How To Speed Up The Ebay Listing Process Efficiently

hi there sorry about the delay
having some technical issues but I’ve got it all sorted now so I am live on my
dropship blonde page and I had a question in my facebook group today and I thought
I would come on live and answer it here for you so I’m just going to share this
video with my group so bear with me two seconds let’s go find them
so they can benefit as well there we go let’s add it here as well
brilliant so that should be streaming in there as well and if you’ve got any
questions just put them into the comments below either in the groups or
on my dropship blonde page and I will be able to answer it later probably easier
guys if you do have a question is to put it on the dropship blonde page because I
can go and easily have a look there rather than flicking backwards and
forwards between between the pages and the group’s okay so what was the
question well hopefully you can see the question. Here it is so this is the
question I have this morning from Alison so she’s just curious when you’re
listing ten different items on eBay researching them editing the content
listing them how long on average does it take you because it’s taking her
obviously a long a time so first question the first answer to this first
thing I’m going to address is not getting bogged down about having ten
items to list every day because that is ideal but it’s
time-consuming and especially when you’re first starting out and you’re
learning you’re going to get overwhelmed by trying to do ten a day so my advice is
it’s better to do a smaller number and stay consistent than it is to do ten in
one day and do nothing for the next two to three days so if you feel you can do
two to three a day then do two to three a day but you’re not having to get these
listings completely optimized the right keywords the
title at the moment right at the beginning what you wanted
to do just get them listed okay and max out your listings and then you can go
back and you can tweak so if you’re just doing your listings then getting the
titles done getting the keywords done and doing it all in one go that’s
probably not productive it’s not the best use of your time it’s so much
easier if you can take each stage and focus on that and do things in bulk
which is what I do. Okay so the tool that I use a lot of the time is
the tool that we’ve got already within Infinii and that’s our product
research tool so quite often when I’m going in to search new products I’ll
just think what’s the last product that I sold on Amazon & eBay alright so the
last product for me today and I’ve only just checked and it is a storage box
and I’m just going to look in the US and I’m just going to press search might
take a little bit of time because of being live quite a number of windows
open here but hopefully you can see and it’s loaded alright okay so this is
listing a load of storage boxes that you’ll be able to find on Amazon and
then I’m just going to filter this by reviews and get the ones at the top should we do this by ranking as well yeah okay right so that’s pulled up a
lot of storage boxes now great tip is when you trying to get a lot of
listings up and a number of listings we’re not having to do new work new
titles new research is to go for items that have got variations all right so I
was flicking through earlier and I found all you got just just do
is click here but I found this one here it’s got lots of
variations okay so I’m going to click on it and you can see here it’s got nine or
ten different variations now what should come up has come up here at the top is
I’ve got the price blink app loaded and and I’m going to just click on this down
here now you can see other places that you can source this product as well and
that can be really useful when you’re doing your eBay listing if you’re
looking for other photos other keywords and if you click down here you can
see that it’s on eBay so I would just click on eBay and that’s done doing the
research for you really quickly you’re finding lots of different
listings with that particular item on and looking at the prices so the prices
are varying between 33 up to 40 pounds for sorry $40 okay and we’re
sourcing it from Amazon at $24.99 so yes there’s profit in there so worth listing
okay so all you need to do is go back to the product research tool and
you can for your first listing build eBay listing that’s literally
click on that button here and it will list it for you now I have done a video
on how the listener and tracker works and I’ll put a link to that in the
comments below after I’ve finished but I won’t need to go through how you do the
listing but you’ve got your first one up
next what I would do is I will go on to ebay and what I want to put in here
actually one of the things before I do go on I just wanted to show you if we
just look on here I love going to wayfair because wayfair find the product
it might be that you’re not going to use that as a supplier because it’s actually
more expensive but if you click on it then go down the bottom here and you
will find some related searches and that can just give you a bit of an idea of
what keywords you might want to start off with so I saw here that was it’s a
toy chest so I’m going to go back in here to eBay and start typing atoy chest
and see what it comes up with so these are the keyword phrases that people are
looking for so I’m going to go for tea chest toy chest for boys so did say
tea chest earlier if I did I do apologize I want it best match and
always make sure that if you are I just wanted first of all to
go into distance nearest first and just check I need to put my shipping location
as USA just double double check that it is okay that’s only bringing up 41
results so if I go which is great so it’s obviously not a lot of competition
for that keyword phrase that people are actually searching for but there’s not a
lot of listings with that up so if I did a boy toy storage box actually look here
eighteen thousand one hundred and twenty nine results so let’s go with that
toy chest for boys now again I’ve got a video that I go into so much more
detail on this and again I’m going to put it in the link below a link to a playlist which has got eight
videos on lots of tips and tricks on how to do titles and various other things so
have a click on that and you’ll get a lot more information so I would then go
to my spreadsheet here and I would put I put the keywords I’m going to
optimize for here I then would build my title again look at the video that I’ve
done on that previously and then all I would do is bring that down so
that’s going to be my title but I’m just going to change the last word to
crocodile just double check that it’s still within your 80 characters and
then this one I would change to leopard because you can’t have the same title so
just change one of the keywords so you could have your five listings ready
to go up really really quickly and then move on to another product
you’ve got your title you’ve got your keywords you’re going to
optimize but as I say get everything up first then go back and do your
tweaking so there is no problem in getting 3 5 7 9 10 whatever amount of
listings you want to get up in a day you can do that don’t think they’ve got to
be perfect from day one but then go back and just focus on your keywords to
optimize and then focus on your titles and then you can go back and change
add the item specifics that you need and then optimize your description
and of course we go through all that training within Infinii so if you’re
doing this in stages focusing on different parts of the process you’ll be
able to do it far more effectively rather than one at a time and getting
that particular item perfect so hopefully that does
help and let me just go this shows you the playlists that I’ve got on
YouTube drop shipping on ebay top tips 2018 so lots of resources there guys so
go and have a look there because that’s going to really
help you with more ideas with titles and keywords and things like that all right
so let’s just see if there are any questions while I’m live let’s have a look
but if not then please pop a question below I will come back and answer it
let’s just see if I’ve got anything before I leave you not that I can see at
this moment have you got anything a few likes but no questions all right okay so
hopefully that was useful guys and I will speak to you very very soon take
care bye for now

Norman Bunn

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