Meet The 911 Dispatcher Who Helped Deliver A Baby Over The Phone

– Let me set the scene
for this next story. A woman in the backseat
of a car goes into labor while her mom drives her to the hospital, but it’s all happening way too fast. The baby is going to arrive
before they get to a doctor then listen to this. – [Caller] (screams) Okay, okay. What do I do? The baby’s head is out. – [Operator] The baby’s head is out? – [Caller] Yes. – [Operator] Okay, don’t drop the baby. Just have her keep pushing. – [Caller] No, keep going. Push, push, push. – [Operator] Is the baby completely out? – [Caller] Okay, I got it. I got ’em, I got ’em, I got ’em. – It’s a complete miracle. A 911 operator talked
them through the process of delivering a child and they welcomed a perfect
little girl into the world. It’s crazy, it’s like a movie, and now this new mom wants
to share her gratitude. This is a segment we’re calling Thankful. (segment theme song) (audience cheers) And y’all please welcome new mom, Tori. All right, Tori, I need you
to take us back to that day. Like what was going on in your head? – Okay. So the day before, I actually
had a doctor’s appointment and they was removing my surgical stitch, I can’t hold kids. So they removed it and they told me that I was three centimeters dilated, but to go home and start
walking ’cause it wasn’t time. The next day, we had a brunch and we was just eating, you know, we got to the park and my mom, I was telling her, I
was like, “I’m cramping. “These are contractions, I think.” She was like, “No, just sit down, “eat that turkey leg, girl.” (laughter) – “Eat that turkey leg. Be quiet.” – (laughs)
– That’s my mom. – That’s exactly how she said it. (laughs) – I love it, I relate. – So I started eating on the turkey leg and I’m like, “No.” I went to the restroom
and I started bleeding so I told her. And I kinda convinced her to go ahead and get me to the hospital. – Convinced her? You said you were bleeding. – Yeah. I’m like, “Ma, I’m
bleeding, so this is it.” – At that point?
– She called me dramatic. – You know what, my mom does too. But I actually am, so… (laughter) But what was the call
like with the operator? Like when it was all happening? – Okay, so my mom was really scared. Once I went up under the
bridge, my water broke, so she called the operator, well the 911, and Mr. Chris Morris picked up the phone and he walks her through
it so calmly, you guys. I know you just heard
her screaming like that, but she walked through it so calmly- – Oh my god, wait, I thought that was you. – No, that was my mom. (laughter) That was my mom. (laughs) – Oh my gosh. This whole time, I thought, ’cause you’re delivering, I would’ve been like (screams). – No, my mom was doing all the screaming. – Well, I think I know where
she got “dramatic” ma’am. – Right. (laughs) – That was awesome. Okay, so Tori’s mom, Sinithia is actually in the audience along
with her new grand baby, Leilani, right? – Yes. – Oh my god, how precious. So what was it like? I mean, you were driving at first, right? – Yes.
– Driving her to the hospital. Then what happened? – She said, “Mom, she’s coming,” and she was opening her legs, I was like, “Tori, close your legs! “Close your legs! Close
your legs!” (laughs) – That’s what mamas are
always telling their daughter. (laughter) “You close those legs.” – And so I called the 911 operator and I’m trying to tell him where I’m at, do I need to stop or continue
to go to the hospital. I was so scared y’all. I burst out in sweat immediately, and he’s telling me what to do. All of a sudden, she just
popped out head first. I’m like, “Oh my god, I see her head “but not the rest of her body!” And he told me she had to push again. She came out and I was so, I guess you know as a
mom, you wanna take ’em, and I just took her and Tori’s like, “Mom!” I’m like, “Oh” and I
see the umbilical cord. I’m like, “Oh, my bad!” (laughs) – Well, you’re not used
to being in that position (laughter drowns out Kelly’s voice) – And at the same time, I’m
waving to the paramedics, the ambulance, “Here I am, here I am!” And they was like, “Oh, you
already delivered the baby.” I’m like, “Mm-hmm.” (laughter)
– “I am a goddess, yes. “I did that.” And what an amazing story though for Leilani growing up. The fact that everybody’s
healthy and safe, it’s the most amazing part of the story. Well done giving birth. Well, you helping her. Well done! – Thank you.
– So, I actually heard about, when they were coming
on, I actually heard, Kristen, you have actually
helped deliver four babies? – I have, yes. – Where were you?
– So we should talk. Because it’s a mess!
(laughter) – [Kelly] So, how? Why? – Two, I volunteered in between my freshman and sophomore
year of college in Brazil and I was volunteering in a hospital with some doctors and
nurses that came over in a very underfunded hospital. And I was there for two months and two times, women
walked in and were like, “Let’s do this.” And there is no anesthesia there, there is nothing. Sometimes we didn’t even have gloves and they were like, “Get ready to catch.” There was one Brazilian nurse there and it was unbelievable. And then I do a show called Momsplaining and I said I really want a live birth, and two women let us
be in the delivery room and I was, last year, holding legs back, in the splash zone. – In the splash zone!
– Yeah. Just watching these beautiful-
– I know what that’s like. – Yeah. I did nothing all four times but cry. Now, I travel with a catchers mitt because I feel like it comes to me, in case I need to be ready. – I’m your girl, I got you.
– Yeah. But it’s so beautiful, I
was sobbing all four times. It’s so beautiful to see a baby- – What an amazing life you’ve led. That’s random. That is so cool. So how is little Leilani doing? – She’s doing great. When she was born, she was 5.5 and she came four weeks early, so now, she’s 11 pounds and she’s eating. – That’s good, healthy baby. – Healthy and my lovely angel. – Aww, I’m so excited for y’all. That’s such a beautiful
story, how that ended. Thank you so much for coming
and sharing it with us y’all. You stayed in touch with Chris, right? – I did. He never delivered a child before, he don’t have kids of his own. – He had never delivered
a child before like that and he just was calm?
– And he was so calm. And again, my mom was the only
one doing all the screaming. – I love that that ended
up being you, Sinithia. That was my favorite part of this show. Well, here’s the thing, Chris is here. And he is eager to meet
Tori and Leilani in person, how does that sound? – Yes, I haven’t met him.
– [Kelly] Let’s bring him out. (audience cheers)
– How you doing, Chris? – I’m good. How are you?
– Come on over here. Except watch this, we
try and trick people. Nice to see you.
– You too. – How are you so calm in that, man? Meet in person.
– Hey, how are you? – Good to see you.
– Thank you so much. It’s so nice to finally meet you. – Hey, you take my seat. I’ll sit by baby love, you take my seat. Here, I’ll sit right by, I’ll sit here. We just separated your child from you. It’s fine, it’s fine. – Do you want her? – No, you’re fine.
– Okay, I do, thank you. (laughter) – So wait, tell us
about you getting a call and being like, “Well
there’s a baby on the way.” Like what kind of protocol
is set up for that, you’ve never done that before. Were you terrified?
– Well I mean, I’ve been doing this about eight years and we have certain things
that we’re trained to do, different protocols, but
this one was different because she was driving
down the side of the highway and my main focus was just trying to keep her and her mom calm as I could. – Really just her mom? (laughter)
– Well yeah. Until we can get the
paramedics there to help ’em. But when she said the
baby was coming, you know I just had to get her to pull over and we had to do what we had to do. – Good on you. Sinithia, do you wanna
say anything to Chris? – Thank you so much. I don’t know what I
would’ve done without you. I really don’t – You’re welcome. I was my pleasure. – They let me cut the umbilical cord and it was just so amazing. And they was like, “How did you do it?” And I’m like, “The 911 operator! “He told me everything!” So, by the time I cut the cord, I thought I was a pro. Thank you so much.
(laughter) – It’s harder to cut
than it looks, isn’t it? – Yes!
– It’s quite tough. My husband cut the cord on both of ours and he was like, “At the first one, “I couldn’t get through it.” – Yeah!
– He couldn’t get through it, had to ask for assistance. – It’s like a rubber hose. (laughter)
– Exactly! – But wait, Tori, you have
a special question, right? If you ever saw Chris,
you wanted to ask, right? – Yeah. Would you like to be her godfather? – Oh wow. Oh my god, that’s really
a great honor, thank you. Yeah, sure, absolutely.
– Oh my gosh! That’s so amazing. You’re such a hero in that moment, Chris. Look at you. Your husband is so scared right now. (laughter) All right, well there’s
something that you’d like to share with the family, right, Kristen? – Yeah. So my husband and I actually started a baby care company
about a year and a half ago called Hello Bello,
which is available online at hellobello.com and at Walmart, and the idea behind it was we wanted to have premium ingredients that we have access to at all
these little L.A. boutiques accessible at a price point that parents don’t have to break their budget for. No parent should choose between
their baby or their budget because parenting is hard and I’m sure you’re in
the thick of it right now. – [Kelly] And you want
the best for your kids. – You want the best for your kids and everyone deserves the
best, or at least options. So we at Hello Bello wanted
to give you a free year. So the first year,
everything will be on us, order whatever you want. – Are you insane right now?
– All her diapers, all her- No. And this beautiful basket. But yeah, you’ll get a code
and anything that you need will be yours for free
because you are such a warrior and we are very proud that she’s here. We like to say that it’s
your mom’s ingredients and your dad’s price point because my husband’s really cheap and I really like good ingredients. – I love y’all, I love y’all! – Thank you so much.
– I am so excited for you. What a blessing that gift is.
– Thank you. – Whoa, okay.

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