Logistics Technology that Makes a Difference

It’s the modern era, if you’re shipping anything, you expect it to just get there. If you’re managing your supply chain, you expect your tools to just work. You don’t want to worry about it, you want information about it – whenever, wherever. The people at Expeditors agree. That’s why they’ve got the best folks in logistics and technology tuning that engine so your stuff keeps moving. They cut through the noise and the hype to make sure what they are building is SOLID and creates value for you. Let’s take a look under the hood. Take machine learning and artificial intelligence. Right now, Expeditors is using it to automate and optimize customer service and document management. Fewer calls and searching through papers mean faster, more accurate responses and better data. How about the “Internet of Things?” IoT technology is at the center of CargoSignal, their sensor -based service. At the click of a button, you can know everything about your freight; we’re talking tilt, temperature, shake, location – you name it! Further out on the horizon, they’re looking at things like blockchain and robotic process automation; keeping a finger on the pulse to make sure any real benefits make their way to you. That’s the future, but what about today? There’s a lot of hype out there, so Expeditors thinks trust is still the most important part of what they do, so they never implement something unless it makes a difference for you. And it’s always supported with real people. ‘Cause when things goes sideways, it’s people who set it straight. People you can talk to and trust to get things handled. They also keep great records. Nope, not the vinyl kind; the kind that means they have really great data. Data that can turn into a true powerhouse of improvements for your supply chain. They also do everything by the book, sticking to the highest standards. Because when regulations are changing by the minute, you shouldn’t have to worry about compliance. Bottom line is Expeditors has the best people around the globe using solid processes and leveraging the latest in technology to put more power into your hands and keep your supply chain stress-free. So focus on your growth, your success, your vision; because Expeditors is cranking away to make sure your freight gets to where it’s supposed to be. Digital logistics you can trust.

Norman Bunn

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