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Picking up a delivery. Delivering with Uber lets you make money
on your own schedule. Depending on your city,
you can deliver with your car, scooter, bike,
even on foot. When you’re ready to deliver,
you can go online in the app. It will find an order
for pickup near you. Tap to accept. ( music playing ) The restaurant should have the order
ready when you get there. You can let the staff know you’re picking up
an order through Uber Eats. It’s a good idea to check the app
for helpful notes from the business or to see if there are multiple orders
to pick up. Before heading out, it’s smart
to double check names and order numbers. That’s it.
Time to deliver.

Norman Bunn


  1. Ready for your first Uber Eats food delivery? Get the ins and outs of pickups along with some tips that can really help you deliver. Watch the video to learn more.

  2. If a customer tips along with food payment to restaurant will the driver ever see it?

  3. Desde 16/12 estou entrando em contato com vcs sobre essa viagem onde o motorista me deixou no endereço errado e fui cobrada o dobro por essa viagem, entrei em contato com meu banco e eles disseram que não há solicitação da uber para reposição desse valor de R$9,24 peço que verifiquem pois vcs ja me mandaram inúmeras respostas iguais e o recibo atualizado mas até o momento não recebi esse valor!

  4. Compulsory cycle use for city delivery 2km radius. In India , for more profit and less pollution

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