Osprey Ozone Courier

A good size shoulder bag for extended travel,
the Osprey Ozone Courier is a great every day item or a personal item for airline travel.
Let’s take a look at all of its features. We are going to take a look at some of the
features with the materials in play on the Ozone Courier. So the exterior of the bag
is a really durable, but lightweight nylon face fabric. So it is water resistant, not
fully waterproof, but it is very durable and abrasion resistant. On the back side we do
have a ridged foam panel with some good mesh there for ventilation and breathability so
the part that sits next to your body is going to be nice and comfortable, very breathable
and fairly well padded as well. We do have a padded shoulder strap and the
sling that goes over your shoulder does have some nice padding there with some breathable
mesh as well. So that is going to offer real-ly good comfort against the skin, against that
neck and shoulder area, so good comfort, durable materials in play with the bag. We do have a few different points of carry
on the bag. So you have got the shoulder strap, as I mentioned. You do have this durable handle
here and we have also got a kind of neat system that allows this bag to be used with one of
the ozone travel luggage pieces. This kind of bar here you can undo that. And this will
actually slide over the handle for one of the rolling duffels that Osprey offers and
allows it to just kind of integrate pretty easily so that you don’t have to carry this
consistently while you are on the road or in the airport. You can kind of lash it over
the Ozone travel luggage, kind of nice additional bo-nus there. Turn the bag back around, take a look at some
of the storage options we have got. So on the face we have got a front pocket, kind
of an organizational pocket. So we will take a look at that one first. You open that up
it has just got a lot of different pockets here to store small items. So you can put,
you know, Chapsticks, pens, pencils, et cetera. You can do a notebook, a cell phone if you
choose to. But a lot of small organizational pockets, again, for smaller items. We do have
another pocket here behind that for some additional things as well, slightly larger pocket there. The next pocket, as we move up toward the
back of the bag is a fairly large tablet pocket or electronics pocket. It has got a really
soft interior fabric that is not going to scratch or provide any abrasion for those
items, but it is pretty sizable. You can fit a decent size tab-let or some other type of
electronic in that pocket, so really nice pocket there, but, again, it is very soft.
It is not going to scratch or cause any abrasions. Next up we do have the main compartment of
the pack. It is a pretty sizable main com-partment. I have got a few stuff sacks in there right
now, so decent size stuff sacks in there now. But the cool thing about that main compartment
is you have got two separat-ed compartments in the back of it. So we have got kind of
a laptop piece here. It is a nice padded sleeve where you can slide up to a 15 inch laptop
very comfortably. It will keep it well protected as well. And there is a zippered pocket here
as well. So, again, if you had a tablet or another item, maybe some magazines or books
that you wanted to keep separat-ed, nice and flat so they don’t get wrinkled, that is
a really good pocket to use as well. Really good organization throughout the bag,
really good storage. And it is a good size. It is about 20 liters. So you get really good
capacity with this bag. On the outside of the bag we do have some
additional features as well. On either side we have got a stretch mesh pocket. So you
can store some water bottles on the side there. Pretty low profile water bottles. They are
relatively tight pockets. So keep that in mind. We do also have some compression straps
routed over those pockets so you can definitely compress the gear if you don’t have the
full capacity filled out, you can use those straps to really cinch everything down. So,
again, either side you have got a stretch pocket and nice compression strap. Another bonus to the pack is that the main
pack bag, so the largest pocket has lockable zippers. So you have got nice locking capabilities
so if you have a TSA approved travel lock, you can easily attach that to those zippers
there, a nice security feature with the Courier. And there you have it. It is the Osprey Ozone
Courier. It is a great everyday option or use as a personal item for airline travel.

Norman Bunn


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