How To Pack A Parcel – A Quick & Easy Guide

(upbeat music) So, you need to send a parcel on an overnight or international delivery And you want to make sure your parcel arrives undamaged We’re here to help. Follow this simple step by step process And package your items like a pro. First make sure the items you’re sending aren’t on our dangerous goods list These include perfumes, nail polish, aerosols, cartridges and fireworks Next, find a suitable sized box to fit your item and ensure its in a good condition Cushion your items using bubble wrap, foam balls or polystyrene chips to minimize movement in the box If your item is fragile or breakable for example electronics, glass or ceramics you should use extra cushioning for extra protection. A padded envelope works well and liquids should be securely sealed and placed in water resistant packaging Next, seal your package with a durable tape on both the top and bottom of the box Clearly label your goods. Top Tip: don’t forget to include your job number Book your CitySprint courier online or by phone And bingo! Your item is delivered By following these simple steps you can really reduce the chances of your parcel being damaged (upbeat music)

Norman Bunn

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