KNAUF The Delivery Drone

It’s pretty straightforward, actually. You open the app on your smartphone. Then, you choose your product and order it from your local retailer. You proceed to payment and you confirm your geolocation with a 360-degree photo. Make sure the surface is level and open. Finally you press the ‘fly over’ button. And now we wait. As one of the largest building material producer of the world, Knauf off course, has always invested a lot in innovative and durable products but is also delivering some exceptional logistics. That’s why Knauf has invested since so many years into inland water transportation, using boats. We spent 6 times less energy than using regular trucks. It is also 100 to 300 times less risk accindental on our roads. And for us we can say that on yearly basis, we save around 18.000 trucks. There are many things that make Knauf Knauf. We have a long history. We’re established. But now we are looking into the future. We’ve shaped the future of construction products. And now we will even shape the future of logistics. How? We’re targeting tomorrow by experimenting with self-flying drones that can deliver last-minute orders to customers weighing up to 25 kilograms. The technology is still in its infancy, but we’ve already pulled off several successful flights. And it doesn’t stop there, you know. We’re thinking even further ahead. We are in the process of developing and designing our own high-tech Unmanned Aerial System. It’s a modular system for transporting heavy building materials – gypsum boards for instance – to construction sites in a flash. These solar-powered drones are equipped with energy-efficient hydrogen technology perfect for long-distance flights and heavy weights. I can’t wait to get them up there!

Norman Bunn

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