Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition Ship. What You Need To Know Before Cruising

You’re about to discover everything you need to
know about Silversea Silver Cloud Expedition cruise ship. I’m Gary
Bembridge, and this is another of my tips for travellers. I’m currently onboard the
Silver Cloud, and I will take you on a tour and review the ship and tell you
what I thought of all the different aspects of the ship. The Silver Cloud was
originally built in 1994. It was converted in 2017 from a cruise ship
into an exhibition ship. It became an ice class 1C, which means its hull was
strengthened so it can push through some sea ice. It has seven passenger decks, 212
crew and in the polar regions it takes 240 Passengers. It is a pretty fast ship, which
is important for things like traversing the notoriously troublesome
Drake Passage between Ushuaia and Antarctica. During my time on board the
Silver Cloud, I came to really love this ship. When I first boarded, my initial
reaction was I thought it looked a little bit dated, but I came to appreciate the look, feel and design of the ship.
I found the decor really appropriate as it’s not modern, brash
and glitzy and works really well, I think, with expedition
cruising. In terms of choice of facilities, the ship has a lot
to offer especially for an expedition ship. Let’s take a look at the main
facilities. Silver Cloud has a wide choice for an expedition ship of
dining, actually 5 dining options altogether. The main one is the
Restaurant, that’s the main dining room. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner
and, of course, it is a waiter served restaurant. Great food down here, and
whether you want to table for two, even a table for one or larger table
they have enough space to cater for all of those different needs. The second most
popular dining option is La Terrazza which is up on deck 8.
During breakfast and lunch it’s a buffet, and in the evening it becomes an Italian
restaurant. You have to make reservations for that and it is included
within the fare, but you do have to make reservations. It is very popular with really
good Italian food. On deck 8 is the Grill, and this is an open-air dining
space on the pool deck. It’s surprisingly popular, even in the cold
of Antarctica. During the day it serves informal food, it has lunch of things like burgers and hot dogs. At night it
becomes the place where they serve the service Silversea Hot Rocks, which are
the volcanic lava rocks where you cook your own meat, fish or vegetables. It’s
really good fun being out there when it’s really cold and blustery outside
wrapped up and having the Hot Rocks experience. It is really popular. The
only restaurant which does have a charge is La Dame. La Dame is the premium
prestige dining experience across most of the Silversea ships. The last dining
option is 24-hour room service with breakfast, lunch, midnight snacks and
also during evening you can also order from the main dining
room menu. There’s a lot of choice of dining options. The one thing which they
don’t really have is, because there’s no buffet option in the evening, if you do
want something ready just quick and fast your only real option is room service. I
did it a couple of times because I didn’t want to go and do a whole
sit-down meal after a day exploring. Let’s take a look at bars and lounges,
and there are a number of these. First of all up on deck 9 you have Tor’s
Observation Lounge which is right in the front of the ship. it’s a magnificent
place and overlooks the bow of the ship. It is fantastic, particularly on
expeditions, when you’re sailing through very scenic parts of the world. It’s a
great space and often the expedition crew will be based in
here and they’ll be able to provide commentary about what you’re seeing.
Down on Deck 8 is the Panorama Lounge. This is where you have early riser
breakfasts and teas and coffees in here all day. In warmer climates you
can also sit outside. Just off there is the smokers’ lounge. Particularly because in some places it’s too cold to go out and smoke on deck, Silver Cloud
has its own smoking lounge just off the Panorama Lounge. In warmer climates,
although to be honest even in cold climates, the Pool Bar is open pretty
much during the day into the evening. The nicest bar, in my view, especially in the
evening if you are looking to have a cocktail before or after dinner Is Dolce
Vita, which is on deck 7. In the evenings they normally have a duo
playing and performing live music. In terms of entertainment, being an
exploration ship, there is not a lot of laid on
entertainment. Saying that, you do have the Explorers lounge where you have
all your briefings and expedition lectures. The main focus of
entertainment is enrichment. The expedition team, of which there can
be up to 28 people, ranging from historians to botanists to experts in
birds and wildlife and they hold briefings every day and give lots of
different talks. There’s no production shows and it’s very much enrichment focused, and that really happens in the Explorers
lounge. What about other facilities? One things that I really
loved is the Photo Studio. The Photo Studio is fantastic. They have loads of
machines, both Mac based and PC based and on those machines you have programs like
Lightroom and Photoshop. During the course of the cruise you can go down
there with your SD cards and you can work on your photographs and you can also print those out. There is a charge to
print those out. The other thing which they do is offer a range of free
and paid for training sessions. You can learn how to use Lightroom, go on
one-to-one photography tuition or go on group classes. It’s a really
great initiative. In terms of other facilities, while they have the usual
things you would expect, they have a fitness centre, a pretty big fitness centre considering the size of the ship. A Spa, of course, with a Beauty Center and the usual spa treatments. They also
have a small library, which is actually pretty well stocked. There’s also a free-to-use guest laundry. Then the Mud Room where you keep all your
boots, where you get ready and come back from expeditions. Being an expedition
ship it also has 18 zodiacs to take people out on the various excursions ,and
also it has 10 kayaks. I know they are trying to increase the amount of
kayaks they have because it’s incredibly popular. Let’s talk about
accommodation. The main type of cabin, or should I say suite, on board Silver
Cloud is what I’m in here – which is the veranda or the balcony suite. I like it
a huge amount. I think particularly if you’re going on an Expedition, especially to places
like the Arctic or Antarctica, having a veranda cabin is fantastic because there
might be things like whales passing by or incredible scenery and I found it great that I could just go on the balcony
and take great pictures or video. The vast majority are these veranda
cabins and, as you can see, really nice with comfortable beds, really nice
bathroom with a nice big shower. They do have more
premium Suites as well Owners suites, Medallion suites, Silver Suites which are
much bigger but the main type of cabin is this one that I’m in. Built originally
as a classic cruise ship the Silver Cloud was converted in 2017 into an
expedition ship and, as I’ve mentioned earlier, my first impressions when
I came aboard is I thought maybe it was a little bit dated. However, I came to
really appreciate the look and feel of the ship because I felt it tied
beautifully with the expedition process. It wasn’t glitzy and modern. It really
fitted in with a classic and historic sense of going on an
expedition. The accommodation itself was incredibly comfortable. I loved my suite.
I loved the beds. I loved the space and really appreciated the bathroom
with a nice big shower. There’s a surprisingly large amount of
choice in terms of dining options and bars considering this is an expedition cruise and probably the only niggle out of everything was that
in the evenings if you want to have something quick and fast, your only real
option was have room service, because there was no quick and fast
option. The Silver Cloud expedition cruise ship is a great ship. I really liked it. I can
see why so many people are so passionate about the ship. So many people I know
really love this ship and it is a great ship to do an expedition cruise on. If
you’re considering going to Antarctica and you’ve got to go through Drake Passage,
this ship is very fast and it can actually deal with waves pretty well.
It’s a really good ship. Hopefully, you found that helpful and has helped you decide
if Silver Cloud is the right ship for you if you’re thinking of going on
an expedition and thinking of an expedition with Silversea. I’d love it
if you watch many more of my Tips For Travellers videos, they’re designed to
help you make more of your precious travel time money whether it’s on land, on sea or on rivers.

Norman Bunn


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