Mint Delivery in about 3 minutes

Hello and welcome to mint delivery in about three minutes it is a game for 1 to 5 players there is a solo mode playing time is under 30 minutes it’s a pretty simple game the city of mintopia is headquarters to the world’s greatest mint manufacturing business you’re one of the company’s drivers picking up orders and delivering them around the countryside will you be employee of the month?
Or have you spent too much time snacking on your inventory you win if at the end of the game you have to filled the most stars worth of mint delivery orders the game ends if two cities order cards run out or all four order draw piles are empty competitive: only one player can be the
mint delivery employee of the month pick up and deliver: delivering shipments of mints is how you score points this game is all about completing orders for points each order card has a destination at the top, the mints required to fulfill the order in the middle and it’s victory points at the bottom each turn you will have two actions and you can take the same action twice move allows you to move your delivery van one space on the map while at a factory space you can convert normal mints into coloured mints three White’s convert to a red and two White’s convert to a green You can also take an action to restock on mints. in the middle that is up to four but the other factories it is only two at a time fulfilling an order is a free action and must be completed at the matching City spend the mints and place the order card
down for victory points you can also pick up an order as an action taking it to your hand place one white mint on the order you did not take if you can complete an order you just picked up immediately you can do that as a free action over the next few turns we pick up another order, drive to the east warehouse, load upon mints, convert them to green mints and then get ready to deliver them to the cinnamon Center this game can also be played with optional skills three are chosen at the start of the game. once you complete a matching number of orders you can choose the skill from the middle to have skills are not exclusive.
mark that you have the skill with some of the matching tokens there are also optional terrain tokens which you can place on the map these include traffic jams, toll booths and tunnels back to the factory play proceeds until an endgame condition is met and then finishes with to the right of the starting player why would you like this game? I have a soft spot for small box games and mint delivery comes in a tiny box I normally compare box size to mint works in these videos but that’s a bit pointless here so here’s above and below, a regular sized board game this game is very simple, fast moving and easy to teach and as such it’s a great filler game and very accessible to younger players I think this game is ideal as a travel game. One you take on holiday to keep the family occupied or in your bag in case you end up waiting somewhere there’s also a complete solo game using the reverse side of the map that pits you against an AI opponent The best thing about this game is its portability you can take the game anywhere and everywhere however, mint delivery is a small box game and I feel small box games need to be judged a little differently if you pick this up expecting a deep and intricate design you will be disappointed it’s a very simple game, a casual and family-friendly game but not the sort of serious gamers game that will have pages and pages of strategy guides written about it Mint Works is the other game in the mint series that focuses on worker placement instead of pick up and deliver and if you want a much more complex pick up and deliver game try wasteland delivery service mint delivery: fast and fresh

Norman Bunn


  1. Small box games, what's your favourite. And am I right to cut small box games some slack due to their size and price point?

  2. PS, forgot to mention in video that this was a review copy. My bad.

  3. A game under $10, simple rules for my puny mind, and a solo mode for people like me with no friends? Seems too good to be true.

  4. After playing so many heavy games lately this game seems like…well…a breath of fresh air.

  5. I just started getting into the board game world and just wanted to say that I love your channel and the way that everything is presented. I feel like I get a real understanding of the game without needing to spend an hour watching a playthrough. I eagerly await all of your videos and appreciate all the work you put into them!

  6. Personally, I prefer Mint Works, but my nine year old daughter prefers Mint Delivery

  7. You know what I didn't hear you say? That it was fun. Oh, maybe I missed it. But I'd love a couple of fun mint-sized games.

    A lot of the Pack O Game [1] family of games are easy to toss in a bag and play, and a few are just plain fun. (I LOVE Hue and Bus and Lie and Taj.)

    [1] https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgamefamily/25085/pack-o-game

    This game seems better than that.

  8. There is something wonderful about listening to a Kiwi say mint 32 times.

  9. Always excited for the next video 🙂 – keep it up my man! I just ordered mint works because a fan recommended I give it a go for the channel – this one looks interesting overall and very very portable.

  10. Great rundown and thank you for not over glorifying it. You're spot on in that it's a great filler game for travel or intro. As is Mint Works in my opinion. And as always I love the production of the video. You're putting out quality content that is filling a gap in the market, THANK YOU!

  11. Just got MW and was looking for a quick, clear overview video to send to people. Thanks TMBG!

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