a
Giga factory there Tesla could directly sell their cars in the Lone Star State
and it would open the huge pickup truck market to cybertruck which is
tactically extremely smart so yep accelerating the demise of Big Oil while
at the same time sell a lot of Teslas in Texas sounds like a very good idea
and also the people working on starship at Boca Chica could now arrive there in
style you know talking of style you have to take a look at this fan remake of
Back to the Future with Tesla’s Cybertruck instead of the DeLorean it’s
freaking awesome a must watch for every back to the
future or cybertruck fan link in the description below this video here now
meanwhile as we know Tesla is of course as always ultra busy working on full
self-driving and they will release the feature complete version of full
self-driving sometime in the next few months now Elon has tweeted some further
interesting details on why Tesla has such a huge head start compared to other
car makers and why it’s absolutely clear that Tesla will be the first ones by far
to really reach full self driving in the next years so meaning level 4 autonomy
this is because of constant improvements with their AI neural net learning
machine and the constant acquiring of new talent working on the full
self-driving software algorithms plus Tesla has
by far the largest car fleet of anyone pursuing autonomy with a fleet of almost
1 million cars on the roads and therefore they have just the biggest
amount of data by far and in the race to full self-driving data is king as we
know therefore no one yeah really absolutely no one can come even
close to Tesla regarding full self-driving and we actually really
expect the full self-driving Robotaxi fleet to become a reality within the
next two years at the latest then we have an interesting new patent
application from Tesla showing us touchscreens integrated into the
steering wheel with haptic feedback buttons this is highly interesting and
the drawing here is also very similar to the design sketch which was leaked quite
a while ago on Electrek we are pretty sure that we will see such an interior
design in Teslas in the next one or two years meaning a bezel-less display with
haptic feedback touchscreen controls on the steering wheel then another big
disruption will be happening and you know that our channel is all about
disruptive technologies is of course the brain machine interface we truly
believe it will be a huge new growth market in this decade
along with electric cars cheap space flight and space colonization
biotechnology nanotechnology geoengineering among many others the
list is quite long but the one with the most disruptive potential is of course
AI it’s so disruptive that it could in fact also disrupt us in a very very
unpleasant way as we were warned time and time again in countless movies some
of which were actually excellent others mmm not so much
so Elon announced on Twitter that soon we can see new details on the neuralink
brain machine interface which he showed us last year and he says that the new iteration will be much more advanced this is really intriguing
and we cannot wait to learn more about it now in other very good news the UK
has decided to ban diesel and gasoline cars by 2035 and so joins a growing and
growing list of countries in which diesel and gasoline cars will be banned
in the next 10 to 20 years now of course Norway is as always leading the charge
with a ban already by 2025 but many other countries follow closely with a
ban already by 2030 now the funny thing is that it probably won’t even be
necessary anymore let us explain now we time and time again reiterate that by
2022 2023 at the latest it will be cheaper to produce an electric car than
a gasoline car and when that moment comes an extremely fast shift or flip
will happen so that gasoline or diesel cars won’t even be produced anymore by
2030 so you won’t even be able to buy them anymore by that year so this is
time and time again what many people fail to realize because we’re talking
about exponential growth here this is how disruption works it’s exponential
growth not linear growth that’s why electric car adoption will go really
insane this decade and by 2030 fossil cars will seem like a dark and
distant memory now they won’t vanish completely of course because we still
have horses around right so you will still be able to have them as old timers
or as a collector’s item you know for sentimental value basically and in
developing countries of course they will be around longer but still the death of
the gasoline and diesel car is a fact it’s a done deal not because all
countries will ban them by 2030 or 2035 but no because of simple economics then
the Electrify America charging network seems to be growing they announced last
week that they will be opening their 400th charging station it’s the closest rival
to the supercharger network so far the US alternative fuels data center lists Tesla as having 756 supercharger locations in
the US so one could think that this is not much more than Electrify America but
wait wait Tesla has 7264 charging stalls
compared to electrify America with only 1776 stalls wow what a patriotic number of charging
stalls Electrify America really deserves to have America in its company’s name
remember that Electrify America was established under a provision of the
Volkswagen diesel settlement now let’s just hope that they won’t go the same
way as Ionity because just a few weeks ago Ionity decided to raise their prices to an insane 79 cent per kilowatt hour
so let’s hope that electrify America’s prices will remain reasonable which they
currently still are even though the prices are based on time unit not
kilowatt hours the company says it hopes to have 800 charging stations
by December 2021 by the way Tesla now already has 1784 superchargers worldwide but it’s a good sign that now we are getting
more and more charging options however we don’t think that anyone would be able
to catch up with Tesla’s supercharger network regarding density and ease of
use in the next years or ever for that matter and then we’d like to mention a
really amazing development regarding the regulatory approval of fully autonomous
vehicles the Silicon Valley startup Nuro has received regulatory approval
from the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA to deploy
5,000 of their driverless delivery vehicles in US cities now apparently
Houston will be the first city to have a fleet of R2s as the driverless
delivery robot is called with a friendly nod over to Star Wars in corporation with Walmart and Domino’s Pizza now this is an extremely important step
forward regulatory wise for autonomous vehicles of any kind so we hope that
next time we visit Texas we can drive the cybertruck visit the GigaFactory in Houston or Gigafactory Austin or Giga Dallas wear
some cool cowboy hats and of course cowboy shoes as is absolutely customary
in Texas and order a pizza and get it directly delivered with a Nuro R2 amazing times dear viewers in which we live amazing times and it seems that
a lot of cool stuff will be happening in Texas which is freaking awesome because
we really liked it there the last time we have to say and all these rapid
disruptions happening at such a pace right now now Jixuan and me we are of
the opinion that you will not be able to recognize the world in 2030 anymore we
think that the technological changes which will happen from this year so
2020 until 2030 will be much larger than the changes that occurred from 1980
until 2020 or even from 1970 until 2020 and in a very large part thanks to Elon Musk and his amazing disruptive companies Tesla and SpaceX who have now
started again this rapid era of change and rapid era of innovation that will
unfold now in the next decades so do you really think we’ll see a Giga Factory in
Texas or did Elon just jest this jolly old fellow and do you agree with us that
by 2030 gasoline and diesel cars will have died out anyways so no ban is even
necessary and if you’re new to this channel we upload two videos per week on
electric cars space flight and also many other disruptive technologies so then be
sure to subscribe and turn on the notification bell and then I would say
see you next time

Norman Bunn


  1. Poor Jixuan i bet people avoid her on the street because they think she is from China

  2. I love the Media's FUD because it provokes short selling which in turn provokes massive losses to shorters. More FUD please : ) it tricks the idiots, and will keep tricking them until they have nothing left to bet with.

  3. I really enjoy your videos you both are so good at it thanks for all the updates

  4. Thanks a lot for turning on the show🤗 So do you agree with us that gas cars will vanish in the 2030s, so no ban is actually necessary? And if you live in the US, have you ever used a charger from Electrify America? We're really curious to know😃
    If you'd like to help this channel to grow, we would really appreciate if you would share this video with your friends🤗

  5. Coronavirus is good for Tesla. With entire economies shutdown automation will be the thing we look to save us.

    Vertical integration and hi automation is a tech-preppers dream.

    Chaos is a ladder.

    If we can use neuralink to regulate immune response even something simple like keeping a fever from being deadly, we will need vastly fewer hospital beds.

    If we can use openai to quickly developed treatments or even a cure, that's possibly billions saved.

    The best thing to prevent panic is communication. Starlink means nobody has to die alone. The value of hope cannot be calculated. Well connectivity is a poor substitute for socializing, it's still something people can take comfort in. Calm the social animal, prevent panic.

    Not to be a cruel capitalist, but another silver lining is going to be the enormous profits. From the ashes as a phoenix. 🤑🤑🤑

  6. Wow it is incredible how insightful this episode is, I'll have to see it twice. Hm how will the world look without smoking cars and chimneys, and instead tunnels and self-driving EV's and starships and VTOL airplanes plus a fancy brain mod? It'll be great, for sure.

  7. Maybe Elon can make pumps for the oil wells! The UK will only "Ban" the sale of NEW CARS in 2035, look for the used gasoline car market to be quite robust.

  8. Humm. ..
    Elon = Bullet, "ZIP!"
    World = Gun, "Hey! Wait for ME!"
    (snicker) Yep, this man, (If he IS a human), has kicked the Entire World in the Butt and got us all going again as it should have been all the long.
    Elon has done so much in such a short time. . . You could take all the inventors and scientists in the world over the last 100 years, and the total of that is incomparable to what this ONE man has realized and put forward in the last decade. Besides, I have never witnessed anyone who has had all barriers and governments fall and lay way to his drive forward into the future. Everything he wants and asks for, people of all stations seem to trip over them selves trying to assist his endeavors. . .

    Something appears to be happening at a very high level which is anything but normal operations.
    It feels like I'm living in some sort of cheezy `50's style, SiFy paperback short story. (Buck Rogers, you just got your cute little boots completely blown away!)

  9. I hope "Giga-Texas" will be in Austin, and that it produces only Cybertrucks and Tesla-semis. Like the "China Teslas", we could call all the trucks "Texas Teslas".

  10. If Elon is asking the public a question about building another giga factory, then he already made up his mind on building one.

    2020 and forward will be the next technology revolution.

  11. Hey guys, ni hao mah! Elon said on the Rogan show that even after ICE cars aren't being sold (if demand falls to zero), that they would still be around for about 25 years. It could happen by 2030 b/c the cost savings of EVs are so advantageous (+ the appeal of EVs too of course). I suppose that's why Tesla is planning economy versions in Giga Shanghai, which could be introduced in other countries too. As you say, there really won't be any reason to keep our old ICE cars except sentimental reasons. It's amazing how fast this transition is happening! 😯

    I think Giga Texas will happen. It's good to win over a state that might otherwise try to slow the changeover. I was worried Dems in Congress might try to pass a bill placing a temporary moratorium on autonomous EVs, or on Starlink satellites being switched on. Politicians often try to thwart new tech that threatens existing industries. So it's great to hear autonomous delivery vehicles have already been approved in Texas (& other states soon). I wonder if other Gigafactories may be planned for the US northwest, southern Europe, Canada?, India…

    All the best!

  12. Tanslation from Texas: Cowboy shoes = Boots. Lol .. Love you both! When you come back this way, we'll get you fixed up.

  13. I´m a bit puzzled. How could Nuro get the approval to test up to 5000 vehicles in cities? One would assume that made a real big breakthrough in autonomous driving. Better than Waymo and Tesla! But that is seemingly not the case. Instead these vehicles are deemed safer because no human is driving inside…
    After what I have seen, it seems safe to assume that the Nuro is a slow moving vehicle that uses geofencing and will stop for anything that might cross its path…which brings up the question whether they will need specific lanes on the street…

  14. I don't understand, how would a Giga Factory in Texas circumvent the dealership laws?

  15. A Starship gigafactory and a Cybertruck gigafactory in Texas. Sounds great to me! I've been thinking a lot about Starlink lately. One of the prerequisites for Starlink to work is uplink/downlink stations on the ground. That is the reason that North America will receive Starlink service first. SpaceX has to place ground based terminals to exchange data with the satellites and connect to the existing internet. I wonder if SpaceX installed Starlink terminals at Tesla super-chargers that connect to the ground based internet, would that be enough to make the system work? Once they have laser communication between satellites the use of ground based up/downlink stations won't be AS important. But in the mean time, for this first generation of Starlink, I think this could be a solution and also a source of supplemental income to Tesla. There's also a hypothesis that SpaceX may actually use consumer's ground terminal to bounce traffic between satellites as well. Anyway, I completely agree with you that gasoline cars will be obsolete soon, certainly by the 30's.

  16. I definitely could see a lot of electrics by 2030, but I don't know if fueled cars will be gone. Electrics still suffer from a serious last mile problem in charging, and current batteries don't handle winter well unless you have a heated garage from what I've seen. Lots of urbanites with only street parking or rural folk are in trouble. But for a suburban commuter, an electric might be worthwhile. There also resiliency advantages if your house is capable of charging an electric vehicle. Anything farm or wilderness I'd much rather gas-powered right now, Tesla's just can't go off-road, and currently really fall apart range wise when towing heavy loads.

    I bought an e-bike 2 years ago because I wanted an alternative transport, but this winter the battery has totally stopped charging and I'm out of luck if I want to use it – finding a repair shop is proving very difficult, and a replacement isn't easy to find (or cheap either). Kind of putting me off an electric car, though they are well out of the range I'd be comfortable with (maybe $10k). We also have no real data on what a used market or repair system would look like at scale. The 2020's will definitely be a decade of great disruption.

  17. New gigafactory in Texas? Cybertruck metal wouldn't have to be shipped so far, from Boca Chica! Suggestion for new name: "Disruption Magnified!"

  18. 1:45 Yeah… Sorry, can't see a crater there. The main problem for the media today is the internet. We can check what they say and don't need to take their word at face value.

  19. Your right again – exponential tech should make the 2020's an awesome time to live through. 2040 tech singularity? And if a GIGA factory in Texas gives Elon a way into that state why not!.. POTAS was singing Elon's praises recently, saying the US must protect its geniuses and he hoped more US jobs would be created, and suddenly – voila! …and then if SLS could just be dropped in favour of Starship, wouldn't that be a great deal?!

  20. 0:15
    El Capitan, probably 400 miles from GF Texas, but in Texas (It’s a big state)

  21. 7:50 Btw someone might be interested in that chart:

  22. I don't think we'll have to wait till 2030. By bet is 2023, maybe even earlier. There are many more factors that will help the transition to EV's.More and more legacy car companies will go bankrupt, dealers will close, gas stations will close. That's what they call disruptive, the entire industry will collapse. The tipping point will not be the battery price, I think, but the perception of the larger public. Now it is just us, a bunch of early adopters. But in one or two years a gasoline or diesel car is just uncool.

  23. 9:55 Something like gas stations is the way to go. Everybody can start and run a charging station, even supermarkets and malls etc. And there should be only ONE standard connector, which can be used for every single EV brand. The free market will take care of the rest.

  24. Thinking about gigafactory for starships. How many “components” do you suppose starship has? Maybe 15-20 structural sub assemblies (triple ring segments, thrust dome, header tank, nose cone, etc). Then you have the engines, flaps, flap drive system, batteries, electronics and sensors package….well it’s not hard to see how they will have teams working on each of these components and producing them 24/7. Stuff it in the VAB and out pops a starship. Then you expand each of the teams making components so your doubling and then double again. Lots and lots of starships.

  25. Another great show. A gigafactory in Texas would be a great idea and I think he is serious about doing it. I've been telling folks that the electric will be predominant before the end of the decade and auto-driving will gradually take over for safety reasons. If he gets that neurolink done and there is some factor of safety with the process, I might put myself up for a guinea pig and try it out. I might even go for uploading my "consciousness" for grins and giggles. Charging networks other than Tesla will have to bring their prices down if no one uses them, and the more of them Tesla puts out, the less need there is to use anyone else's.
    Thanks for the upload.

  26. Someone are getting their prefixes wrong. All they talk about is their Giga factory,

    which is hardly a Mega factory at best. The new Starship facility is just a Kilo factory.

    But most boys are exaggerating about the size … of their rocket, or what?

  27. 13:34 Yep. This is the future:
    and maybe this too:

  28. Given the rapid changes coming along in all fields of technology i would not rule anything out. Giga factory in Texas? Sure, eventually. Gasoline cars extinct by 2035? Not entirely but not long after. Driverless cars? Not for everyone but I can see a strong market for them.

  29. Great show. The ICE will be around a while because poor people like me will not be able to afford NICE cars until they are about 10 years old;-(. I hope that new ones will all be efficient electric by then. Hopefully batteries and capacitor research does not let us down. We need them now. Love you two, go Elon. Keep it up.

  30. Taxes and labor are cheaper in Texas than California, believe that Tesla will make a gigafactory there. Also believe that starship manufacturing will not be moved to California but Los Angeles spacex site will be made into a spaceport. Along with New York city, London, Dubai, Beijing, Sydney, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Moscow and a few other large cities

  31. What will be the first Guys implanted the N1 Brain Chip Elon himself and all of the Tesla and Spacex workers, after some years he has the data and can produce the androids one Elon Android and the others to colonize the Mars muahahahaa…and one time every human has it's own mirror android who knows evcerything about you and what you will do next. this is not fantasie it will happen in the next decades.

  32. @12:20 Cowboy … Shoes? Never, ever, ever, ever call them Cowboy Shoes… (Unless you're suicidal. ) They're Cowboy Boots, pawdner. Get that into your heads. Cowboy Boots!

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