Net Lease Real Estate Categories: Retail Stores, Office Buildings, & Industrial Investments

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5zdpQ1HlOw We’re here talking about Triple Net Investing
again. As we mention before there is different types of investments, different types of properties.
We’re going to be more specific here. We’ve got retail, we’ve got office buildings, we’ve
got industrial buildings. What are these types of investments and each? Well let’s start
with the biggest category of them all, retail. It is part about 85% of what we do. But 85%
of the triple net properties out there are retail. You see them everywhere. They are
Walgreens, they’re banks, they’re fast foods, gas stations, 7-elevens, just about anything
and everything. They’re big box store. We’re talking about loads, home depot. A lot of
these Fortune 500 companies or single tenant triple net properties. The next category is office buildings. We
don’t deal with this as much, because what we are looking for is a single tenant property.
The office buildings that we do deal with, a lot of times are medical office buildings.
We’re looking at like dialysis centers, these are office buildings or as it get bigger in
the category were talking about a single purpose maybe it is a call center, so an insurance
company, a bank, a computer company that might have a whole building. It could be as small
as 30-40 thousand feet up to a hundreds of thousands of square feet or over million square
feet in some instances. AT&T for example is selling one of their properties and it is
over million square feet and that will become a single tenant triple net property. Must
be very expensive, usually beyond the scope of what we’re talking about here but you
will never know. And then the third category is industrial
buildings. Industrial buildings are very straight forward. We’re talking about distribution
centers, we’re talking about a manufacturing facility where we’ve got one tenant they
rent the the whole building from you, they pay you rent every month. One particular like
were looking at FedEx, FedEx distribution center they’re very strong credit tenant.
They used this to sort and distribute their packages (pretty straight forward, we’ve all
seen FedEx). Amazon, Amazon is another one. They used very large warehouses to get all
your purchases there in one day. These are becoming very common with the internet being
the way people shop these days, you’re going to see a lot more of this distribution centers. So there’s three different types of properties,
all different sizes, all over the country. But the key is there is single tenant, there’s
triple tenant, you greater cash flow, no management headaches, and this is what we wanna help
you invest in. If you want more information, go to my website beaubien.com. That’s www.B-E-A-U-B-I-E-N.com.
Have a good day.

Norman Bunn

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