Karen Burniston Die 1116 Parcel Pop Up Assembly

hello it’s Karen Burniston here with an
assembly video for one of our die sets this is die number 1116 the
parcel pop-up and you can check out all of our die designs at KarenBurniston.com the parcel pop-up is a very generic die
it just makes a pop-up parcel or box and it has an extra mechanism behind it that
allows something to pop up and out of the box as the card opens and closes you
can style it like a box you can style it like a present it does come with a bow
for when you want to make it a present you can have fun with having the lid of
the box come up on the arm so that it actually just opens and reveals
something inside so it works great in a top fold card that it also works great
in a bottom fold card so for the video today I thought I would show a technique
for making a clear front so that you can see the Box in the closed position but
not the items inside the box those don’t get revealed until you open it and I
thought it would be fun to make mine as a we’ve moved card so I’ve even added
some bubble wrap to the front of the card now this could easily be adapted
into a birthday or a holiday card just eliminate the bubble wrap but still use
the clear front and then swap out the styling on the box and the contents
you always choose your card size and for today’s card I went with a piece of Navy
cardstock 5 inches by 6 inches and scored it at 5 inches so that’s a 1 inch
flap at the bottom and then for the inside of the card I decorated both the
square and the flap was just some blue patterned paper then I did that again
with another 5 by 6 piece of card stock but this time I just added a little bit
to the flap so that it’s just a little bit longer like maybe a sixteenth of an
inch longer that just helps since it’s on the outside going around that fold
okay at the top I’m going to use our new flap and closure die set to make the
closure so first I’ve die cut the flap that has a fold in tapered tab so I’ll start
by just adding some glue to that tapered tab and putting it up behind my card
now I’m using my Lineco neutral pH adhesive and my fine tip bottle and we
do sell both of those items on our website
so you can often find clear plastic like this in your favorite craft store but if
not they do sell it on Amazon I like to go for the 0.02 inch or the 500 micron
that’s just a little bit thicker and it does have a coating on both sides so you
would take that coating off to make it clear and then what I’ve done is I’ve
just cut a panel of that clear plastic that’s 5 inches wide to match my card
but just a little bit shorter so it doesn’t get bunched up under the flap so
it’s about 4 and 3/4 on the height and when I’m working with clear materials I
always use dry adhesives I just think they adhere better so I’m just using my
ATG gun there to add some strips of tape runner across the bottom flap to hold my
clear front on okay remember I’m making a we’ve moved card so I’m gonna add some
bubble wrap to the front this would be a step that you would skip if you were
doing a different type of card but I just thought that would be a fun look
and luckily I get to pop some of the bubbles because the ones across the
bottom I really want to get those flat so that I can put the card over the top
later and I don’t want my bubble wrap to be
flappy so I’ll have to figure out some way to pin it down at the top too so I
decided just a thin row of tape runner at the top of the plastic pin it down
pop those bubbles and then go in with just a fold-over piece of cardstock to
hide the adhesive okay back to my flap and closure die set
it does have a decorative die to be able to decorate the flaps and I want to
decorate the outside of the flap before I add my closure but then I’ll save the
piece for the inside until after it’s on so that it can cover the Brad prongs so
what I like to do is just take the washer from that die set and put it in
place where I plan to have it and then just pencil through the center so that I
know where to stack up my spacers and then I’m going to put the other half of
my closure on the flap of the extra cardstock that I haven’t added yet and
so I’m just using the flap as a guide to figure out where it’s going to be even
and just put my washer in place and pencil through the center
okay speeding things along here I’m going to stack up three spacers I just
went ahead and cut those with double-sided adhesive on the back of the
card stock to make it easy they’re just stickers I stack them up and then I’m
just using a paper piercer to pierce down through the spacers to get the
holes for my Brad’s okay so I’ve found a couple decorative Brad’s in my stash I’m
gonna put one through the washer and then for the bottom part of the closure
I’m just going to open up the Brad on the inside so that one’s done
so it’s just washer on top of spacers put on with a brad for the top one I’m
going to put my twine through the hole first then it goes decorative Brad
through the washer down through the spacers and open up the prongs and then
I can use those prongs to just wrap the leftover twine around them then just
secure it with a little dot of glue then I’m able to put my paper over the top to
just hide everything and make sure that it’s just trapped there permanently I’m just using some strong red line tape
across the bottom and then I’ll just make sure that the folds line up to get
my flap closure there on the front of the card and then on the back I can just
open up the layers add some glue and secure down the back of the card okay so
that’s how you can make a cool 5×5 flap closure bottom fold clear front card or
in my case bubble wrap clear front card there are 14 individual dies and the
parcel pop up so lots of good generic decorator pieces included and I’m doing
a cardboard box so I’ve decided to use a dark kraft color for my mechanism my
flap and my biggest square and you can use any die-cutting machine that can
accommodate a wafer-thin die today I’m using my Spellbinders Platinum 6 this
piece is the slider arm and I’ll die cut that out of navy okay since I’m
die-cutting I’ll just keep going here for some of my decorator pieces these
stitched pieces that decorate the box I’m going to do those out of a little
bit lighter kraft card stock I’ve got my dark brown arrow since I’m doing a
cardboard box and then I need this little decorative rectangle that is
actually part of the slider arm okay I’m going to quickly style my cardboard box
before I put the pop-up together so there’s the piece that makes the flap of
the cardboard box and that has a fold in tapered tab so when you’re doing a
cardboard box situation you would just add the adhesive to the tapered tab and
just glue it behind the big square then if you want to further decorate that you
do have those decorator pieces that have the stitch lines in them that are sized
to fit on that box leaving a little shadow and then my last bit of styling
is to add my dark brown arrow sort of a “this end up” arrow that you would see
sometimes on moving boxes okay for the pop-up pieces the first step is to get
rid of that little tee piece of paper if that’s still in there pop that out okay
the first thing I’m going to do is find the folds in my slider arm so it’s a
mountain fold the top and then a valley-fold and you do want
to make sure you fold right on the lines I can see here that I got a little
crooked with my second fold so just straightening that up you can also use a
bone folder if you want to kind of reinforce those folds okay and then the
flaps sticking out to the right are actually reinforcing flaps so they fold
to the back so let me just fold that top one to the back that will basically kind
of go right in the middle of that hole there to create a notch on that side and
then the long one also folds to the back and then on the back I’m not going to
glue down the long reinforcer but I am going to glue down the short one so the
one here I can just go ahead and add my adhesive all over the inside of that
fold it over and press it down okay so just pinching that until the glue sets
up now when I look back on the front again you can see that have that tab at
the top then I have a couple notches then I have my long piece at the bottom
so with my blue piece in one hand I’m going to pick up my kraft piece with the
other and the idea is to bring the top part of my blue piece up through the
kraft piece right in this location and what I’m looking to do is get the
notches on the blue piece into that little T notch area of the kraft piece
so the first side will be easy I can just kind of wiggle it in in fact it’ll
be so loose that you’re gonna see it just falls right through whoops so let
me try that again so I need to get the notch in the notch on the left side and
then holding it so it doesn’t fall through again now I can grab the kraft
notch on the right side and just pull it around the blue piece until the notches
are in the notches so that’ll just trap those two pieces together so those two
pieces are now hooked together you can see the notches are in the notches it
just kind of dangles there it has movement to it on the back you can see I
still have that long piece that I haven’t glued down yet okay on the front
I’m gonna slow this way down okay bringing just that top tab so it’s
flat on the front remember this is kind of an accordion folded piece so the top
flap flat on the front and then on the back I
can fold down the long piece so basically I’ve gotten everything
flattened down okay out here on the end of the kraft piece there’s a short
little tab and it folds this way and it’s actually going to end up getting
sandwiched right in between that blue piece now you might think how on earth
is that going to happen we need to work our folds on the kraft piece now so that
we can bring those two together so back on the front again I put my thumb’s
underneath those skinny parts of the kraft piece and I push up so I’m just
finding those little folds right here and right here then I’ve got the other
end of the skinny piece right where it touches the big large piece right there
there’s some folds so those will go the other direction some Mountain folds so
basically by accordion folding the kraft piece like this now look what happens
when I turn it around it’s basically brought those two pieces
together so now the blue piece when it’s in its flat position and I open it up
I’m actually able to sandwich in that little kraft tab in between the two
layers as I glue them down okay back to regular speed but remember
you can back this up and watch that section as many times as you need to I’m
gonna open up the blue and add some glue inside and a little bit at the bottom
there too since it’ll need to glue to both sides of the little kraft tab and
then just keep everything nice and flat fold the kraft tab up and into the
adhesive and then fold over the blue tab and that will just trap the kraft one in
between it and that is how you get that slider arm attached to the pop-up
there’s one last fold in the kraft piece that’s right here it folds to the back
so now that’s going to create basically the pop-up box structure with the extra
slider arm behind it so this is how it looks when it’s all assembled and ready
to go into the card so I’ll show you from all angles okay I could put this inside the card
but actually I am going to decorate first with my decorative box and before
I do that I’m going to add that little rectangle to the blue panel so I can
kind of pull this up so I can get access to it and what I’m looking to do is glue
that to that blue panel lining up the top edges so the adhesive needs to go on
the blue because the kraft rectangle is longer than the panel and then I want to
make sure that the tail is down inside the box and then just line up the top
edges so when you go to fill the box everything will be attached to that
kraft piece that’s attached to the blue one so the kraft one is your slider arm
you can see it’ll go up and down as the card opens and closes okay I like to add the decorative box to
the pop-up before I install it inside the card and to do that I just need my
adhesive all over the front face of that pop-up and then just stick the box to it
I like to stay a little bit up from the fold just so it doesn’t bunch down in
there when the card closes so I just like to give it a little bit of
breathing room right along the fold at the bottom just a teeny bit showing now
one reason I’d like to add that box before putting the pop-up inside the
card is because then I can go in there and just make sure that I don’t have a
catch point right where the two pieces meet so there’s kind of a little ledge
there and just depending on what goes on the slider arm you might find that your
item comes down and just happens to hit that ledge just perfectly so to make
sure that doesn’t happen I just like to use regular old scotch tape or you could
use washi tape any kind of tape across that seam we’ll just make sure that it’s
smooth and it can’t become a catch point for whatever item you put on your slider
arm later okay time to add the pop-up to the card so I will start by attaching
the base of the pop-up which is this section here so I just need a strong
adhesive on I’m a big fan of using glue for this and just coat that with
adhesive and then I want the ends of that piece to line up right with the
fold of the card and of course you can choose your location along the fold I’m
just going to center it and of course what’s nice about it being glue is that
I can just kind of slide it a little bit before the glue sets up to make sure
that I get the ends right in the fold of the card and that I feel like it’s
pretty well centered okay so now I want to attach the other side of the pop-up
and I do that by making sure everything is nice and flat keeping it nice and
flat and then adding my glue to the back of the piece over here and I can
basically do an L of glue so I can put it on the sides and up and I need to
keep a lot of area in the middle that doesn’t have any adhesive that’s where
the slider arm is that’s got to be able to move in there and then just keeping
everything flat I just want to close the card against that exposed adhesive and
this is of course a time when you would want to give it some time now I have to
watch that not popping my bubble wrap in doing this
I just gonna reach in and give it a good press okay a careful first check opening
it up I can see the slider arm is coming up I’m gonna look in from the sides and
make sure that my adhesive is down and oh I can see that it’s actually not
adhered right here and here so I’m just gonna go in there and press that down
until it sets up okay so that is all installed inside my card and ready for
filling there are several great generic decorator dies in the set and a couple
of them can be combined to make a sign so I’ve got a rectangle and then I have
the signpost that has some decorative woodgrain score lines on it and I just
did my we’ve moved sign on the computer I didn’t have a good stamp for it
okay and in addition to that sign I’m using the memory charms the garden
charms the beach charms and the lamp out of the family room set so lots of
decorator dies from other sets to create all those little items to fill my moving
box now as I’m arranging my sculpture I have to remember that these have to
slide down into that box so there’s a width requirement and that extra square
that comes in the set is actually a good judge of how wide your sculpture can be
I went ahead and cut it twice out of clear and then usually those two squares
just attached with a thin line of tape is a good height that will fit in a five
inch tall card so I created my sculpture on those
pieces of transparency I’m not gonna put the flip-flops in yet because I think
I’ll add those after and then up here at the top any amount of the transparency
that’s sticking up above my sculpture I’m just gonna go ahead and cut that off
okay so a couple notes on the bottom I started up from the bottom of the
transparency I don’t know inch inch and a half just because some
of its just gonna be hidden in the box so there was no reason to put decorative
items at the very bottom where you would never see them and then I stayed within
the limits of the transparency on widths for the TV and the picture frame but
then as I got a little higher I was able to flare out a little bit wider because
I know that those items at the top will be higher than those side supports of
the Box now the easiest is probably to go in and just add glue to that slider
arm but of course I’m using a clear material so I had to try and get in
there and get a piece of tacky tape but I just reach in on the side of the box
and feel until the bottom of the transparency is even with the bottom of
my slider arm and that’s how I know I have good placement and then it will all
fit in there it now comes the moment of truth where I get to close the card and
see if the top stays within the card and it does so I chose wisely on the height
of my piece that it stays within the card slides up and down nicely and my
last little bit of decoration were the flip-flops I added them up high enough
so that they wouldn’t be an issue because they don’t have to actually
slide down into the box like the TV and the picture frame do
now if I were mailing this card I would use an a7 envelope it fits nicely in
that it’s a little thick because of the bubble wrap so I’ll probably need extra
postage but if I didn’t use the bubble wrap I wouldn’t it would actually mail
just for a single stamp okay I’m ending with design team cards
but I’m doing it quickly because this is a very long video I did want to point
out that the parcel pop-up is wide enough to hold a standard sized gift
card Karen here just decorated the pop-up as a coffee cup this one I like
Lois that she added a gas can the parcel pop-up is so generic you’ll be able to
use it really for any season any holiday just swap out whatever you’re having
come up out of the middle you can obviously use your stamps you can use
dies you can use pre-made embellishments some combination of all three patterned
paper I mean just have fun with it our design team is just amazingly talented
and they are big participants in our Facebook group that Karen Burniston Pop Up Peeps so they’re constantly posting cards in there as well as a lot
of people from all over the world so a great place to join if you want pop-up
inspiration using our dies love how Sandy decorated it as a cake on this
card also great just for floating greetings and then check out these ideas
by Karen Aicken turning it so that it becomes a snake with a stick out I love
you tongue covering the whole front of the pop-up with clouds and then a dragon
pops up in the middle and then this one’s very clever she actually added
extra arms so that the Penguins and the igloo all slide up as the card opens
the Parcel Pop up die set will be available on our website as well as a
lot of your favorite online and local retailers to starting mid-november 2019
thanks for watching if you click on the website link you’ll
go to KarenBurniston.com where you can find out information about purchasing
these dies as well as links to all my other social media accounts you can
subscribe to this YouTube channel and check out some of my other videos thanks
so much for watching and I’ll see you next time

Norman Bunn


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