SmartDraft Parcel Tools: Closure Reports

this is a demonstration of the Smartdraft create reports command which is a parcel tool found in the
smartdraft suite and smartdraft survey products this
command can be used to create area enclosure reports or legal
descriptions from civil 3d and smartdraft parcels I’ll open a civil 3d drawing which
already has defined 58 lots one open space and four Street
right aways is in a site called wilsey Park so if we were to open up the sites we’ll see
wilsey park and under Parcells all the Lots the open space lot and the four rows that are inside this
project to start the command we go to the parcel’s panel on the smartdraft ribbon select this
icon or type PRR at the command prompt in the create reports dialog box first option is to select either
smartdraft parcels or civil 3d parcels in this drawing
there are no smartdraft parcels so we’ll stay with what is pre-selected
civil 3d parcels if there are multiple sites they will
all be listed in the sights dropdown we only have one
wilsey park in the display box you will see all the available parcels listed you
can either individually select them holding down command or shift and
select individual or select the all button to select
all the parcels within this project once one or more of the particles have been
selected the operator has an option to create one of three reports from the selected
parcels either area this creates a report of the parcels
name square footage or meters acres
or vectors and the perimeter the closure button is used to create a closure report for
the selected parcels and the legal button is used to create
a legal description for the selected parcels let’s look at
the area report first in the area report options there is an option to include a company name or not a
report name a project number: a project name the
author or creator and you want to include today’s date in the output options you have two
formats text or comma delimited so that you can
important that into XL for the feet and acres there are prefixes that you can add or
suffixes you can modify the decimal precision
of the feet and acres and the decimal precision of the premimetervalue if you would like your report to have all text uppercase check the box all text uppercase in civil 3d and SmartDraft you’re allowed
to put a description with each parcel so if you want to include
any entered descriptions check the include parcel descriptions
option and if at the end you would like a total
of all the selected parcels select the include totals for selected
parcels lets view this report and you’ll see it has parcel name, the Perimeter the area in square footage and in acres
in this particular case and as we browse to the end you see that
it has the totall area of the parcels selected both in the square units that we have and
acres or Vector’s let’s look at one more format the comma delimited format if we exclude all the header information and we view this
report this file could now be saved off and
imported in to the spreadsheet through comma delimited
format so now I will cancel out the area report options and let’s look at
the closure report options so we start the command again going to
the parcel’s panel selecting this icon I’ll select all of the parcels select the closure button here again in the header we have the option to include the same
items with one addition each Traverse or
closure can be printed on a new page if you
select this option there are two output formats a smartdraft format and an autodesk
format the one that looks much like land desktop and/or the analysis that is
inside civil 3d there are closure methods bearing and core data or by Bearing, radius and Delta when it
comes to printing off linear information you can
change the linear precision when its showing feet or meters you can
change that precision acres that precision and any
suffix that are added to those items there is a angular format degrees with the degrees minutes seconds symbol degrees minutes seconds but the
dash between them or degrees minutes seconds without any
degrees minutes seconds symbols you can change the
angular precision and you can change the coordinate precision if you want all the text to be upper case
again select this button including any descriptions entered you
check in this box if you want additional spaces
between each course select include space between each course if you want the total of all the parcels when you’re done check this box and a
new option include point numbers if you check this
option it will ask you to specify where the point information will
come from either the survey data base in this
particular case there isn’t one open points in the drawing and then you can use group selection type arrange so because we do have include points
when we say view it’s going to ask us if we want to select all, range, group, layer I’m just going to select all, then as it
generates the closure information for each one of
those parcels you will see for parcel 1 you have the course information the
coordinate and the point number course information
for the radius going in the point number the arc information the radius going out and so on so forth for each course and for your
closure the bearing the distance for that the
total area of that parcel both in square units and acres the perimeter and the precision of the closure and
it will do this for each one of the parcels and then when you get to the end it
gives you a total of all of the area’s that you did closures for if you want to print
this report off or save it to a file you can do so by
selecting the appropriate button now let’s do one more
demonstration start the command again this time we will select one lot go to legal description again all the same
header information there are a bunch of different styles
you can have preambles post ambles going into the legal description style manager and set those up here
we’re just going to use the default again setting your suffixes to various information precision information decimal precision the angular printout degrees minutes
seconds written out you want it to have just the symbol, a dash
between them or no symbol what precision it’s gonna be when it comes to direction do you want
the whole word north south east and west written or just the first letter of those directions when it writes curve information do you want it to
have the word left and right in front of it or do you want to have concave direction when it comes to curve data do you want it to do radials non tangent radials all or do you want it to have core data
when its doing numbering do you want to have these various numbering Methods again between each course do you want additional spaces so that
their is information in between each course you
want the whole report to be uppercase and do you want to include the description that was entered in through Civil 3D or
smartdraft lets view this report in here you have the closure using the default style and we can close out of this information you want to print or save that to a
file you can do so by clicking either the print or Save button i’ll close-out the legal description report
options this concludes our demonstration of the
create reports command in smartdraft thank you

Norman Bunn

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