(pop music) – Yo, what up guys. I think it’s about that time. Latoya has been moaning
the entire night. I’ma call Jillian,
we should head out. Alright? I been always thinking
about this moment, and here it is now. – [Latoya] Shhhh! – Why? You already being grumpy?
(phone ringing) We just started. – [Jillian] Hello? – Jillian? – [Jillian] Adam. It’s late, that means it’s time? (chuckles) – Let’s get ready,
lets get ready. Get up, get up, get up, get up. – [Latoya] Shhh! – [Adam] I think it’s time– – [Jillian] I’ll be
there in four minutes. –
[Latoya] Auntie Jillian. – [Jillian] About, about.
– [Adam] Four minutes? Okay, okay. Just knocked on the door. About to open it up. Jill– – Oh God are you serious Adam? You’re taping this for real? – [Adam] Let’s do this. – [Jillian] Mercy, honey.
– [Latoya] Shhh! – [Jillian] Alright, okay, Toya. We’re gonna get you out of
bed and you’re gonna come now. – Lord. I just forgot that I
need to have a car seat. Gotta take the car seat. Oh my goodness this is
real life right about now. Shucks. – [Jillian] I knew
when this was happening – [Jillian] that I was
gonna get… – [Adam] This
is five o’clock right now? – [Jillian] It’s after
fi– I know that when that one o’clock call came about Auntie Jillian this thing
just fell out of me. I ran to my bed after
we went to that function cause I knew what
was gonna happen. Look at, beside you,
that is a car seat. And Samia is coming
home with us. – [Adam] Oh wow
that just hit me. – [Jillian] Yep, so keep
your eyes on the prize. – [Latoya] And you people
think this is funny. – [Jillian] Who’s laughing? – [Adam] Who’s laughing? – [Jillian] Nobody,
we ain’t laughing. – [Latoya] I need to kneel down. – [Jillian] We in the,
kneel down? – [Adam] Need
to put your seat belt on. – [Jillian] No, Toya,
we’re driving you can’t no any kneel down. I know you’re probably… God, lord I hope this baby
ain’t coming in this car. You feeling any pressure?
(Latoya moaning) Toya, down there like something? – [Jillian] Like it’s poop?
– [Latoya] I have to poot. – [Jillian] What? – She been farting up the place. – [Jillian] Oh, I thought
she said she had to poo because when they
feel like they have to poo sometimes that’s the
baby’s head hitting. But, any water? Toya, any water? Leaking? – [Latoya] Shhh! – [Jillian] God, father. You’ll feel much better
when we get to the hospital and you’ll be able to… – [Latoya] Trust. – [Jillian] Go in your jacuzzi
and do whatever you were gonna do with the midwife. Don’t worry about anything. – It’s about that time, ya’ll. Oh my goodness. It’s real now. It’s real. Oh baby. It’s like 5 am right now. With Jillian. Come on babe let’s go. – [Jillian] You got a nice
big room here. – [Latoya]
One second, please. – [Adam] You got a big old
room just for yourself. – [Jillian] bring in
Samia, right in here. – [Adam] Contraction? – [Latoya] We’re going
to the jacuzzi tub. – [Jillian] Contractions? You got this. – [Latoya] I can’t even think. – [Latoya] Is it hot? – Real. – This is for real. – [Nurse] Check it first. To me, it’s very hot. – [Latoya] Yeah. – [Nurse] It’s too hot, right? Try and get comfortable. (nurse speaking inaudible) – [Adam] How’s
that feel, better? – It’s soothing. What up ya’ll. So it’s about, almost 7 am. – [Adam] Dee Dee must have
pressed something on your foot
yesterday. – [Jillian] Foot. – [Adam] She was doing
all that pressure point
stuff. – [Jillian]
What’s pressure points? – [Adam] Last night. – [Nurse] Everyday
since we knew her. – [Jillian] And
you’re doing amazing. This breathing you’re
doing is really great. – [Nurse] So all your
preparation is working. – [Jillian] Cannot believe
that you’re this far along. – I can’t believe I can’t
get any drugs at this point. Can I do this? – [Adam] You can do it, babe.
– [Nurse] You are doing it. You’re there. Looking at you, I’m
thinking, oh my God she doesn’t need to be here. She is almost ready
to give birth. – Are you just saying that? – [Nurse] Honestly, no.
– [Adam] No, baby. So I’m here at the hospital. She’s almost nine
centimeters dilated. Kind of hurts me man,
just to see her go through this pain
man, I can feel it. But that’s part of the process. Just gotta deal with it. I’m about to be a
father, God willing. Hopefully soon. Real life right now. Real life. – Is it natural? – [Nurse] everything you’ve
been doing is natural. – [Nurse] You’re body’s a
machine. – [Latoya] So the
baby’s gonna come soon? – [Nurse] From the
back (inaudible) This is all up to you. – [Jillian] Look
at the baby’s hair. – [Nurse] Oh, keep going,
keep going, keep going. –
[Midwife] You have to hold
it as long as you can. – [Midwife] And again. – [Jillian] Good girl, Toya. – [Adam] Good job baby. – [Jillian] Oh, good job. – [Midwife] Excellant. – [Jillian] This baby’s coming. – [Midwife] Is that
contraction gone? – [Jillian] Good job, Toya. – [Midwife] Your legs back
down so I can listen to the
baby. – [Jillian] Good job. – [Jillian] Oh, I’m
so proud of you. I want to catch her. (laughing) She has so much hair. Adam, she has a lot of hair. – [Anna] I knew she’d have a lot
of hair. – [Jillian] Oh my gosh. She has so much hair. You see her come out
and then go back. I’m like so excited
I can’t even say. – [Nurse] That’s good, again. It’s alright. – [Midwife] Latoya, good. – Practice the same
thing, we’re just gonna bear down towards your butt. Direct all that
energy towards there. – [Jillian] Latoya, good job. Good job. Here she is. – [Midwife] 4, 5, 6… – [Latoya] My alien baby.
– [Jillian] She crying now. – [Jillian] She crying now,
look at it, look at it. She looks like Adam. – [Latoya] Oh, mommas baby. – [Jillian] Yep. Oh God she’s got
the chubby cheeks. – [Latoya] Hunty’s, Samia’s
here. – [Midwife] Lift your
hand for a second, Latoya. There we go. – [Latoya] Oh and I
pushed her out naturally. – [Jillian] Girl,
without a drug. I am so proud of you. – [Nurse] Also, no asking. – [Jillian] Right? She asked but no,
she could do it. – [Adam] She asked from one to
five. – [Latoya] Yes, baby, yes. – [Jillian] (laughing)
From one to five. – [Jillian] Hold one up. There you go, cookie. Okay, jump. Awww. (laughing) She was a champion man. You went through it, what. – [Jillian] Like a
soldier. – [Latoya] I asked
for it how many times? – [Anna] Not very many times. – [Jillian] No, no. You did from 5 o’clock
this morning you asked. – [Anna] Well, you
didn’t even scream. – I couldn’t, if
I scream I knew I would’ve just let
myself go and just would have been like… – [Jillian] But right now
I’m gonna tell you something, I think I cried more
than the baby. (laughing) – I was bawling when she came. Look, she’s sucking now. She latched. – [Anna] Yeah, it looks good. – I’m so happy. – [Adam] I’m here with Anna. – Hi. – [Adam] The room’s
just right here. (baby crying) – I’m sure you can
hear baby Samia crying cause she has very big lungs. – [Anna] She’s a happy, healthy
baby. – [Adam] She is… A singer, maybe.
(Anna laughing) I don’t, we’ll see. – Or she could just
be loud like her mom. No, she could just
be like her mom. – [Adam] MmmHmm. – [Jillian] Toya worked
from five till 11 and had the baby, now we’re out. – [Anna] Now we’re out. (laughing) Clocking out. – [Jillian] That is so funny. (baby crying) – [Granddaddy] I go into
(unintelligible) like a
fool. – [Latoya] Granddaddy? Nobody say nothing. – [Latoya] I know, I called you. We called you guys. Isn’t she cute, she looks
like her granddaddy. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – And that was false. – [Latoya] I was in labor
on my own, like early labor, from one to five on my own. – [Latoya] Oh, please.
– [Jillian] And six
centimeters she did here. (all talking at once) – Yeah, cause Jillian
sent me the text. – I
didn’t even know that. – [Jillian] She didn’t know. When we got to the
hospital they went oh, you’re six centimeters. – What a beast. – [Anna] Yo, you
almost had it at home. – Huh? – [Anna] You almost had that
baby at home. – [Latoya] I
almost had the baby at home. – [Latoya] Adam was like,
just wait, just wait They’re supposed to call. I’m like, no I gotta
go out right now. – [Anna] Adam was about
to become a midwife? –
[Latoya] She was tired. – What was the drive there like? – [Jillian] The drive there? No, no, when I came
here through the door she went, ” I want drugs.” (laughing) Naw, you don’t want drugs now. And she was okay. So, every contraction
she in the washroom and she’s like this, “Oh.” And then when the
contraction goes, she goes, ” Put the foundation
inside there.” (laughing) – [Latoya] And mascara,
please remember that. – [Jillian] Okay, make sure
the mascara is in there. – [Latoya] Yeah. – [Jillian] Don’t forget
the make up, put the makeup. – [Latoya] Oh, no, do
not forget the make up. Where’s my makeup bag? – [Jillian] I’m like,
Latoya are you serious? – [Anna] So where’s the midwife? – [Jillian] Adam vlogged while– – [Latoya] Oh she’ll be
here tomorrow morning. – [Anna] Oh, okay. – [Latoya] But she was with
us for like the whole time. – [Anna] That’s so cool. – And I had the doula. – [Latoya] Doula was good.
– [Anna] This is crazy. Like, you’re just
sitting here like… – [Jillian] Nothing. – That’s how it’s
supposed to be. When you don’t have the drugs
and all that kind of stuff. – Like, she looks like
Latoya. – [Jillian]
That’s why she’s so up. Because she’s not drugged out. – Yeah, her eyes are open. She’s smiling, you know. – And then hopefully
she’ll sleep. – [Anna] Ha, ha, sleep? (all talking at once) – Yeah, she’s beautiful. – [Anna] She came
out with that Remy. And a closure. – [Latoya] They’re
gonna take out all that stuff in her hair. Aww, look at her. (all talking at once) – [Latoya] The chair
came in handy, right? This is my best friend. This chair. – [Anna] Oh so you
guys are playing calming music when you feed her? – Yeah. – [Anna] Auntie Jillian’s
like, turn on the Soca. (laughing) You know? – Oh, by the way when
you were in labor Jerome was singing
from the hall, ah push it. (laughing) – Hell no, (unintelligible) – Never, I’ll never
forget that pain. Oo, that pain. – Guys, I’m about
to put her to bed for the first time ever. It’s an amazing feeling. Hey, baby. I love you. I want you to be nice
to your Mommmy, okay. She loves you a lot. So when you see her
sad, give her a hug. When you get older, don’t go against her. Even if you think you’re right. And if I’m gone, take
good care of her. Okay, baby? (soft music) ♪ You are my sunshine ♪ You are my sunshine ♪

Norman Bunn


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