all right we got another long video for
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this video is all about how I shop for fragrances online and get the best deals
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other question but today we’re gonna talk about how I shop for fragrances
online and get the best deals and in this video I’m also gonna cover how I
shop for fragrances also at retail locations and also I deal with the
stores all over the world and you see me I travel a lot and I
at places in Paris in Italy in Spain and England so I’m a thrifty shopper because
I’m spending so much money on perfumes and perfumes are not cheap they’re very
very expensive items and I specifically want to make sure that I get the best
deals as I can and if I’m not gonna getting any discounts whatsoever I want
to get some goodies out of it like I specifically request for discounts right
up front if I’m at a retail location if they don’t have discounts which a lot of
places like Neiman Marcus Saks Bloomingdale’s will never do discounts
on perfumes or fragrances then I asked for goodies and goodies could mean mini
bottles or some kind of a gift the candle
it could mean lots of samples and those kind of things and usually they’ll have
those kind of things and if you’re spending a big chunk of money and
dropping a ton of money at a store and I don’t feel bad about asking for goodies
in addition to you know buying that perfume that I’m spending top
dollar on so for example there are fragrance is like the Prive collection
of fragrances from Dior or Chanel’s Les Exclusives if I ever buy those I
specifically asked for their minis because they have those and they don’t
like to give them away unless you know about it
some people that are nice they will offer those but I always also go the
extra mile and request to rather than one like when I go to the stores and
you know they give they give them to me you just keep asking them they have them
they have tons of them and sometimes they just don’t like to offer those as
gifts and same thing with the Tom Ford the Decanter Flacons the big bottles
you’re supposed to get an atomizer with that purchase a lot of times sales
associates do not go the extra effort and give you that free atomizer if you
don’t have that atomizer how in the heck are you supposed to use that fragrance
you can’t just dab it with that big top with that Decanter Flacon on so if you
ever buy those Decanter Flacons please please PLEASE ask for the free atomizer
it’s a 10 ml atomizer it comes in a box you’re supposed to get one do not forget
to get that so if you’re shopping the retail locations
make sure to ask for freebies after you asked for a discount because you’re
gonna ask for discount I always ask I’m not feeling bad about it I’m
spending like three four five six seven hundred eight hundred dollars nine
hundred a thousand plus on perfumes I don’t feel bad about asking a discount
so you shouldn’t feel bad about asking for discounts as well so going on moving
on to buying the perfumes online first of all get to know which brands each
store carries for example places like luckyscent twisted lily zgo
perfumery Selfridges even now ships to the States any places like these kind
of online retail locations I mean online establishments just get to know what
they have for example luckyscent twisted lily those are some of the
bigger online perfume shops and usually typically they don’t ever discount
anything but they have such a huge catalog of brands that you can’t get
anywhere else and smaller brands and all that
kind of stuff you get to know what they have and when you’re in need of a
fragrance from a specific retailer like lucky scent which lucky scent has tons
of brands that not any retailer any retailers have so you want to know some
of the fragrances that they have they also sell samples so just get to know
get to know the the the catalog of brands they carry and of course
sometimes within a catalog is only a certain amount of fragrances they don’t
carry everything it all depends on what sells and what doesn’t sell and what
fits their store and all that good stuff so not only get to know the brands that
these stores carry and then also get to know what fragrances from the brands
they have now I would suggest you signing up for newsletters from these
stores that’s the best thing you could do in order to find out about what
they’re selling what they bring on in the future any kind of promotions they
have a lot of these stores do not ever have promotions there are full retail
suggested retail stores and they’re only gonna have you know the store in the
fragrances at the suggested retail prices now very very occasionally they
will have discounts or sometimes they have free
shipping and all that good stuff I think they have free shipping on a certain
amount of purchase but sometimes they even had additional promotions or
something so always keep an eye out and signing up for their newsletters I think
is the best thing you could do because you’re gonna be kept up to date as to
what they’re getting if they’re gonna have a promotion for example we just had
the holidays you know right after Thanksgiving Black Friday a lot of these
stores had sales promotions and all that good stuff aside from cyber monday all
that good stuff so you always want to keep up to date with these stores
another store I shop at also is beauty habit so there’s so many stores out
there and you just want to if you’re really into this and you want to get the
best deals sign up for a bunch of newsletters from different stores and
actually if you feel like you’re gonna get bombarded with too many emails then
set up a free gmail account specifically for perfumes and then just get all those
emails coming in there and you can have multiple email accounts in your you know
like iPhone or something and you can always check to see what they’ve emailed
and what kind of promotions they’re having if they’re having if they’re
bringing on any new brands and all that good stuff then you can find out and
you’ve been curious about something and you can take advantage of it so those
are one of the things that you definitely should do as far as shopping
online goes now going back to doing it you know in a retail establishment like
going into a store physically I make friends with sales associates those are
one of the things I like to do and I like to stick to one person or two
persons generally just one person within a store because I’m giving them the
sales they’re making their Commission and they’re keeping me up to date with
what’s available although they don’t do a good job at with that kind of stuff
sadly because I keep pushing them to find out what’s coming but a lot of them
are so busy they don’t ever tell me what they have received lately and all that
good stuff so I keep nagging them all the time but I go to them and I buy from
them and they they do treat me well usually like they’ll give me discounts
if they have them they’ll notify me about discounts that they’re having and
usually they don’t have discount but sometimes they do and so they just
always keep me up-to-date and of course if I’m buying full retail they’re also
gonna give me lots of goodies that I will feel good about buying you know
full retail fragrances so those are some of the things you could do stick to one
sales associate I always do because I don’t want if I go to another sales
associate at the same retail establishment then that other one that I
used going to is gonna feel off you know that you kind of like betrayed them kind
of you know retail wise and you went to somebody else so stick to one person get
to know them let them get to know you in that way you can have a little rapport
with them and also they know you they’ll you know remember you and all that good
stuff and those are the best things you could
do with a sales associate because if you get to know them and they get to know
you you’re gonna be treated well and some of these stores also like Neiman
Marcus or places like that they’re a little on the snooty side so if you feel
a little shy about getting to know these people just don’t be shy about it get in
there get get you know you know talk about the products if you should you
know speak to them and you sound like you know what you’re talking about then
they’re gonna be like okay this is a definitely somebody that’s really into
this stuff when they’re gonna you know start treating you you know respectfully
and all that good stuff so for me searching for the best discounts online
is the first thing to do and my friend is Google if you don’t use Google or use
something else like Yahoo or you know whatever the other browser I use Google
but I’ve been kind of switching back and forth with DuckDuckGo but usually it’s
Google and the very first thing I’m gonna do is type in a fragrance name
into Google and it’s gonna bring up the fragrances and it’s gonna give up give
me a list of different retailers that are selling it and you’re gonna find the
best deals the doing that whereas if you search for something that’s not at the
discounters let’s say for example it’s only available lucky scent it’ll bring
up their particular sale link which is not really a sale it’s just where you
can buy from and you’ll go there but if it’s something that’s at the discounters
and it’s just discounted really really a lot then you’ll see a ton of different
Plays of different retail locations you can go to and pick and choose the
different places one thing I would also advise you is don’t be afraid of buying
things from places that you might not be familiar with I use an American Express
card and they have been very very good to me and luckily though I’ve never
really had any problems with retail establishments of buying perfume I’ve
had things break and spill or sprayers not working and things like that where
I’ve had to have a replacement or get my money back but thankfully I never have
experienced you know a fake perfume which I hear people having issues with
but then I’m pretty cautious with where I buy I look and see the retail
establishment if it’s not something I know of like if it’s an off-brand retail
establishment I always do some research about them I see them look them up and
look at their details at the bottom they’ll have all the income Pinilla
murmee ssin all that good stuff you want to know a little bit about them
before you know it you know jumping into buying a something that might cost you
later so I always do my research and make sure that there are legitimate
retailers to buy from so that’s one thing I do for the first thing is if I’m
looking for a fragrance the first thing I do is type it into Google and and I
search for the fragrance now the other thing I want to also say is don’t be
afraid of buying testers I buy testers all the time I don’t have a problem with
buying testers I think they’re gonna be discounted further even than having a
full you know packaging and all that good stuff and you’re gonna get the best
deal if you don’t care about the presentation and then test result fine
because in the end a man after the bottle if the bottle is there it looks
fine then testers definitely should be fine you’re only only time that I hate
testers is when they don’t have the cap that is the only time I hate it and
sometimes I don’t buy those particular testers I do but sometimes I don’t
because I want the cap and and some testers come without the cap and that’s
the only time that I think twice about buying testers but testers are fine and
they’re further discounted than regular like recently I found a really awesome
pen Halligan’s fragrance that sold for almost $200 and it was only
like $39 it’s like okay that’s a great discount
it was completely brand-new I had to buy it from fragrance net and a great thing
to do is I wish they had a section that they had testers you can just go through
testers to see what you want to buy I think they might even but I’m not 100%
sure they do but I was looking for a fragrance and I just ran into that
particular sale and I bought it I bought I’m brave Royale from I think it’s ombre
royal Santa royal from Guerlain it’s like a two hundred dollar bottle 4.2
ounce of fragrance and it was like $69 so the pricing for testers is mr. tester
obviously is out-of-this-world great and it’s a great sale so I always snatch
those up I always do because testers are totally fine for me I buy them all the
time and you get the best deals with them now if it’s a new fragrance and
it’s just launched let’s take for example designers they always hit the
discounters all the time comes out it takes about four to six months before
they hit the discounters so if you want a deal for a brand new release from the
designers then you probably have to wait a bit but sometimes if I don’t want to
wait a bit and it’s like a very very common designer brand and I usually go
to Macy’s to buy it or if it’s available at the other stores like Nordstrom or
you know Bloomingdale’s and places like that I asked for goodies because I’m not
gonna pay full retail and not get goodies out of it so I do get those
goodies and sometimes you know there’s a special promotion with this particular
fragrance there’s a you know a ditty bag a cosmetic bag or so there’s a mini
bottle or a 10 ml atomizer with brand I’ve always asked for that stuff I’m
gonna get it I’m gonna get as much juice as I can if I want to pay full retail
don’t be afraid to ask for goodies if you are buying full retail don’t be
afraid now then or you can decide if that fragrance is brand new you don’t
want to pay full retail wait for the discounters to bring them on after four
to six months they hit the the shelves at the the major department stores so
those are some of the things that I always do with buying from
online stores whether it’s the ones that are not discounted like the department
stores or whether they are a couple of things about places like Bloomingdale’s
Saks Fifth Avenue Neiman Marcus they usually do a gift card promotion now
these stores usually do not discount but they have these gift card promotion
deals and Saks Fifth Avenue does them internally and externally on the website
Neiman Marcus rarely does them internally it’s always on the website
but if you mention it to your sales associate remember I told you to get to
know your sales associate become friends with them you tell them and you get the
gift card promotion recently I bought several fragrances because they’re only
available at you know specifically at this particular store like Neiman Marcus
here it was a Neiman Marcus promotion you spend $1,000 you get a $300 gift
card it’s not a sale you have to pay full retail for these and eight to 10
weeks later it takes into that freaking long which is sad because Saks Fifth
Avenue has a similar deal in its instant gift card but with Neiman Marcus it’s
not and sometimes they exclude brands too which is the most annoying Saks has
never excluded brands but Neiman Marcus does exclude Chanel absolutely no Chanel
sometimes they even say no Dior no Tom Ford which is really annoying but it’s
been fine lately so but set of Saks here in San Francisco they don’t disclose
brands but they don’t carry a lot of brands so if I ever see the Saks gift
card promotion I call a New York store and get it from there but going back to
Neiman Marcus let’s say we recently had a like just a wrap after the New York
that a gift card promotion if you spend $1000 you get $300 gift card and the
$300 gift card is sent to you in 8 to 10 weeks and then when you get it you can
use it on further purchases from the store this is what I take advantage of I
never buy full retail I’m always gonna buy from the stores with this kind of a
discount it’s available online there’s the code you can buy it online but I
take it physically into the store and buy directly from the store because
things like Dior Prive are not ever list on the neiman-marcus website so that I
said to my sales associate I want to use this discount can I use it under your
pre Bayer and you know Maison Christian Dior and then they let me do it
sometimes they say no but then they say oh deals not included and I look online
on regular Dior its included because it’ll show you what’s discounted on
their website because it’ll say Beauty you have to read the fine print what’s
excluded and all that good stuff but nine out of ten times it’s included the
only problem that I’ve had as Chanel it’s never on Chanel so I bought a few
fragrances including the new dior homme 20/20 and a couple of other Dior Prive
fragrances and I spent over a thousand dollars and then I got you know a three
hundred dollar gift card that’s supposed to be coming to me eight to ten weeks
which was a week and a half to two weeks ago is when I made the purchase so those
are the times I take advantage of these promotions
they’re usually emailing it to you remember I told you to subscribe to the
email newsletters from these stores because you’re gonna find out about
deals like this particular deal is a great great deal and I spend a lot of
money and I want to make sure I get the best amount of deals I can and save as
much as I can sadly it’s not $300 off which would be
better but in a future of fragrance purchase you put $300 down towards any
fragrance like for example I go back to Neiman Marcus and buy another Dior Prive
if I did that it’s towards it’s $330 for 250 ml do of a collection or Maison
Christian Dior fragrance so I paid a 300 ollar and then the rest I would pay with
my credit card the good thing is if you want to buy Chanel you can’t but you you
can’t get the gift card towards the you know buying Chanel but you can use it to
buy Chanel with the gift card that you receive from buying it from other
fragrances so the same thing happens with Saks and Bloomingdale’s does it too
and Barney’s was doing it for a while and now Barney’s is gone so those are
the times I buy from these department stores that charge full retail now these
department stores also have great Black Friday specials recently both of them
have turn it by $200 and save 50 something
like that that’s that’s actually a instant discount so when they do that
I’d take advantage of those I mean I gotta it’s a great way to save so those
are definitely things I do with the big stores and department stores and I you
know I gotta me I got to make sure I get the promotions and the discount a couple
of things also now we’re going to the section of actually physically doing a
search online and physically you know doing a purchase but the places that I
buy online at the discounters of number one places for items net and fragrance
net I make sure to get 37 percent discount that’s the best best discount
fragrance net for me has the best discounts out of any online discounters
the best although sometimes it’s better at other places but eight out of nine
out of ten times the best discounts on discount perfumes are at fragments net
or fragrance fragrance Netcom or fragrance com I think they recently
purchased fragrance calm so that’s another domain that they use but I think
nine hundred and eight out of nine out of ten times fragments net is the best
place for me to get the best discounts and I do prefer to do that I’ve never
really had any problems but before I used to not be able to be able to pull
up the 37 percent discount if you go directly to fragments net usually it
doesn’t display a 37 percent discount it’ll be displaying like 30 percent or I
don’t know maybe something different but when I do is search on the Google for a
fragrance and that fragrance that has it and you click on that and it will take
you to fragrance net and I’ll show you 37 percent discount so fragrance net is
like one of my favorite places to buy discount fragrances I’m always looking
online but as I said I don’t physically go to their store to search I search on
Google and wait to see if it’s displayed up fragrance net then I click then it
displays a 37 percent discount so if you’ve not ever
you know we’re aware of this please make sure to do this trick and if there’s
some kind of a cash thing that’s already set in you
browser clear it out or go to a new browser and do the same thing because
sometimes the 30% defaults to 30% and it stays there even though you you’re now
searching but you go back to fragrance and it’s 30% so start from scratch clear
your cache restart your browser and then do a search on Google for for example do
I don’t know something that might be available there like DRM or something
and see if fragrance that comes up and if it does click on it and then you
should see the 37% discount because that’s the only discount I want to use
the other thing is I buy so much from them they put me they give me free
subscriptions to magazines it’s like okay anything for free I guess I mean
some of the magazines I don’t want to read but some of them are cool I do like
to read like food and travel magazines those are always fun anyway so that’s
fragrance net the other place I shop frequently as fragrance ex and always
always when I go to that website sign up for the 15% discount you’ve got to get
the 15% discount otherwise you’re not going to get the best rate I mean it’s
saying do it sign up for it just type in your email address and let it send you a
coupon but then once it sends you a coupon the 15% discount will be
automatically deducted from what you’re buying and here this for me I think it’s
one of the best places to get the fat fragrances fast fastest I used to have
shop runner with fragrance net they had a arrangement and shop runner was from
my American Express and I just linked to fragrance net and I would receive
everything in two to three days now it takes me like like five to eight working
days for fragrance that orders to come from the East Coast all the way to the
west coast where I’m at fragrance X on the other hand are three
days approximately give or take I receive the fragrances but I always make
sure I do the 15% discount now fragrance X also I find the testers all the time
and I buy those testers because I I mean I want to get the best deals and I don’t
mind testers I just want to mention a couple more places I buy from for
example Amazon now Amazon is is a different beast all on its own it’s
safe but you got to be aware of a couple of things
Amazon peed there are third-party sellers there and this is kind of tricky
but Amazon the cool thing about Amazon is I have had some problems with these
third-party sellers not because of fakes just problems with you know the way the
fragrance was sent to me and you know the sprayers not working there was some
I don’t know something wrong with the the box it was open all that good stuff
and Amazon is so good with you know if you have a complaint they will refund
you the money and all that good stuff that’s a good thing but you got to be
careful about third-party sellers you if you search for a fragrance and it is on
Amazon you click on the product go to that particular third party seller click
on them and see who they are see what kind of a rating they are if it’s some
off-brand then I usually well I take the chance you know I’m gonna take the
chance because I use my American Express I’ve taken the chance with a lot of
different third parties but just just look for them and see how legitimate
they are and if you think they’re okay but you’re still in the back of your
mind thinking god I’m not sure but I’m gonna use my American Express and if
anything goes wrong I’ll I’ll contact American Express or since I’m buying
from Amazon I can also call their customer service and complain but Amazon
is a great place to buy fragrances it’s just a matter of looking as I said the
first thing you got to do is click on Google type in the name of the fragrance
and see what kind of sales come up if Amazon’s listed there you’re gonna see a
ton of different retail establishments that are gonna be selling it you just
have to go through the prices and see the other thing you gotta see is also
the sizes sometimes you’re looking at a price it’s not really displaying the
size and it’s like wow that’s a lot cheaper than what fragrance net has it
but scroll over it and see because it might be a 50ml versus 100ml that’s why
it’s so much cheaper so you got to make sure you’re not buying a 50ml if the
other place is selling a hundred ml for about the same price so that’s also very
very important but yeah I have no problem buying from Amazon I’ve never
had a problem with fakes just some minor issues with problems and all
good stuff which was handled all fine with them American Express another place
I shop at his Beauty encounter and I’m on their email list and they send out
25% off discounts occasionally and recently they did and I bought some
stuff and I was like shocked at how great the price was and this was a Tom
Ford fragrance and another was what was the other one I can’t remember what the
other one was now but those are the best discounts when they send those out you
take advantage of him I mean sometimes you you I mean I’m the kind of person
that sometimes I wait because if I don’t find anything then I’m gonna just wait
for a while and see what happens and then I’m gonna go ahead and order it if
there’s a promotion that comes and the place that has the promotion has it and
I could take advantage of it so I don’t mind waiting but sometimes if I need
something like I do a lot of videos on specific themes and I do the top 20s and
I need a fragrance right away cuz it’s gonna be done soon then I have to think
twice is fragrance not gonna send me that fragrance in time for this video
yada yada then I you know act accordingly so that’s another cool thing
to do the other thing is last place Beauty encounter we’ve mentioned in the
last place I do is eBay I do buy from eBay now here for me
eBay is a little more tricky it’s almost like Amazon because it’s third-party
sellers but with Amazon it’s a little safer for me although I’ve never had any
problems with eBay either the other issue the other place that I used to buy
a lot from Lowe’s Groupon as well but that’s another story but with eBay you
just have to see that the the rating of each retail or the seller that’s on
there I found some great deals on eBay usually they’re fragrances that are like
currently in production I don’t buy a lot of vintage from you know eBay I know
my friend Dahlia does and she’s risking it a little bit she’ll end up with
something good or not good but I think most of the time she’s been fine
it’s just I’m a little skeptical about buying all their fragrances from there
because I don’t want to you know sometimes vintage or all the fragrances
can go bad and you’re actually you’re not really guaranteed
with my guess maybe you are protected with eBay I’m not I haven’t really had
any opportunity to actually report any issues because everything’s been fine
even like the packaging and everything has been completely fine I have not
bought any use fragrances now that’s the one thing I forgot to mention I don’t
ever buy use fragrances I just don’t want to
it just doesn’t it’s not me just because of dirty and people who’ve been handling
the fragrance and all that good stuff testers on the other hand I have they
seem to be clean Bo but used fragrances I generally do not buy but going back to
eBay I think it’s a pretty legitimate place just look for the places that
you’re buying from to see how good their rating is read some of the reviews
because if they say oh this guy’s you know sent me a fake or this guy sent me
a half-finished bottle all that good stuff just just take that into
consideration because you might be thinking this is a great I found the
bottle of this fragrance but then you get in it’s not exactly what was
advertised then you’re stuck dealing with issues and I hate hate hate dealing
with customer service issues so I just want to make sure I’m covered all the
way around so that’s eBay those are the you know the discounters and then one
last thing I want to mention is also Facebook groups
I run a Facebook group in fact my Facebook group has a sister sister
Facebook group that’s only strictly devoted to sales so you can sign up for
the regular Facebook group and join in on the discussion there and you know
post questions and post your favorite fragrances and cents of the days and all
that good stuff and then you can sign up or join the sister group that’s strictly
devoted to sales you can do sales are there you can do swaps there you can do
splits there and that’s all you do there there’s no sales or splits or swaps
allowed in the regular group but you can find some great deals in facebook groups
now as I said I don’t like to buy used fragrances unless I’m very desperate and
there’s not something that’s available and the only thing that’s available is
one that’s a half used or 3/4 used then I will take advantage of it but usually
I’m not but there’s a lot of people fragrances from facebook groups just
people sell stuff they don’t like it they get tired of it and all that good
stuff and they’re always you know trading or you can trade like you’re
tried of this fragrance and that guy’s tired of that fragrance that guy wants
your fragrance you want their fragrance and you do the swap or something or you
pay him and he sends you your his fragrance and you vice-versa so there is
this kind of situation and there’s some great deals to be had the only only
issue with this particular scenario is you might not know who you’re dealing
with and you might get screwed so this is the only thing that I caution you or
warn you about and we deal with a lot of problems with people scamming taking
advantage of people and doing some crazy shit excuse my language
but this does happen and I don’t personally recommend it
I don’t ever buy I do sell some stuff occasionally but I don’t do that I don’t
do it but if you feel flying with it then that is another that is another way
of buying fragrances that you want to you know save money on and there are
some great deals to be had just be just do the same thing like do the same thing
first go and google the name of the fragrance see what they’re selling for
and then go into the groups and look as search for a fragrance and see what
comes up and if it’s a better deal take advantage of it just as I said be
cautious and get some credibility ask people ask around if the how this
particular person has sold before all that good stuff if they’re reliable all
that good stuff and that’s another way for you guys to save on fragrances and
take advantage of if you if you want to you know find the best deals online so
those are my my different ideas on how to best get the best deals on fragrances
and didn’t go over online retailers in Europe but I do buy from Selfridges as I
mentioned and now I hear your voice is shipping internationally which is
awesome some awesome awesome and Joe boy is one
of my favorite favorite favorite stores in the whole world for perfume I love
that store I could live there because you go in and you are pretty much left
all on your own and you can do whatever you want
smell every single fragrance you want to smell and they’re not going to tell you
to get the heck out there that nice if you want samples they will make samples
for you and then they make the biggest samples ever I kid you not the samples
they make are amazingly big big like 2 3 ml sample at least that’s my experience
I don’t do a lot of samples anymore I just go smell and then I walk out with
you know purchase fragrance but from when I first started going there back in
2014 their samples are huge to 3 ml samples amazing so if you’re into the
idea or can go to Jeff I do it but now they are shipping internationally and
that’s an amazing thing because they are pretty much the only
store that carries the most niche brands out of any stores I’ve ever been to
I mean when I first got in there too now the last time I was there it was in
October the store is full full is just chock-full of different brands so
there’s no place to move around it’s all covered with perfume now anyway it
wasn’t like that when I first started going there was a little more open and
spacious now it’s just like tables and tables of perfumes and different niche
house niche niche brands so I do buy from from jewel boy I haven’t ordered
from their website I buy from their retail establishment and then also
Selfridges I’ve been buying from Selfridges and it is very legitimate you
do pay for shipping but you get a little better deal from them and there’s some
stuff that you can buy and and I I like that idea and I used to I should just
buy from a few other retailers in Germany I haven’t bought from them
anymore years ago they had a better a duty
exchange thing where now you have a certain amount you have to buy and all
that good stuff and so I haven’t taken advantage of those places but there are
some other places online that I take advantage
here and there if it comes up when I’m searching for the fragments and I will
do it I’ll use my American Express I’m pretty much protected if anything goes
wrong and then I will call my American Express card but but look around look
for some fragrances that you’ve been wanting go do a search and see what
comes up and then you know play around and find the best deals for fragrances
anyway guys that’s my long video on how I buy fragrances I know this is all a
lot of chit chatting but let me know what you guys do to buy or find the best
deals for fragrances put some comments down if I’m missing something I would
love to know at least so that I can tell you guys or everybody else about it but
other than that if you have any questions or comments please list below
please like this video please share it follow me on Facebook Twitter and
Instagram and I’ll be back with more videos very soon have a good one

Norman Bunn

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