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Mark: Hi, it’s Mark from Top Local. We’re
here with Mark Huggan, the phantom from Phantom Couriers in Vancouver. Vancouver’s favourite
and best courier service. How’re you doing today Mark? Mark: Totally excellent, how are you? Mark: I’m good man. So bike couriers, we’re
going to talk about today. Do bike couriers still exist? Mark: My favourite topic. Of course they do.
Like of course, they’re everywhere. They’re… well I see them everyday because I’m a courier
company, but there’s just hundreds of them world wide and it’s a growing industry. Mark: What does a bike courier do? Mark: Every single thing. Everything, like
in the day to day business world, we’re delivering documents and rolls, and cheques, and standing
in line and doing banking, returning cell phones, delivering medicine. And in the evenings,
they’re delivering food. Tons of Amazon, contact lenses, engagement rings. Getting things done
back and forth all day high speed. You know, just rocking it out hard. Lots of deliveries. Just our regular service, you know, regular
call ups, last week there was 500 regular, just get a bike messenger, downtown. And hundreds
of different ones like directs and returns and economy’s and one hours, but just the
2 hour regular envelope, we had almost 500, 487. Just envelopes. Then everything else. Mark: And that’s just in little old Vancouver. Mark: I know, and it’s a small downtown. But
that’s downtown. But our bikers go super far, so those numbers I gave you don’t present
the true number because they take car trips too. That was just bike work, just strict
bike envelope. Mark: So any difference between a bike messenger
and a bike courier? Mark: No, it’s just the word. United States
is messenger even though the french for courier is messenger. It’s just we adopted the word
courier. But couriers are better, take it from me, a Canadian. Mark: How much do bike couriers make? Mark: Millions of dollars, it’s the best job
ever. Like our top guys make about 200 bucks a day and it goes down from there. A guy who
starts is going to make 15 bucks an hour, is our minimum. It’s a you’ll make this. It’s
an entry level job and then if you want to rock it out, you can go hard and make more.
And they certainly do, they impress me everyday. Mark: So why do bike messengers or bike couriers,
why do they ride a fixie? What is a fixie? Mark: So a fixie is like a direct drive, single
speed bike. You peddle and you go. Don’t ever think you’re going to coast or you’ll just
get hucked over the front of the bike. They’re low maintenance, they’re fun to ride, they
go wicked fast and it’s like skiing or skateboarding, you skid around corners. It just gives you
more control and they’re just super fun. They come from like the velodrome. They’re not
exactly built for couriering but people rock them out hard and they’re super fun to ride. Mark: So how is this job evolving? Mark: Well, as I sort of talked about food
delivery at night, you see Foodora and Door Dash and Uber Eats and in any downtown core
environment, the traffic’s a mess. Things got to happen. It’s not just the business
community that uses bike messengers, it’s everybody, because they’re a quick on demand
solution to I got to be in two places at once. What the hell am I going to do? We’ll come and meet you in a cafe, pick up
your stuff and get it somewhere else or bring something to you that you forgot in minutes.
And we’re more on demand than ever. It’s awesome. I remember when they said the fax machine
will kill the business. Well that cargo bike delivered a fax machine, so ha-ha, it didn’t
happen. Mark: So is that part of what’s evolving is
the actual bikes themselves are changing, evolving? Mark: Yeah, well you know, you’ve got your
fast guy downtown just dropping off documents with that fixed gear and then you’ve got cargo
bikes like that one behind us taking up to 400lbs of whatever you’re throwing at us.
Every bike has got a rack on the front. So they’re all putting boxes on them because
it’s just such a congested environment, we need to roll out. Whatever arrives by Amazon
might not be staying in one spot. We’ve got to go move it around. We go to Microsoft all
the time to pick up stuff, take it out to other places. Doing last mile on a bike is
you just show up, you never know what you’re going to pick up. So freight is a big thing
for those guys. Big bags. big. Mark: So you’re saying that it’s not only
limited to the downtown core, what kind of stuff is going out a little bit further? Mark: Oh everything. So our guys go from,
in Vancouver, from the PNE to UBC, up to 41st by bike, on the rig, all the time. Like today,
one guy delivered contact lenses from Clearly Contacts. He picked them up at the Renfrew
skytrain station and went all the way out to UBC. He dropped off like 30 of them. So
small boxes and he did a big run to residents like that. Otherwise we’re up on the south
side, Broadway corridor, from all the architect firms picking up rolls, dropping stuff off.
Manufacturing, Granville Island. It’s pretty unlimited what we’ll pick up. Nothing’s too
crazy. We’ll pick it up. Mark: And what kind of mileage do they do
in a day? Mark: Yeah, 50k for us is like a slow day.
Like they all have Garmin on their phones and “I only did 50kilometres today”. Some
guys ride in super far, other guys just go really far. We go over the bridges, we’ll
sea bus to North Van, drop off packages because the price is right. Mark: So there you go. Bike couriers. If you’re
looking for fast delivery for all kinds of stuff as you heard. Everything from picking
up cheques to standing in line at the bank and waiting at the Immigration office. These
guys do it all. Phantom Couriers 604-899-5447 to book your courier and they’ll look after
you. Thanks a lot Mark. Mark: Like you said, Any Package Anywhere,
Phantom Couriers Gets It There man.

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