Nina Turner Rips Moderate Call For Practicality: America Deserves Better | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Norman Bunn


  1. Even if elected, Bernie will not be able to deliver all of the handouts he is promising.

  2. This is why I would never vote for Bernie Sanders:


  3. Awesome! Nina Turner. Way to go . All this fear mongering about Bernie Sanders is total baloney to say the least* . Post WWII, Americans have been systematically brainwashed by the stooges of capitalism and free market economy on the demerits of socialism…..when nothing can be farther from the truth.

  4. FDR was chosen by the party leaders, Not the voters And unemployment was at 30% at the time.

  5. I hate their talking points about Hillary Clinton supporters. Hillary Clinton supporters didn't swing the election to the Republicans. Bernie's supporters did. End of discussion.

  6. "In order to make a revolution, you need to take steps" Hahaha! That was perhaps one of the most idiotic comments ever. What a phony "journalist"

  7. The mainstream has to stop bashing Sanders every chance they get, it's embarrassing. They keep asking will his supporters get behind any candidate, how about letting the people determine who the candidate is and stop trying to say this particular candidate isn't electable.

  8. Wow! Nina, when Bernie is done with his two terms. You must run to protect this movement’s legacy!!!! #Bernie2020 #NotHimUs

  9. What did I miss? How does Bernie getting the nomination preclude flipping the Senate? If more young people , people of color, others who have been left behind turn out to vote, we are more likely to get the Senate and Bernie is the one who motivates those voters.

  10. Nina is amazing, exactly the right spokesperson for a progressive movement. Those were hard questions, framed from a ridiculously right-leaning angle and she knocked every single one of them down and stomped on them. Fantastic!

  11. Nina while I understand and endorse ur points! Many oldsters dont want to change much! And practically speaking u will have a fight! I think the young will be disappointed with Sanders! Hes set his limits on how far hes willing to take socialism! It's not as far as occasion Cortez and many other millenials want to go! Until there are more millenial lawmakers than boomers! The country won't lean as far left! Sorry nina!

  12. Gag order let's talk about the MF order!!! #BernieForPresident. #NinaTurnerForVicePresident.

  13. MSNBC is more hated than FOX. That is a thing they earned. Remember, in 2016 MSNBC told Melissa Tyler Perry that she had to make her entire show about Trump for ratings. They fired her 2 hours later after she was the only TV news host in America that said no to the millions over decency. MSNBC…yea I was a viewer once.
    But MSNBC earned my disgust 1 hire and 1 firing at a time.
    REMEMBER, they also fired Ed Shultz for not stopping talking about climate change.

    REMEMBER…MSNBC aired more Trump speeches in 2016 for ratings than FOX.
    So MSNBC is all but a distant memory collecting those FOX viewers who do not like Trump.

    Which is why its.more than 50% Republicans and even higher when it comes to guest's.

    Again I am not political. But tv news is pure evil, because greed is evil baby. It ain't good to you unless you have a wicked heart.

    To watch Stephanie and her old partner from Aljazeera go full corporate soldier has been depressing as well.

    I hope they all change and become better more loving humans with integrity. But you know at most maybe 1 will. They made their choice and I made mine. Cya MSNBC. The new FOX.

  14. TRUTH!!! Ruhle had nothing to say to this. Except for a condescending, " mmm well, okay". You'll still be rich, Stephanie. chill out.

  15. Nina Turner is a very strong asset for Bernie. I would even say she's the best. She's a warrior, energetic, enthusiastic, very intelligent and eloquent, with a touch a street vocabulary. Great combo.

  16. Bernie helped Trump get into office. Bernie talks big, but his ideas are not practical. You cannot have what you cannot afford. Bernie is not a team player. He wants to run as a democracy, but yet be an independent.


  18. Sanders scares both parties, because he is really going to address the issues of the average American.

  19. We don’t need any more “moderation” give us the SAME things every other civilized nation has!

  20. Nina dont play games she says what she mean she mean what she says. She will learn you whilst cleansing your soul at the same time. 😂

  21. Bernie President, Nina Vice President, AOC speaker of the house!! Lets go baby!!

  22. Carville's centrist position is the same old, same old, and is therefore irrelevant in today's context when the massive working class is being sacrificed in the interest of a few plutocrats. People are crying: NO MORE!!

  23. I 100% agree I reject that we can't do both. We can defeat Trump and also change the system to work for everyone, not just the rich.


  25. May God bless this sister because black people's need someone like this sister!

  26. Look at that within 2 minutes more news and coverage than the major networks will run all day.

  27. Stupid argument. He will have the senate. A moderate will suppress the vote of the youth, non voter and minorities like Hillary did…

  28. Beautiful, eloquent, revolutionary. Powerful to hear the truth. #BernieNina2020

  29. I hope Nina goes to SC and expose the racist Peat and Bloomberg there. I like Biden but I LOVE Bernie, I hope he goes low about TRUMP, just like TRUMP does with people, example: the Bidens.

  30. Nina Turner. I like the what you say and how you say it. If I was American and you were running for president I would vote for you. ( I'm 'white' btw, just in case anyone was wondering)

  31. I LOOVE to hear this woman talk!!!
    Absolute truth!
    Bernie Nina 2020!!! Unstoppable!!!

  32. 40 Years of Reaganomics 1980-2020 socialism to the rich tax breaks to the richest 1% And Corporate America. At the expense of the 80's 90's 2000 workers. As the Republican Party use taxpayers dollars to Finance the great global economy of Wallstreet that the super rich is experiencing for over 40-years. Great socialist tax deal in American history. Those 1980 workers lost their, jobs, houses, families, pensions, savings, dignity, Healthcare, cars, wages and all their American Dreams. 2008 capitalism once again showed it's greed and disrespect for the American taxpayer worker so again socialist Play an important part for Corporate America tax papers Bail them out Of financial ruin not so 80s workers they'll have to work the rest of their lives. Socialism rich people unfortunately thinks it's bad for poor Americans, but great for them No matter who pays the taxes As long as it's not them. Who seem to be getting most out of social welfare? Certainly, not the average American worker.

  33. The system is a tool, you can change the tool based on the need, this glorification of the system is idolatry.

  34. Stop telling the American people about practicality. We are fed up. It is the right time to change. Bernie is the one who will restore the moral high ground, restore credibility, and make the Democratic party a legitimate party again.

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