Le succès pousse aussi dans le marc de café

I’m a big fan of cooking, and for me, spices are the key to my dishes. Before, I used to buy spices and aromatic plants with my girlfriend in supermarkets. Usually they didn’t last longer than a week. We even tried to grow them outdoors. And one evening, I was surfing Amazon with
my girlfriend, and we run into LILO, a Ready to Push article. We totally fell under the spell, ordered it and the next day arrived in our house, we set it up and planted the little seeds. And after two, two and a half months we’ve already had peppers, chives, basil. It was really impressive. We all know people who want to grow plants, but don’t manage to do it. Especially in the city, because here we don’t have enough space and have very little knowledge on how to grow basil, for instance, and we have very little time to dedicate to it. LILO was created precisely to meet the need of city dwellers to have vegetables in their homes but with a very simple product. Amazon is the marketplace that offers the user the most accomplished experience. Buying a product there is extremely easy, and you can be sure to receive the product the next day. The second reason is that Amazon is the main marketplace
in Europe. which allows us at the end of the year to launch
our product in Germany and the United Kingdom, with the benefit of very efficient logistics at a lower cost to us. To tell you the truth, at first we were a little reluctant to use the services provided by Amazon because our products require very particular storage conditions. These are live products, for example the Mushroom Kit, it needs cool storage, and above all, not to be piled on top of each other, in which case the product loses its quality. So in the end, we’re very happy to ship through Amazon,
why? Because the products are stored at room temperature, and then through random arrangement, the products are really spaced apart. This allows us to, ultimately, guarantee our client that the product meets our quality standards.

Norman Bunn

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