Online Games That Pay Real Money | 5 WEBSITE TO START FOR FREE *2020 UPDATED!*

so check this out BAM one $3,700 Bruce
won $4,000 Mickey won $4,000 and Wilbur won four
thousand three hundred and eighty dollars last year playing games using
this one single website yo what’s going on you two family it’s John here and
welcome back in today’s video I’m going over five different websites that you
can use to play games that pay real money so if you like playing games if
you want to start making some money for it again I’m going over five different
websites that you can use to get started for free you don’t need any special
equipment any special investment guys all you’re gonna need is the internet
connection your tablet your smart phone or a computer and you can get started
from wherever you’re watching this video from your couch your bed your patio so
let’s get started with website number one right now and this website is called
bingo mania if you like playing bingo this website is the one for you to start
making some money for it it’s been established since 1996 guys so that’s
going on three decades already guys and it’s free to sign up so are you gonna do
the signup is go ahead and click on join you here and as you can see you’re gonna
get in $100 free bonus just for signing up today now you think you’re gonna get
a hundred bucks but what’s really gonna happen is you’re gonna get a two hundred
and fifty dollar free signup bonus guys just for signing up today so the way
it’s gonna work guys let me go back over here is you’re gonna go ahead and sign
up and start playing the games inside of here there’s daily bingo games that are
going on but there’s also different ones that happen for example slots video
poker table games so a ton of different ones that go on every single day guys
and now you have to do is join these games be a part of the game start
playing them and just bid some money to play guys all the players go ahead and
bid some money the grand prize winner takes all at the end of the game guys so
it’s very simple free to use guys and there’s already been a ton of winners
inside here so let me go ahead and jump over to the winners tab so here it is as
you can see gesture has even won $10,000 guys playing slots you can see all the
games that are being paid paid excuse me played right here on the side so slots
bingo slots bingo guys so all these people are just paying
a basic bingo games and earning some real money as you can see $4,000 $5,000
$5,500 guys so making some real money playing bingo online guys again this
website is called bingo mania and it’s free to sign up guys check this one out
the next website we’re gonna use that and this is one of my personal favorite
guys this one’s called inbox dollars now I
had to add this one in it’s been around since I got started my with my whole
online journey and right now they’re given a way of free $5 bonus to get
started guys so just for signing up you’re gonna get a free $5 bonus so
inside of here you’re gonna get paid to complete simple test so for example
watching TV taking surveys or even shopping if anybody shops online you can
actually make some money just for shopping it’s almost getting paid to do
nothing so again guys you’re gonna sign up and again inside of here you’re gonna
get paid to do simple tests so for example take surveys watch videos you
can even get paid to read emails or like I mentioned you can get paid to play
games so once you sign up inside of your back-office there’s gonna be a list of
games that you can choose from to start playing and get paid they’ve already
paid out over fifty nine million dollars in cash reward guys so again it’s a real
legit size got the – excuse me site guys there’s one of the ones that I got
started a bit with back when I got started with my online journey they’ve
been partnered with H&R Block Walmart guys and let me go ahead and show you my
back office so here’s my back office right now as you can see I got paid five
dollars and fifty cents guys really literally just for signing up I took a
quick survey so inside of here you can see all your available options so if you
want to take surveys if you want to play games if you want to watch TV or watch
videos you can choose any of these and that they’re gonna tell you exactly how
much you’re gonna earn so for example here are some of the latest wall offers
right here so there’s new plus you can earn five bucks if you sign up viral you
can earn 15 bucks for trying it out you can make 15 bucks for trying out
postmates so let’s go ahead and jump over to the games right here so as you
can see if I click on the game step it shows me all the available games right
now monkey bubble shooter pyramid solitaire guys check these out guys so
hobo jack excuse me a whole bunch of games inside of here that you can start
playing to earn some free money so I definitely recommend this site right
here guys it’s called inbox dollars and again it’s
this one of the ones that I got started with
when I first started my online journey now real quick guys if this is your
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your nine-to-five job if you want to work from home and become your own boss
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guys if you guys want to start earning a full-time income online if you want to
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passive income working from home and you know the whole shebang inside of there
so again just click that first link in my description and check out that free
training video guys alright let’s jump over the website number three and this
website is gonna be called Road winners so what broad winner does is it
basically pays you to play your favorite games guys earn some real money by
competing against other players guys so again you’re gonna go ahead and sign up
create a free account guys I’ve already signed up I’ve earned 300 points inside
of here guys and again you’re basically gonna get paid to compete against other
players so inside of here you can choose any of these games right here and start
playing so let me go ahead and pick one real quick let’s see let’s choose this
one right here you can choose it click on play and it shows you exactly you
know where to go to and how to get started guys so here it is right here if
you never played the game before you can just click on how to play and then
afterwards click on start right here let me go back real quick so again guys a
ton of free games inside of here and this website was actually created by the
GSN network guys so the GSN network they’re pretty big on creating games and
actually playing paying people out to you know test and play video games guys
and again you can get paid off via your Visa card via PayPal cash and as you’re playing these games are
earning these points that again argue and as you’re playing these games you’re
earning these points that are again you’re gonna use for rewards later on
guys so again sign up for free this website is called broad winter guys so
just check it out on Google be the first website that pops up now website number
four that we’re gonna look at is called point Club now I’ve actually haven’t
tried point Club myself before but I have heard about it and it’s very
similar to inbox dollars for signing up today you’re gonna get a free five
dollar bonus guys just for signing up it’s gonna be free money so inside of
here you’re gonna get paid to complete simple tasks again take surveys watch
videos click on emails even go shopping and get some cash back and also play
video games you’re gonna get paid to play games that are inside of here guys
to start earning some points and start getting some real cash so again this one
is called point club if you watch if you’re watching this video and you’ve
tried it out yourself let me know what you think about it in the comments down
below guys now the last website you’re gonna look at today guys and this is one
of my favorite ones guys there’s probably the best way to honestly really
start you know building a long-term passive income playing games guys so I
definitely recommend this and this website is actually gonna be you tube
guys for you to start your own YouTube channel playing games guys I don’t know
if you guys realize this or notice but there’s a ton of gaming channels on
YouTube earning thousands of dollars online guys thousands of dollars per day
all inside of ad revenue so if I go ahead and click on one of these videos
right here and a little ad pops up just like you guys have seen them before so
let me go ahead and click on this as you can see this ad pops up right here so
this is an ad so if anybody watches this ad all the way through we’re even clicks
on the ad or clicks on any of the ads right here on the side so for example
this right here the creator of the channel is gonna get a split of the ad
revenue so they’re gonna make some money anytime somebody watches the ad guys so
what you can do is create your own channel around the games that you like
to play now obviously this is a saturated market meaning there’s gonna
be a lot of competition it’s gonna get harder you know to break into it but one
of the easiest techniques that you can do to get into a saturated market inside
of YouTube is just doing reviews on new games so for example if a new game
got released this week today if a birdie got released there’s really not gonna be
a ton of content on YouTube for it right because the birdie got released it’s
brand-new so if you could be one of the first person to create a video on it you
can be one of the first persons you know to start getting traction for that game
for that video right there and start getting people to start discovering you
on the market that’s you know it’s obviously competitive but if you’re
using a brand new game that has no competition there it’s gonna be an easy
way for you to get inside of the door so watch this let me see let me go ahead
and click on some of this person’s oldest videos right here and as you can
see that’s exactly how they got started just doing a review or review review
review basically doing review videos of games that had just came out it looks
like he was even doing review videos on you know all their games but as you can
see this guy has reached his channel to over five million subscribers guys and
he’s getting thousands and even millions of views on each one of his videos guys
fine know this guy’s earning a ton of money from the views in the ad revenue
alone from the games now I’ll market that I’d say you can tap
into is the app market so obviously every single day new game apps are
coming out so let me go ahead and click on over here this is the app store right
here inside a good excuse me inside of Apple guys the Apple App Store and as
you can see here the new games that just came out so you can start reviewing some
of these new games right here and use a screen recorder for example if I jump
over here as you can see this app right here is called deu screen recorder and
it’s basically a screen recorder that’s meant to go on your iPad or your phone
and you can start recording yourself playing these app games it’s meant for
that specifically afterwards you can upload it straight to your own YouTube
channel or to your Facebook page guys directly from the app you can do all the
editing inside of here all the voiceovers so everything with inside the
app and later on you can upload it straight to your YouTube channel
directly from the app guys so it’s literally an easy Klay and go system
upload it straight to your channel and you can start building your channel and
make long-term income guys because this guy’s still making money from videos
that he made nine years ago eight years ago six years ago look at all these
videos and games right here that he’s played guys just doing interviews going
over the game itself you know giving his own thoughts now whenever you do start a
YouTube channel especially like this what people are really coming back for
is you your personality who you are you know can
make the video fun can you make plain the game fun that’s really how you’re
gonna stand out from every other gaming channel on YouTube guys by giving your
channel your own personal unique touch everybody’s unique guys you just gotta
find out what makes you special tap into that and capitalize on it guys so again
that’s five different web sites right there that you guys can use to start
playing games and make some real money for let’s go over them one more time the
first one was bingo mania the second one was inbox dollars the third one was
winner drawed fourth one was the point Club and the last one we just went over
was YouTube guys so that’s five different websites that you guys can use
to start playing games from wherever you’re watching this video from now
again guys if you guys want more great videos on making money online just hit
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channel for every one guy and so that’s basically it for this video right here
guys if you enjoyed this video if you guys got some value from this video then
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I’ll see you on the next video

Norman Bunn


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