Netsale dropshipping – Hướng dẫn thiết lập và đăng bán Shopee

First, visit shopee.vn to register for a shopee account! You only have to fill in the necessary information in this table to register successfully. In addition, you can also register with an existing Facebook or Email account. Next, visit the “Seller Channel” interface to update your store information. First of all, please add the shop’s bank account information to make the payment process easier. Please fill in all the information boxes to complete the step. Next, visit the “Shop Settings” section to continue updating other necessary information! A small note: When you dropship on Shopee through Netsale please select the shipping address is Boxme Warehouse at Nam Thang Long Industrial Park, Thuy Phuong Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi. Next, choose the shipping courier for your store. Another small tip: When synchronizing with Netsale Shopee orders will be sent sooner and on time if the seller chooses the following shipping couriers: Viettel Post or Giaohangtietkiem. Tadaaa, so with just a few simple steps, you can set up a shop on Shopee already. Now you can connect Shopee with Netsale to post your products on this e-commerce platform Visit app.netsale.asia Visit Netsale’s account and go to the “Account Configuration” section! Click “Integrate” to “Connect Now” with Shopee Login back into your shopee account Please enter the verification code sent to your phone to login. Next, just click “Sync Orders” and “Sync Inventory” to complete the process of connecting Shopee with Netsale. Now you can start selling Go to the “Product” section to start searching for potential items Select the product you want to sell, edit the description add weight estimation, estimated price click “Add Product” Then, the product will appear on your potential product list Next, select “Sale Now” Select the product catalog and click the “Update” box Please select Shopee to continue In this section, please fill in the information for your product Next, select products with designs or colors that you think are promising edit the price and then click “Sell”. You will find the products you have posted for sale in Shopee’s “All products” section. When a customer orders, track the order in the “Order Management” section. Lastly, you only have to sync the order from Shopee to Netsale Return to the Netsale tab select “Sync Orders” Then choose your Shopee store From here you can track your orders on Netsale

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