Super Mario’s Pizza Delivery aka A Night in Silent Hill

it’s me Mario yeah excellent I’m a tired are you sure you
can get home this way yes I’ve driven through here many times Wow
that’s was crazy I think I need to go pea all finished let’s go I’m too scared
to get back in the car I need pizza! hi there can you deliver a
pizza to Silent Hill cash on delivery Yes! Boom! One pepperoni pizza coming up How are we going to pay for the pizza? I
left my purse in my other pants Don’t worry I have a cunning plan works every time yay
Free Pizza! The best things in life are free hey who ordered the ghost chili on this Pizza? that I would be my slice of pizza thank you for watching my video I really
hope you enjoyed it please like comment and subscribe
roses are red Pizza’s not blue this vid is great and he’ll smell of you.

Norman Bunn


  1. Lol! Awesome! 😁 2 thumbs up!!! 👍😂👍

  2. Uh…It's too…strange…uh…I…cant…understand…I…uh…

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