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(upbeat music) – Well, thanks for joining us on stage. – Thanks for having me here. – Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Do you mind telling me a
little bit about yourself and the company? – Sure. My name is Aleks, I’m a
co-founder of Stormly. It’s an AI powered analytics platform, that works as a data consultant. So, it’s unique because we work
on the concept of templates. Each template is like a black box and it consists of bunch of AI elements. So, let’s say you have a
E-commerce product like a webshop. So all you have to do is
enter our marketplace, pick one of the templates that are based on a
specific business case, so for example a shopping cart abandonment or a (mumbles). And then after uploading your data this system is giving you
automatically insights about your product. – So what kind of insights
are we talking about? Let’s say that I have a web shop like you were talking about, and I was selling jewelry, that I make or something like that. Is it like, well this
isn’t selling very well, and this is, or this tends
to sell in this season. What kind of insights would I be getting? – For example, I think for
Spotify it used to be that if people listen to five songs they’re most likely to
buy a premium package. Basing on this results you can
automatically build a model that will recommend the
products that your customers are most likely to buy. Like realtime on your website. So there’s a lot of functionalities, it is quite flexible also, what kind of template you want and so on. And most importantly most of the actions that currently you have to do manually with other products like
Mixpanel or Google Analytics, they’re automated, so you save
a lot of time and also money. – Yeah, I was going to
say ’cause there are lots of companies that are using AI to provide this kind of analytics service and that kind of insight, so
how do you set yourself apart? By automating more, making
it easier to access? – I think our uniqueness
is also that actually, we’re a very big product at the moment. We didn’t follow the fashionably
start-up way to do it. So, find a small
functionality and release it, we actually built a big product, because we think this is the only way to compete with the biggest
players in the market. What’s so special about us, is that actually you can
ditch all the other platforms and use only this one, so all the small functionalities
of other platforms are accumulated in Stormly, and also, most of the things
that you have to do manually in other platforms are automated. I think that is most important. – Well, thanks for joining us here today. Sounds great.
– Thanks so much.

Norman Bunn

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