Scalise: Trump dominates on delivering for the people, Pelosi becomes unhinged

Norman Bunn


  1. So, more propaganda from the Russian state TV. What are u guys going to do when your viewers get even older and are mostly in nursing homes. Don’t count on millennials watching your network. Try being a real news organization and u will get more ppl to watch.


  3. You have to admit, that was funny as hell when Nancy tore up those pack of lies😂😂😂

  4. Is this what passes for News now?

    This low-brow, sycophantic, jingoistic bellowing? I find FOX hosts deliver inaccurate information too often.

    Usually out of context, with convenient omissions with an uncouth tone that is at least 20 decibels too high.

    What a joke of a station. Whomever draws their information from this well is poisoned upon contact.

  5. There will be a Trump in office for the next 12 years Donald Trump Jr is next fantastic let's keep the ball rolling Democrats were kicking him out of the country

  6. When Trump when he will go after all the deadbeat Democrats and prosecute them all starting with pelosi

  7. Has trump and GOP started to build Concentration Camps in the U.S. or Russia to House their political opponents, minorities and immigrants? ?

  8. There are more good judges in the courts now and the swamp is bring drained…the deep state no longer has their fellow corrupt to cover their backs and bury things. I cant wait til all 150k indictments are served. New sheriff In town with deputies who love the law and constitution! PTL!!!

  9. Persons elected to Congress with the Votes of Illegal Aliens are NOT LEGITIMATE MEMBERS OF CONGRESS. This includes Nancy
    Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, Zoe Lofgren, and other Democrats from "Sanctuary States" that promote voting by persons entering the U.S.
    illegally. These members of Congress OPENLY support Illegal Entry into the U.S. and voting rights for illegal aliens. Therefore, it is
    entirely reasonable to suppose that their elections to Congress resulted from illegal voting by illegal aliens. Illegal Voters = Illegal Congress

  10. Remember Trump was elected by the people, most are inland!
    Most certainly not the DC crowd, lets not be acting in that realm. Rather if any leaning there and with many other conservatives it was to simply follow suit. But to assume the majority of DC republicans and for that matter conservatives in the typical are and continuously behind Trump, they will dam sure have to show their cards in public! With issues made permanent in this government, like legal and illegal immigration for starters. Yes its time to make a change and get some work done, its long over due. Especially before you start promising Again!!!
    Term limits for all of Congress

    Go Trump 2020

  11. Everyone forgets Trump is so rich he doesn't have to work, but he does WORK for America !! Very few people could accomplish what he has. Can you see Nancy Pelosi, Warren and Sanders working for NOTHING?

  12. Masonic show of the left and right Freemason Masonic order To justify the man of sin as if he is righteous when he is wicked Working with the power of Satan that filthy Beast little horn Trump man of sin Son of Perdition. They who justify the unrighteous as if they are righteous. Both are an Abomination to the Lord God Almighty Lucifer has fallen and the nation have fallen for the craft of Lucifer. Masonic Lodge in every nation of Darkness bringing in their Messianic Antichrist filthy Beast little horn Trump Congregation of the wicked Who build for the kingdom of antichrist and not for the kingdom of heaven All these nations of Darkness will be broken and consumed forevermore. Only the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ will be forever the New Jerusalem the kingdom not made by hands Kingdom of the spirit kingdom of righteousness having one entrance only through our Lord Jesus Christ Therefore let no man deceive you. Seek the Kingdom of Heaven of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  13. Our Only Hope and Faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ and in his Heavenly Kingdom not in this filthy Beast little horn Trump man of saying Son of Perdition left and right Freemason Masonic show to justify the man of sin as if he is righteous when he is wicked.

  14. Jesus Christ is Messiah follow the Good Shepherd our Lord Jesus Christ. Do not follow this filthy Beast little horn Trump man. I'm seeing Son of Perdition or that Idol Shepherd Pope and all the congregation of the wicked of the left and right that build for the kingdom of antichrist and not for the Kingdom of Heaven Masonic Lodge in every nation of Darkness Lucifer has fallen and the Nations have fallen for the craft of Lucifer.

  15. They who have laid down the foundation of fraud in the every nation of Darkness Their Kingdoms of Darkness shall come to nothing thrown down and consumed forevermore

  16. Military men and women stop working for the military Beast system everyone from around the world stopped working for these filthy Dogs come out from among them and serve the Lord Jesus Christ of Heaven. Remember they will war against Christ only to be defeated by the mighty king of glory. Therefore serve the Lord Jesus Christ and live. He is Messiah and there is no other Trump is a filthy dog Liar and deceiver for the kingdom of antichrist Along with that Idol Shepherd Pope and all the congregation of the wicked of the left and right Freemason Masonic order. Masonic Lodge in every nation of Darkness Lucifer has fallen and the Nations have fallen for the craft of Lucifer.

  17. The Beast little horn Trump is just another beast working for the idol shepherd Pope that represents the dragon and sits on the throne of Satan congregation of the wicked who build for the kingdom of antichrist and not for the kingdom of Heaven

  18. SAFT Save America Fire. DT dictator trump will be removed from America at the voting booth

  19. News flash- the president was impeached so, no, he did not beat it. The only thing trump does for the people is spend their money in careless and aggrandizing ways while he putters around on the golf course.

  20. Delivering what? I thought this fool got shot! Kids die , the evil survive! The evil racist bastard should not hold office!!

  21. This is because at the right to life on on January 22nd by President Trump declared that all unborn babies were constitutional people God in his Mercy God and his righteousness gives to those who give truth back especially when somebody is the president of the United States and anointed by God to lead a people and this man is leading people and God knew it from a long time ago from at least at least 19 1980 it is been it's been written it has been written that that's that's Donald Donald Trump would be would be president God this is God's man and God will take care of him Alleluia and God will take care of us out an Ouya thank you

  22. Scalise is just another Trump scumbag. How about health care, how about HR3 setting on Moscow Mitch's desk.

  23. Facts Trump supporters do not like:

    Job Growth:
    Trumps first 36 months in office – 6.6 million jobs created.
    Obama's last 36 months in office – 8.1 million jobs created.

    GDP growth:
    Trumps first 11 quarters in office – 2.58% average quarterly growth
    Obama's last 11 quarters in office – 2.59% average quarterly growth

    Budget Deficit
    Trump's total in 3 years – $2.97 trillion dollars
    Obama's total in last 3 years – 1.69 trillion dollars

    Trump's economy over the last 3 years is good. It's just not on pace with what was left for him.

  24. Remember how Nancy Pelosi fought us so hard to keep our government from protecting our southern border? That wall seems an even better idea what with a pandemic walking around huh? Thanks Nancy……..good work

  25. LOL. That is hilarious. What people are you talking about? The 1%. You and Trump are not fooling anyone.

  26. The Forever Impeached Traitor Trump.
    Has delivered a House Republican leadership that announced beforehand and stood with lying hand on Bible, swore an oath to the American people with no intention of keeping it.
    Celibate if you like,
    Wear your shackles with pride.

  27. Pay attention Steve, the Donald is delivering to himself all the money he can steal from the Treasury .

  28. I'm pissed ! 😡And I'm sick of Americans being ignored by all in Gov ,and the white house "why Can some tell the President that the Evil air force is still cloudseeding in many stares that have democratic Governors??? In sick of our Sun being blocked for 2 months..
    They do it everyday … Today my sun is being coverd up again…..
    You know it ..why are they allowed "The air Force" to continue cloudseeding Americans why???? I'm so angry …The president he has to be saying yes to this ….why isn't a democrat saying anything …. I'm for clean air an sunshine God given .. Trump talks about Godv….then why is he allowing the airforce to block our sunshine why??????
    I'm so sick of the united states every thing in gov ..this is supposed to stop ….exsecutive order is working !!!!!!!!

  29. 😡we have not seen the 🌞 SUN in 2 months an finally the clouds clear an the sun cones out ..and the DEMONIC AIR FORCE IS CLOUDSEEDING OUR CITY "BLOCKING the sunshine that is God given ..You kniw you all van respect our united states military but remember there are ones who are evil within that system and the air force is Evil!! When your state is cloudseeding it comes from the Gov!!!! I'm so angry ..blocking vitamin D .. Killing us slowly …this is not stopping …and I'm not voting for no one if it doesn't stop …plain and simple .. .God says signs are above us "If the white House is going to talk about God "Then leave our God given Sunshine alone …2 months no sun…They want people sick ..depressed ..angry .. Take away sunshine an its a negative reaction …. I'm so angry . my sky looks horrible ..an they spray criss cross only in FRONT OF THE 🌞 SUN

  30. Trump only delivers for his supporters and is attacking the rest who don’t support him. A President should stand for the American people not for their own agenda. Shameful.
    When our water is killing your kids, our education is defunded, the country is at over 24 trillion in debt and when you all realize they are now cutting your hard earned social security and Medicare you will sorely regret not doing your own thinking and believing these manipulators who are all wealthy and are only enriching themselves. Please educate yourselves!

  31. He delivered alright. Delivered GMOs to our food, pollution in our water, money to Goldman Sachs,…

  32. You know what else he delivered? Infected people to California, Colorado, Nebraska, and Texas. Thanks prick

  33. Since when is raising taxes and wrecking the economy so bad it's in full on crisis mode "delivering for the American people"?

  34. I'm still waiting for him to deliver on his promises to turn over his tax information and to start acting presidential. I don't need a second term to know these were some of his innumerable lies.

  35. Being "acquitted " by your party that are too scared to stand up to you…. not an exoneration. Democrats continue to fix Republican policy damaged economy, the numbers don't lie. Republicans increase deficits, Democrats fix them.

  36. History will remember that, among Republicans, only Romney stood for the rule of law, our Constitution and faithfulness to the “impartial justice” oath each senator took.

    The Democratic Party in Utah should refrain from fielding Senate candidates against Romney for the remainder of his career. All of us should respect the integrity, strength and commitment to duty that Romney demonstrated.

  37. The finite observation of the American Educational System is the fact that apparently approximately 40 odd % of them actually vote Democrat. Only in America unfortunately.

  38. Nancy Piglosi is a dried up 80 year old hate monger and habitual liar. Vote straight Red.

  39. Don’t believe anything that Fox News spouts. No, we get it. We get the lies, low morals, racism of Trump supports.

  40. I question pelosi’s mental state. I think we are seeing someone who is on the edge of a total breakdown. She certainly cannot be in a stable frame of mind.

  41. Democrats have dug themselves a very large, deep hole that they are gonna have a very hard time getting out of! They just keep digging it deeper with all their foolishness and refusing to do their real jobs!

  42. My heart hurt watching Pelosi rip Trump's SOTU speech…. Democrats are anti-American.
    Vote them OUT

  43. I want our money back!!!!
    They are on full time vacation with power to change our entire lives. Want video and audio set up in their offices. I want them to not get paod when not at work. I leave i dont get paid. Stop lifetime pay, place term limits NOW.

  44. We Are Americans*We* Are the United States of America*We* Will Not Tire of Winning*We* Will Protect Our Constitution*We* Will Not Leave ANY Americans Behind*We* Are All MAGA
    Trump 2020

  45. Of many one… only if you are Democrat and follow your leaders… sounds pretty decisive and un-inclusive to Republicans and the hate Dems have toward them.

  46. LMAO! And now ladies and gentlemen, more trumpaganda from the Orange Criminals personal crotch licker SCABLICE!

  47. BUT BUT hes a criminal obvious for enyone to see and he admits to it himself what is wrong with even the deplorables?

  48. Best President ever. Dems can only attack his personality but not his record of success.

  49. Pelosi needs to be put out to pasture. She made herself look like a fool and spoiled tantrum throwing child as she ripped up POTUS State of The Union speech.

  50. 3- cheers for President 🇺🇸Trump
    Americans Have Failed People With Mental Illness. Trump’s New Budget Will Change That.

    “President Trump is exceptionally focused on fighting for Americans who can’t fight for themselves and confronting problems other administrations, both Democratic and Republican, have ignored. This is particularly true for Americans who suffer from addiction and serious mental disorders,” White House Domestic Policy Council Director Joe Grogan writes.

    Nearly 50 million Americans experienced some form of mental illness in 2018. The President’s new budget, out today, proposes the boldest reforms in decades to help them. President Trump gets my conservative democrat vote again in 2020 👍

  51. Donald is so classic that I'm archiving video clips of him to use in my manipulative behavior workshops because there's no better example than his characteristics of malignant socio-psychopathology.
    Otherwise, I would have to hire actors and write vignettes.

  52. Hey Republicrooks—a movie named after Trumpfuck just won the best picture Oscar—“Parasite”!!!😂😂😂😂

  53. And the ‘Coup’ continues. At this point, it’s pretty safe to say that these ‘Butthurt whiners’ are empowering/fueling Trump’s progress.

  54. I am a Trump supporter, and I know Republicans who won't watch fox news. Where else are they going to get this?

  55. Our Flag is flying with Great Pride. Thank You Mr. Trump.
    Unlike that man that lit the Whitehouse up in 🌈 colors.
    Can't remember his name.

  56. POTUS is a :
    1. Great public speaker
    2. Keep it simple
    3. No exaggerated speech
    4. Honest
    5. Factual
    6. No " ums and ahs "
    7. No stupid body language – babble head, jerking shoulder.
    Obastard is the opposite of the above – an eyesore to see him speak.
    I switched the channel when Obastard is on.

  57. If a two-star general had retaliated against a lieutenant colonel in his division for going to the IG and explaining he thought wrong doing was going on, we would can him on the spot. It would be considered a violation of uniform code of justice.
    – General Barry McCaffrey

  58. Oh leave the old lady alone. She's hopeless and harmless. Now that the hoax is over she can focus on more important things like how to NOT swallow her own teeth while eating.

  59. @Anthony W. Let’s talk about you saying Trump “benefits the rich first”. To bring back all the big companies that left our country (in the Obama years) who set up shop in China & other countries for cheap labor and less rules and regulations, the only way to lure them back is to ease up on the rules, regulations and too many restrictions for businesses. New big businesses, small businesses and mom & pop businesses have sprung up because the regulations are now less restricted and corporate taxes are lowered. There were 7 million job openings, 6.5 million people are now working because of the “rich” who gave them that opportunity. There are less people on welfare and food stamps. Unemployment is the lowest in 50 years with President Trump at the helm. The “rich” are the ones who gave us the jobs. We are the lucky recipients for having the jobs with benefits (health insurance, 401k, Social Security savings). Bottom line is, without the “rich”, we’re on social welfare and we struggle to put food on the table. The “rich” make us rich. When their companies are successful and make profits, they open more businesses, hiring more people, etc, etc. and that’s how capitalism works. We’re happy when we have jobs and come home with a big paychecks. We’re happy when our friends and neighbors are working and seeing their kids are not struggling. I hope my explanation helped you, truly.

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