psoido – enabling data driven business models in logistic and parcel services

The growing importance of online commerce has led to an exponential increase in the volume of parcel shipments in recent years. Especially in urban areas, different parcels services deliver the ever-increasing number of shipments on the same routes. Most of these journeys are to be replaced by joint shipments by the various parcel services to final distribution centers. From these hubs the shipments find their way to the receivers by bicycles or e-scooters. The Problem: competing parcel services have to deliver all shipments to so called consolidation centers. However, they do not want to share their data, the recipients and sender addresses, in a joint system. Psoido offers each parcel service the ability to create non-traceable virtual IDs for ist shipments. Through the patented two-stage registration process, each shipment receives a decoupled identifier and is given the number of the destination hub. Cooperative data sharing offers benefits to parcel services, cities and customers: shipping becomes more efficient causing less traffic and the communication between parcel services and recipients is enhanced: for example customers can now have multiple shipments from different parcel services delivered simultaneously, the number of undeliverable shipments will be reduced.

Norman Bunn

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