My Day in a Minute – Team Leader, Service Management and Delivery Branch

Hello, my name is Daniel Paulin,
and I’m a Team Leader in the Service Management and Delivery
Branch. I’ve been working at SSC since 2018, and I love the
flexibility of working in the office in Ottawa or at home in
Gatineau with my colleagues all across Canada. I’m passionate
about improving services and processes as well as sharing
best practices. I’m excited at the opportunity to refine my
leadership skills and acting in a management role, as needed. My
work is unique because as a subject matter expert, I get to
represent my team in a wide variety of projects and
situations. Our processes are important to Canadians because
better process means less outages to government services,
shorter down time, more efficient use of taxpayer
dollars. I’m excited to continue pursuing the many career
development opportunities that are available to me and I always
look forward to coming into work and seeing the great progress
that my team has made to make SSC a more effective
service provider.

Norman Bunn

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