Surf Session #291 In the Pit @ Sandy Beach

>>Tom e Stokes: This show is brought to you
by the following sponsors and HSSR members. Mahalo! [music]>>Tom e Stokes: Welcome back to the Hawaii
Surf Session Report. I’m your host tom e stokes and it’s time for a great surf session out
here at Sandy Beach. But we’re not going to stay on the beach,
we’re going to get wet today and get in the water and take it on the head for you the
viewer so we can get some killer shots. A lot of people ask me, “Do you even get in
the water?”. Heck yeah I do! And look at this. This is me getting tackled by the waves at
Sandy Beach. All of this is real time. And all this blackness is of me being bounced
around on the bottom. Then i pop up and i am like, “Whoa here comes
another one”! But i do it all for shot like this, for you,
the viewer. Now we got some great music coming up here
for you today. Even though this is a love song, let’s just
image that when he says she, he’s talking about the waves. Because she is beautiful today. Enjoy! [music] [pause]>>Tom e Stokes: As we get close to wrapping
this up. You may be wondering, “How come all of the
shots are not all that?” Well it’s because i kind of wanted to include
all of the shots even if they are o.k. shots. Because these local braddahs were so cool
to me while i was in the water and i want to return the favor to them and try to get
the waves on the show. Look at that! It’s 12:30, which means i have been the water
for about an hour. That’s enough footage for this show. I hope you enjoyed it. The music is brought to us today by New Hippie
Mafia It’s a big island band, Steve Seva is fronting
the band Steve has been with the show for quite a while. Remember to support the bands that support
this show. [pause]>>tom e stokes: Now there are two ways to
stay tuned and stay stoked. It’s a new surf show with me and my buddy
Pete, it’s THAT SURF SHOW. Subscribe on iTunes and follow on Twitter. [pause] Our HSSR Waves of the Day, three of them. Look at that one go by. I really like that
one. Right in the sandy pit. And here comes another one where he has his
hand dragging through the water. Then there is this one where we got a great
behind the wave shot. So now it’s up to you. Is it Wave #1, Wave
#2 or Wave #3? [pause] Tiki Taco Tuesday is the longest running party
in Waikiki. At Tiki’s Grill and Bar. Starting at Five. Brought to you by Kona Brewing Co., Skyy Vodka
and Sauza Tequila [pause] For my parting shot today, I thought I would
show you what it looks like when i lose my sunglasses in the ocean and search all across
the floor. Maybe you would like to contribute to the
show so i can buy a new pair of sunglasses. I want to Thank you the viewer for downloading
and watching the greatest surf show not on T.V. I’m your host, tom e stokes saying Aloha Aw-right

Norman Bunn


  1. @lindasstepdaughter Right on. Thanks for the kind comment and glad you dig the music.

  2. @AmericanCritiquer Thanks! I am sure with all that salt, your taste buds were wondering when the lime and tequila shot would come next.

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