Make A Christmas Ball Wreath

[No audio] Welcome to my living room and we are going to start our next tutorial. And this is the Christmas ball wreath and I’m going to provide a link in the “more information” of this video. If you’re looking for ideas of what to do. First thing you’re gonna need to do is you’re gonna need to do a little bit of shopping. You’re gonna have to get yourselves some balls. And this is just what we need to do is get a standard coat hanger, and what we need up here is that we just need to untangle the top section, I’ve already done a little bit of it already. So that it opens up, so you don’t need wire cutters or anything. And then we start bending this into a circle. So, I’m gonna pretend that I’ve just done that because I don’t wanna waste your time. So, you bend it into a most perfect circle that you can possibly get, and because you’re not going to see the wire, if it’s not totally perfect, whatever, whatever, it’s not a big deal. So that’s the first thing I want you to do. So, you’re gonna have to go out and get your balls and you’re gonna need at least 80 balls. And yes, that’s a lot of balls, but… [laughs] But what I found, I went to a store, and apparently they had these big canisters, here. And they were 32 balls inside for only $9.99, and they were clearance, half price. And they’re only plastic balls, but that’s not a big deal. And they work for me. The next step you need to do is that you need to grab each ball. So, I used several purple and pink are my colors and next week this whole house is going to get transformed over. And what we need to do is that you need to get yourself a glue gun. Okay? So if you have a glue gun, crafting glue gun, this will be perfect. And you see these little knobs that are, uh, at the top? Well, these have a lot of pressure because they’re being fastened to the wire. So, what we need to do before you put it onto the wire, you have to glue in around the top section there, so that these things don’t pop off. And again, these are just plastic balls. The next step what we need to do is now that you got the glue on, is that now you are just gonna be putting these on top, onto the actual ring. Just like so. And they’re gonna fall where they may. And so, the thing about these things is that you wanna make it 3-dimensional. So, you’re gonna need a lot of balls. In order to create because it has to go all the way around the ring, that’s why you need so many of them. So, once we get that done, uh, you’re gonna really have, you’ll find yourself adjusting. I would put them on top when you’re lying this down, and feeding them on, I would put them down on a towel so you don’t scratch these balls because they are plastic and if you’re going to use glass, you want to be delicate. So, I put this down on a towel when you’re feeding this all along. And you’re going to do it until you’re totally packed in, all the way around. And you can fasten the top shut. And what I mean by fasten the top, what I did, I just went like this, I just bent this down, Okay, I bent this down and I just linked it. That’s what I did. Okay. So, that’s what we did there. The next step you’re gonna have, is that you’re gonna see a lot of gaps in between all the balls because the balls are the same size. Uh, you’re going to see too many gaps and it’s not going to be great. And you can still see the wire. So, what, I went to the Christmas store and I thought, “What am I going to do about it?” So, what I realized is that some of the cheap ass decorations, they’re shoving tinsel in between gaps just to kind of give it… it’s really just a filler, in fact even though you think it’s all Christmas-y, it’s really just a filler. So what I suggest that you do is that you run out and go buy yourself some tinsel and in this case, chose a really thick, uh, tinsel, that was $1.99. And what you see here is what, all you need to do is grab your tinsel, and just start, and just, because this is just one sided, right, the other side doesn’t have all of this tinsel that you can’t see. So, what you just do is you just tuck in your tinsel. In and underneath. And by doing that, it causes the balls to really compress outward and really be looking full. So, you’re gonna go all the way around with that, and right at the top, I provided extra tinsel at the top. So, I start at the top, work my way around and I just weaving myself in behind so if you want more tinsel, then don’t push it so deep. If you want less tinsel, just push it in further. So, that was my next step. The next thing that we did is that we looked at it and went, “Well, you know, it’s still missing something.” It still doesn’t have pizzazz. So what was did was that we ran out and Daniel provided and bought these things here for $4.99. And it was a large string of just wire with uh, plastic pink beads. And this was one big, long wire, and what we did was that we just weaved it and pushed the wire in and then all the extra pieces that are out they’re actually sticking out. So, it gives it a 3-dimensional look. And again, it’s still missing something. And realizing that the balls, because they’re all the same size, it doesn’t look as great. So the next step that we did is that we went out and got these small balls. And there was 24 of them for $4.99. And all you gotta do is just glue it, you glue it to the like the section on the side, and then you push them, you know how it’s got the tabby thing? You just gotta push it upside down and then these are all glued to a big ball that’s right beside it. And that’s how you complete this Christmas ball wreath. And it’s actually a really great project. And I would not say that it was a cheap project so this would be right about $35 or $40. It all depends on what tinsel and the balls are pretty much the most costly thing in this project. So, good luck and enjoy! [no audio]

Norman Bunn


  1. Just a thought on how to make this a little more affordable, and for all of those recyclers out there.. try your local thrift stores ie. good will, salvation army, senior center. not only are you saveing a buck, and the earth, you're giveing back to the community as well 🙂

  2. mike do you use the whole string of garlind or do you cut pieces off and place it in the wreath?
    nice job it turned out really nice

  3. whole piece, cut off any left over at the end… 1 piece will allow it to hold together better and not separate as you manipulate it.

  4. i will be browsing round our local charity shops looking for bags of baubles for mine! I can't wait to make this! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. I'm gonna attempt to make a smaller version using small 3" inch balls and a say 8" inch round wreath. I wanna make several of these and buying like 500 balls seem like much. So I picked up 4 boxes with 18 inside each. 10-20 balls per wreath might work … I hope. Also got mini garlands too. Hope this mini version of mine works. (•~•)

  6. I think it came out stunning!Great job! I found about 80 or so x-mas balls at my local thrift shops for about $10 dollars. So you don't need to buy them new. A great way to save money! I really like the colors you used. Thanx for the demo. Merry Christmas:}

  7. My attempt @ making smaller wreaths was as success. They came out beautifully and were so simple to make. Forget buying pricey store bought wreaths. I'm making my own each year and this can even be made for other occasions besides Christmas. You could paint the ornaments in pastel colors for an Easter wreath, Halloween colors for a Halloween wreath, Pink and Red for valentines. Be creative people !! Next year Im gonna make these as gifts for co-workers. Thanxs Mikey for such easy to follow inst

  8. I saw a wreath like this at home depot from Martha Stewart. I loved the xmas ornament idea but the colors on hers stopped me from buying it. It was ugly muted browns/reds. Not nice at all. Colors didnt stand out at all. Yours wreath is very pretty, love the colors and how you can buy the ornaments to suit your taste. Love ur idea much much better! You put martha stewart to shame.lol. Her wreath was about the same price as urs. Urs is much prettier!

  9. Beautiful wreath! I want to make one.

    Did he say "cheap assed ornaments" @ 3:29? LOL!

  10. Sooo freaking cute!!! this is much cheaper then buying a wreath and gluing a bunch of crap on it… this is more my budget and I can make a ton of them!! love it!

  11. Love the technique…I tried making an ornament wreath onces and it didnt come out but it was nothing like this…going to try this one..seems to be so much easier…thanks for sharing

  12. Totally love this, what a beautiful gift to give and receive… can't wait to try it!! Tks.

  13. Not sure how this happened to my brains, but I kept thinking that this video was some sort of skit because the guy kept saying "balls", "balls", "balls"…
    Almost like–what is that on SNL?–"The Delicious Dish"!
    Oh boy. Yes, I've just woken up… I shouldn't be allowed to type for at least an hour in the morning, huh.
    -sniggle- Pretty Vid!,

  14. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to try one this year! The dollar store has loads of those balls. Can't wait!

  15. Ahhhh very nice. I like how you made your own circular base vs using a store bought one. Kudos!
    Now I get to check out some of your other videos!

  16. How many times can we say "balls" in 5:57? lol

    Nice wreath – I love the colours.

  17. We bought a new tree this year and silly me bought waaaaay too many ornaments so I was searching on what to do with them all and found this!! I tried it and it's great only one problem. When I straightened out my hanger I straightened it all the way and didn't leave the hook at the top. Now when I closed the top of it I just wrapped the wire around itself but it seems really flimsy at the top, like at any moment it's going to fall apart what can I do to fix this?

  18. Wonderful easy project! Looks absolutely gorgeous!! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love the idea. To avoid breaking any balls in case the wreath falls down, you could also use paper balls. They are very sturdy, come in many size, and you can paint them any color you'd like.

  20. nice, but i thought he was gonna actually show us step by step on how to make one not talk it step by step 🙁

  21. Ok I'm too immaculate for this video. Did he say you might scratch the balls?? Lmao!

  22. Get all this stuff on clearance AFTER Xmas! I like the plastic balls. I am too clumsy for glass, plus with 2 dogs, anything can happen. This is very cool and easy — thanks!

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