Mom’s $2 Mennonite Meal {Cheap meal Monday}

seems like when you can your whole
kitchen is a mess so while the Kanner’s are caning away I gotta clean you well everyone the kitchen is clean and
I’m setting up for another project that I’m going to be working on tomorrow and the cameras are getting ready I need to
put this the caterers getting ready I need to put the weight on it 90 minutes
for the scanners I’m going to be candy some cheese so much to do projects for
tomorrow but I hope you enjoyed the video I’m going to share with you
afterwards what did the sweet and sour chicken look like mmm it smells amazing
so for a little bit I’ll see you just in a little so I’ll
see you guys in just a little bit and soon it’s lunchtime oh my goodness so
much to do in so little time links to the sweet and sour chicken
video will be found at the end of this video in case you missed it from last
week alright so now I’m gonna work on canning
some cheese I’ve done it hundreds of times
I have about five videos on it already so if you want to know right up here is
the link I go step by step and teaching you how to canned cheese but I’m just
gonna get started it’s one of my chores here in the kitchen today so I want to show you something this
here it’s just a regular kettle with a Dollar Tree rack in the bottom of it
this is not no special supplies – can i water bath my cheese but then I keep it
in the refrigerator and the reason why I keep it in the refrigerator is just for
another precaution because the refrigerator is a cold temperature but
this is shelf stable but I keep it a refrigerator and you can keep it in
there for a year you could keep it in there for two years this usually lasts
me about eight months so I have this batch and then that batch and this is
what I do when you make jams and jelly you don’t need a canner you just need to
have some kind of kettle with some kind of rat to sit your jars on and make sure
the water is over top of them I don’t even have a proper lid so that’s what I
call canning the frugal way since I’ve been reading Fanny’s diary look what a
beautiful subscriber gave me from 1944 it’s a calendar it was her mother’s and
it is absolutely beautiful absolutely beautiful and front in the back well I
want to keep this and I want to cherish this every month so I’m going to do
something and I’m going to put them in picture frames and what I’m gonna do is
every month I’m going to have another picture so this is how I’m gonna do it
and then I got the picture frames at the Dollar Tree and then I got these two
right here these are display easels where I could put their pictures on like
that so what I’m gonna do is the only way I can preserve this the right way is
I am going to cut it I don’t want to cut it but I have to do it in a way that I
can preserve it so we’re gonna cut it right here where the picture is the rest
will be intact so we’re going to take a half a year it’s going to be in one
picture frame and the other half is going to be in the other so I’m going to
show you how I’m doing it because the calendar is so amazing and it has the
both things from the Depression era about having your own chickens and
canning one of the picture frames it’s going to show the front and one it’s
going to show the back so I just think this is absolutely adorable
and I’m hoping my plan works perfect she said no one else in the family wanted
this well I’m telling you one thing I sure want it okay I’m gonna go ahead and
we’re gonna cut it right straight across all right so now we’re gonna start with
February we’re gonna start with the February calendar and I’m gonna have
that as the front one and then every month I’m going to change it I think
it’s a wonderful thing that people love to share with me follow their vintage
items and they know that I will cherish it and I sure do you should have seen
how excited I was when I opened up this gift of this old calendar I would be
able to look at this every single day now I’m hoping I did it right it’s gonna
be a little too big so what we’re gonna do is we don’t want to lose the words in
the back of it so I’m gonna see what we can do here you so there you go my friends this is my
little project with the old 1944 calendar that one of my dear friends and
subscribers gave me in that dear so each month I’ll be able to change it I’ll
change the picture and then I will change the back of it alright so there
it is I think it’s so beautiful I love it thank you so much a perfect project
on a damp and dreary day what I’m working on today is my mom’s
chicken Eddie it’s so simple because it can some cheese I have a little bit of
this cheese leftover all we do it’s a can of mushroom soup I can of some
chicken this is home canned chicken some cheese and some spaghetti noodles so
what we do is we just put it all together so we take the cream soup I
didn’t add any milk to it it’s just straight the cream soup now we’re gonna
put the chicken in here now it’s about one pint of chicken you can add more if
you have a larger family but one pint is fine and then we’re gonna add some of
this so I have extra cheese here that was left from my candy okay I’m just gonna use it all now you
can use shredded cheese if you want but it does call from Velveeta cheese and
that’s what this is all right this is the chicken these are the new spaghetti
noodles now all we do is we stir everything up real good if you didn’t want to use chicken you
could use tuna and replace of that I really don’t care for tuna but or you
could use ham you can use ham pieces of ham in it as well and there you go my
friends is a simple casserole you can’t get any easier than this and it’s
delicious top this off with a salad and you are
good to go my friends you are good to go you can make this ahead of time and put
it in the refrigerator now we can just put some bread crumbs over top and there
you go my mom’s chicken Eddie it’s as easy as
one two three now put some foil over top and put the oven at 325 for about 30
minutes yum yum it is amazing it’s my mom’s
chicken Eddie take a look yum yum I hope you give it a try it’s so
easy you can make it in a matter of minutes and it’s a good meal even
children enjoy hey everybody wait a second if you like videos about
my daily life and you’d like to see how do I do things here on the homestead
take a look at all these videos below it’s three years worth of beautiful
videos that I get to share with you my life and my dreams for the future take
care everyone

Norman Bunn

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